Film and Television Work

I was a guest author/artist at this year’s 2024 Angoulême Comics Festival in Angoulême, France from Jan. 24 to 28.

Here I am with my graphic novel “Tales from Phantom City” in front of the Canadian Pavilion. Canada was the featured country at the festival this year.

Thanks to the Ontario Arts Council and the Province of Ontario for providing travel funding.


Check out this podcast discussion I participated in:

patrick podcast


Carousel Magazine
You can read an interview with me in the current issue of Carousel Magazine here:
It covers my work in flip books, animated films and graphic novels. There's also a link to my 2015 short movie "Phantom City"

Carousel Magazine

Tales from Phantom City graphic novel:

Now available!!! Here's the links:
In stores and from At Bay Press

Available in these Toronto area bookstores:

Book City # 3 and 6
The Beguiling
Type Books
Book City Book Master Scarborough
Another Story

and worldwide from your local bookstore

On Sat. Aug. 12, 2023, Comic Books Live!!! presented a dramatic reading of my graphic novel "Tales From Phantom City" at the Assembly Theatre, 1479 Queen St. West, Toronto.

Now available
My first graphic novel:
"Tales from Phantom City"

CBC announcement Graphic Novel Tales from Phantom City cover Off Kilter review
Available in stores and from At Bay Press
A cat shaped pendant with magical powers, takes a detective on a precarious journey through a mysterious city. Award winning artist and animator Patrick Jenkins has devised a story as affecting as his complex line art. A mixture of film noir and magic realism that explores surrealism and metaphysics through graphic storytelling. A game where reality is always in question. Smokey halftones and sumptuous linework are binding elements in a sequence of bizarre twists. A layered vortex of visual delights without linear paths or escape.

Book Signings at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF)
Saturday April 29 and Sunday April 30, 2023 from 1 to 2 p.m. each day

Patrick Jenkins will be signing copies of his first graphic novel "Tales from Phantom City"
Table 108, At Bay Press, First Floor
Toronto Reference Library
789 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON, M4W 2G8, Canada

My latest film "Hall of Mirrors" is now on the CBC television show Canadian Reflections. It is also be available for online viewing on CBC Gem and other streaming services. Canadian viewers only. Here's the link:

and at the following film festivals:

May 2023 in competition at Les Sommets du cinema d’animation, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
May 2023 Melbourne International Animation Festival, Melbourne, Australia
May 2023 AFX the Animation Festival of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
September 2022 Anima In Situ, International Animation Film Festival, Morelia, Mexico

Hall of Mirrors Poster

On Sunday Dec. 11, 2022, I was selling my flip books at the Bound Book Arts Fair at the Arts and Letters Club at 14 Elm Street in Toronto.

New Film: Hall of Mirrors (2022)

Here's the trailer:

My film "The Museum of Lost Dreams" (2019) has screened at the following festivals:

October 2019 Tofuzi International Animation Festival, Batumi, Georgia
October  2019 Vortex Experimental Film Festival Ciudad Satélite, Mexico City, Mexico
November 2019 Re-Envisage: Film Festival, Re-Analogue, Aberdeen, Scotland
November 2019 Tindirindis International Animation Film Festival, Vilnius, Lithuania
December 2019 Les Sommets du cinema d’animation. Montreal, Quebec, Canada
January 2020 Hudson Valley Film, Nyack, New York, U.S.A.
February 2020 Winnipeg Cinematheque, Cabin Fever, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
July 2020 Open World Animation Festival, Allentown, USA
September 2020 Over the Real International Video Art Festival, Lucca, Italy

Museum of Lost Dreams Poster

My film "Emanations: A Visual Poem" (2017) has screened in the following screenings, festivals and exhibitions:

August 2019: SCREEN: CLIMATES, Screen@SAB Moving Image Exhibition, UMASS, Amherst, U.S.A.
September 2019: The Future is…Ordinary? Shangyuan Art Museum, Beijing, China
October 2019: “Art” Exhibition, Arts Lab Fort Collins, Colorado, U.S.A.
October 2019: “Collective (in)Action” Exhibition, Memorial Union Gallery, North Dakota State University, Fargo, North Dakota, U.S.A.
October 2019: DA International Digital Art Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria
November 2019: Layers, Bridgeport Art Trail, Bridgeport CT, USA.
November 2019: Incantations, C.O.S.M.I.C., 59 Rivoli, Paris, France
June 2020: Experiments In Cinema v15.1, Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.A.
July 2020: Athens Digital Art Festival, Athens, Greece

Emanations Still

On Sunday, December 8, 2019, I was at the Bound Books Arts Fair from 11 to 5 p.m. selling my flip books and books. The event was at the Arts and Letters Club, 14 Elm Street, Toronto.

On Saturday, Sept. 14, I was selling my flip books and artist books at Canzine 2019 Toronto, at the Art Gallery of Ontario, 319 Dundas Street West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

flipbook cover

My film "Sister of the Wind" (2017) will be shown at the Festival Internacional de Cine Verde (International Festival of Green Cinema) in La Guardia, Bolivia, which runs from Oct. 8 to 11, 2019.

Sister of the Wind still

From Aug. 19 to 25, 2019 my film "Amoeba" (2010) was shown in Steetlight at Wedge Projects, 1448 West Howard Street, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. The film will play via storefront windows on Howard Street and Rogers Avenue, visible from the street 24/7. My film can be seen on the Rogers Avenue side.


My film "Emanations: A Visual Poem" was shown in Photophobia: Contemporary Moving Image Festival, at the Art Gallery of Hamilton’s Irving Zucker Sculpture Garden, Hamilton, Canada in Program 1 on August 8, 2019 from 8:30 – 11:00 pm.

Emanations Still


My recent film "The Museum of Lost Dreams" (2019) had its world premiere on July 19, 2019 at the Melbourne International Animation Festival in Australia. Thanks to MIAF Programmer Malcolm Turner for selecting my film. Thanks as well to Paul Intson who composed and performed the musical score, and Steve Munro who did the sound design and to the Canada Council for the Arts, Media Arts Section for funding the film.

Museum of Lost Dreams Poster

Here's the trailer:

Morphing City Hall Flip Book

On Sunday, July 7, 2019, I was at the Hamilton Zineposium at the Art Gallery of Hamilton, Ontario, selling my flip books and books. Here's one of the flip books I was selling called "Morphing City Hall". Here's the link:


I have an Instagram Account where I will be showing my drawings:


Sister ROMSister ROM

Many thanks to flutist Ron Korb for showing my film "Sister of the Wind" during his performance at the opening program for the exhibition Being Japanese Canadian, Reflections on a Broken World at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto last night. Ron did a live performance of the musical score he composed for the film. The film includes sound design by Steve Munro and was made with funding by the Toronto Arts Council.


My animated film "Emanations: A Visual Poem" (2017) screened on Thursday, Jan. 31, 2019 at 7:30 p.m. at the Particle + Wave Media Arts Festival in Calgary, Alberta. The film has music by Paul Intson, and was made with funding from the Ontario Arts Council. Thanks to Winnipeg Film Group Distribution.

Emanations Still

New Film: The Museum of Lost Dreams (2019)

Here's the trailer:

On Sunday, December 9, 2018, I was at the Bound Books Arts Fair from 11 to 5 p.m. selling my flip books and books. The event was at the Arts and Letters Club, 14 Elm Street, Toronto.  Thanks to everyone who dropped by my booth and bought my books! It was a good show!


"Sister of the Wind" at Animateka in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Sister of the Wind still

My recent film "Sister of the Wind" will be shown at the 15th Animateka International Animation Festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia in December. Thanks to the Toronto Arts Council for funding this film. It was made in collaboration with flutist Ron Korb, who composed and performed the musical score and calligraphy by Rita Ip, with sound design by Steve Munro, and production assistance by Jade Yeh.

circle game

My short abstract animated film "Circle Game" (2014) is available online on Vucavu. Music by Paul Intson.


"Sister of the Wind" in Madrid, Spain

Sister of the Wind still
I am pleased to have my recent film "Sister of the Wind" screen at ANIMARIO, International Animated Film Festival of Madrid, Spain in Short & Sweet by Animac series on Sept. 22 and 23, 2018. The film was made in collaboration with Grammy nominated flutist Ron Korb who composed the score, visual artist Rita Ip who performed calligraphy for the film, with sound effects by Steve Munro and production assistance by Jade Yeh. Here's the trailer for the film:


A big thanks to the Toronto Japanese Film Festival 2018 for screening my film "Sister of the Wind" in their latest edition. The event took place at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre in Toronto. The musical score for the film was written and performed by Ron Korb, with calligraphy by Rita Ip, production assistance by Jade Yeh and sound effects by Steve Munro. Special thanks to the Toronto Arts Council for funding the film. I really appreciate it.
Here's the link to the trailer for the film:


"Sister of the Wind" in Portugal!

Sister of the Wind stillCineeco
Great news! My film "Sister of the Wind" is an Official Selection in the Short Films International Competition at CineEco 2018 - 24th Serra da Estrela International Environmental Film Festival in Seia, Portugal. The festival runs from the 13th to the 20th of October. It's an honour to have Sister in this ecological festival as it is about nature and Asian culture. The film was made in collaboration with flutist Ron Korb, who composed and performed the musical score and calligraphy by Rita Ip, with sound design by Steve Munro, and production assistance by Jade Yeh. I'm really pleased!


Emanations Still

animaphix laurel

My film "Emanations: A Visual Poem" was shown at the Animaphix International Animated Film Festival in Bagheria, Sicily from July 18 to 22, 2018. Thanks to Paul Intson for composing and performing the musical score and to the Ontario Arts Council for funding the film. Thanks to the staff at Animaphix for selecting and screening my film. I really appreciate it!
On Sunday, July 8, I was selling my "Book of Dreams", zine and flip books at the Hamilton Zineposium 2018 at The Spice Factory, 121 Hughson Street North in Hamilton, Ontario.
hamilton zineposium

Book of Dreams coverBook of Dreams interior



Emanations Still

My film, "Emanations: A Visual Poem", won the Best Animation Award at the 2018 West Virginia Mountaineer Short Film Festival! I'm very pleased. Thanks to Steph Berrington at Winnipeg Film Group Distribution for entering the film in the festival. Thanks as well to Paul Intson who composed and performed the musical score for the film. Thanks also to the Ontario Arts Council for funding the film.


My 2015 film "Phantom City" was nominated in the Best Picture Category of the 2018 L.A. Neo Noir Novel, Film and Script Festival which took place in Los Angeles on May 26, 2018. I am very pleased to have my animated noir film chosen for this festival. Thanks to the Canada Council for the Arts for funding the film and to Paul Intson who composed the music and did the sound mix and Steve Munro who did the Sound Design.
Neo Noir Festival LA

New film "Sister of the Wind" (2017)

Sister of the Wind still

An animated film about the relationship between the wind and the flute, and Asian culture, made in collaboration with Grammy nominated flutist Ron Korb.

Music composed by Ron Korb

Calligraphy by Rita Ip

Sound Design by Steve Munro

Production Assistance: Jade Yeh

Here's the Trailer

"Sister of the Wind" screenings:

September 2017: ROM Speaks, A Cultural Discovery of Japan, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada
October 2017: Japan National Tourist Organization Youth Concert, River Rock Theatre, Richmond B.C.
February 2018: Winnipeg Cinematheque, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
February 2018: Animac, Mostra Internacional de Cinema d’Animació de Catalunya, Lleida, Spain.
June 2018: MIAF 2018, Melbourne International Animation Festival, Australia


New bookwork:

The Book of Dreams

My new book, "The Book of Dreams" (2018) collects 291 drawings from my sketchbooks.

Perfect bound, 150 pages, colour cover 6" X 9", black and white interior drawings.

The book is made up of daily sketchbook drawings with a written introduction.

You can order a copy by contacting me at:

email address

"The Book of Dreams" is also available online on

Book of Dreams coverBook of Dreams interior


I am pleased to announce that my film "Phantom City" (2015) is now being distributed by Winnipeg Film Group Distribution.
You can also watch it on VUCACU, an online platform for independent filmmaking:


On Saturday Dec. 2nd, 2017 , I was selling my flip books and chap books at the Bound Book Arts Fair at the Arts and Letters Club- Great Hall, 14 Elm Street, Toronto


Emanations Still

I'm pleased to announce that my recent film "Emanations:  A Visual Poem" is now being distributed by Winnipeg Film Group Distribution.


Thursday, October 12, 2017: My film "Emanations: A Visual Poem" was shown in the screening: Time, Form, Scene #2 at Cinecycle in Toronto, Ontario, Canada


New Film: Sister of the Wind

An animated film about the relationship between the wind and the flute, and Asian culture, made in collaboration with Grammy nominated flutist Ron Korb.

Details to come!


My film "Inner View" (2009), a homage to the art of Kazuo Nakamura, can now be viewed online at


Emanations Still

Emanations: A Visual Poem

My 2017 film "Emanations: A Visual Poem" will be or has been at the following festivals:

September 2017: Shared Sight: International Short Film Festival, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
October 2017: Anim’est International Animation Festival, Bucharest, Romania

October 2017: Stoptrik IFF, Maribor, Slovenia and Lodz, Poland
October 2017: ANIMA2017 - IX Córdoba International Animation Festival, Cordoba, Argentina
October 2017: TOFUZI 2017 International Festival of Animated Films, Batumi, Georgia, Eurasia
October 2017: Transient Visions: Festival of the Moving Image, Johnson City, NY, U.S.A.
October 2017: Time, Form, Scene #2, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
November 2017: ANIMAGE - VIII International Animation Festival of Pernambuco, Recife, Brazil
November 2017 Hamilton Film Festival, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
November 2017: Les Sommets du Cinema d'animation, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
December 2017: London International Animation Festival, London, England
April 2018: Ainmakom Festival, Bilbao International Animation Community Festival, Spain

April 2018: West Virginia Mountain Film Festival, Morgantown, West Virginia, U.S.A.
May 2018: AFX - the Animation Festival of Halifax, Halifax, Canada
July 2018: Animaphix International Animation Festival, Bagheria, Sicily

Phantom City in Norway!

My 2015 film "Phantom City" will be in competition at the Reanima Festival in Bergen, Norway. The festival runs Sept. 29 to Oct. 1, 2017.

and in

April 2018 at Animaphix OFF, Palermo, Italy

May 2018, Best Picture Nominee, L.A. Neo Noir Film Festival, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

circle game

From July 17, 2017 - July 31, 2017 my film "Circle Game" was in Streetlight, a series of projections in the window of the Roman Susan Gallery, 1224 West Loyola Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.
Thanks to Tracy Miller-Robbins, who also has a piece in this exhibition, for all her help.
For more info.:

Phantom City at the Christie Pits Film Festival

Christie Pits Film Festival two

christie pits film festival two

On Sunday, July 9, 2017, my short animated noir film "Phantom City" was shown at the Christie Pits Film Festival in Toronto. The film was shown along with the noir classic "The Maltese Falcon" Thanks to the Toronto Outdoor Picture Show for showing my film in this programme! Thanks as well to the Canada Council for the Arts for funding the film and Paul Intson for composing the musical score and mixing the film.
Here's an interview I did with the festival:

Here's the trailer for the film:


My film "Phantom City" will also screen in the Short Film Competition at the 2017 Santiago del Estero Film Festival, Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente in Argentina from July 11 to 15th. Thanks to Pichu Tomsic and the festival staff for selecting my film!

My film "Emanations: A Visual Poem" (2017) had its world premiere in the screening #Postreality at the 13th Athens Digital Arts-ADAF 2017 Festival from May 18 to 21, 2017 in Athens, Greece. Thanks to the Paul Intson who composed the music and did the sound mix and to the Ontario Arts Council for funding the film.

"Emanations" screened at the Melbourne International Animation Festival in Melbourne, Australia.

The festival runs from June 18 to 25, 2017.
Here's the trailer for my film:


"Phantom City" (2015) screened at the Local Exposure Showcase at the Royal Cinema in Toronto on Friday, April 28, 2017.
Here's the trailer for the film:

New Film:

Emanations Still

Emanations: A Visual Poem (2017)

I'm pleased to announce that I recently completed a new film, "Emanations: A Visual Poem". It's a short abstract movie about the relentless cycle of life, including growth and decay, wonder and awe.

Music by Paul Intson

Funded by the Ontario Arts Council


I sold my flip books and chap books at the 2016 Ontario College of Art and Design University Book Arts Fair, 100 McCaul Street, Toronto, on Saturday, December 10 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


I sold my flip books and chap books at the 2016 Canzine Festival of Zine Culture and the Independent Arts at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, on Saturday, October 29, 2016.


Toronto Premiere of Phantom City!

My latest film "Phantom City" had its Toronto premiere in the screening "Time Form Scene" on October 13 at Cinecycle in Toronto.

It was also shown at the Animated Dreams Festival in Tallinn, Estonia from Nov. 16 to 20, 2016; the Stoptrik International Film Festival in Maribor, Slovenia which ran October 27 to 30th, 2016 and the Reggio Film Festival in Italy;  the 2016 Anima Mundi International Animation Festival in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Brazil in Oct. and Nov. 2016; the Anim’est International Animation Festival, Bucharest, Romania in October 2016, the London International Animation Festival, England in December.

It was also screened at the XI International Competition for Animated Short Film of ANIMASIVO, Mexico City Contemporary Animation Festival; the 2016 Canterbury Anifest, England; the 2016 Ottawa International Animation Festival in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; andthe Lowlands Festival in the Netherlands.

Here's the trailer for the film:


I'm in a documentary made by Cecilia Traslaviña from Bogota, Colombia called Pertpetuum Mobile Chapter 2. "Creative processes". Here is the link. My interview is at the 24:25 minute mark. Thanks to Cecilia for including me in this movie.


Recently I was interviewed by Pichu Tomsic for La Quirino, a new online Spanish language animation magazine from Argentina. Thanks to Pichu Tomsic for interviewing me and reproducing stills from my recent film “Phantom City” to illustrate the article.

In 2011, I was a special guest artist, at Anima VI, the Córdoba International Animation Festival, in Córdoba, Argentina.

la quirino cover

Here’s the link:


phantom city

My latest film "Phantom City" is in two more festivals:

The 2016 Sydney International Film Festival in Sydney, Australia


the 2016 New Zealand International Film Festival, Auckland, New Zealand


I'm pleased to announce that Corrie Francis Parks book "Fluid Frames, Experimental Animation with Sand, Clay, Paint and Pixels" is now out. I was interviewed for the book and my work in animation is featured (along with many other independent/experimental animators). Thanks to Corrie for including my work in this book. You can order it with discount code FLR40 on
Fluid Frames Cover

On Saturday, April 30, 2016, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. I was at the Wayzgoose Book Arts Fair in Grimsby, Ontario.  This year I have 3 classic flip books back in print: "Play Ball!" (about baseball), "Out of this World" (about an alien) and "A Fishy Tale" along with a perfect bound edition of my recent flip book "Morphing City Hall" and "Slap Shot!" and "In the Wink of an Eye"!

My film "Phantom City" is screening at the following festivals:

australian international animation festival

The Australian International Animation Festival in Wagga Wagga, Australia

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Here's the catalogue description: "A hand-painted opus laced with noir. A woman with a mysterious suitcase and a man in pursuit - just one of the tales in the Phantom City".

Golden Kuker-Sofia International Animation Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria
May 9 to 15, 2016

golden kuker sofia

Chilemonos Festival Internacional de Animacion, Santiago, Chile
May 10 to 15, 2016
chilemonos logo
and the

The Imagine Film Festival, Amsterdam, Holland

April 14 to 24, 2016

Synopsis of "Phantom City" from the Imagine Film Festival website (translated from Dutch):

"In a big city a young woman sees a movie called “Naked Angels”. What appears to be a film noir is actually a passage through the fourth wall. This beautiful game with reality does what only animation can. A nice jazzy score is a binding element in a sequence of bizarre twists."

Here's the trailer for the film:


Patrick Jenkins at Harbourfront

My film "Circle Game" is in the art exhibition "Abstractionists" at Harbourfront Centre

Exhibition runs from January 23 to June 19, 2016

Harbourfront Centre, 235 Queens Quay West, Toronto, Ontario, M5J 2G8


Animation Noir, films by Patrick Jenkins, Western Canada Tour 2015

I toured Western Canada, showing my films and conducting workshops in animation.

Nov. 20, University of Regina, Regina, Saskatchewan
Nov. 26, Cineworks, Howe Street Studio, Vancouver, B.C.
Nov. 27, Emily Carr University of Art + Design, Vancouver, B.C.
Nov. 30, University of Victoria, Victoria, B.C.
Dec. 1, MediaNet, Victoria, B.C.

Thanks to the Canada Council for the Arts, Media Arts Section, for travel funding.

Here's some posters and photographs from the trip:

Poster Media Net/Flux Gallery Victoria B.C.poster animation noir cineworksArt For Lunch posteremily carr poster

screen shot animation noir cineworks

studio 101 Patrick

Below: Photographs of my presentation of my paint on glass animation

at Flux Gallery at Media Net, Victoria, B. C. on Dec. 1, 2015

Patrick at Media Net Victoriawide shot patrick at Media Flux Victoria

New Movie:

"Phantom City"

Here's the trailer:

Phantom City Trailer from Patrick Jenkins on Vimeo.

I recently completed a new film entitled "Phantom City". It's a 6.5 minute, paint on glass animated film, part magic realism, part film noir. Thanks to Paul Intson for the fabulous musical score and mix and thanks to Steve Munro for the great sound effects. I was working on this film for the past 2.5 years. Thanks to the Canada Council for the Arts for funding this movie.

"Phantom City" will have its premiere at the 14th edition of the Sommets du cinéma d'animation, an animation festival at Cinematheque Quebecoise in Montreal from November 25th to 29th 2015!

It has also been selected for official competition at Animax Skopje Fest 2015, the Macedonian International Festival of Animated Films, in Skojpe, Macedonia
(see below) and the 2016 Melbourne International Animation Festival in Melbourne, Australia

"Circle Game"

Festival News!

My new film "Circle Game" is "A magical dance of circles which becomes an abstract movie through superimposing two drafting templates, resulting in chance animation."

"Circle Game" has shown at the following festivals:

July/August 2015 Le Festival Heure d’Été à Bruxelles, Belgium
June 2015 Melbourne International Animation Festival, Melbourne, Australia
June 2015 Sydney Film Festival, Sydney, Australia
May 2015, Australian International Animation Festival, Wagga Wagga

Feb 2015 at the Animex International Festival of Animation and Computer Games in England.

Dec. 2014Sommets du cinema d’animation, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Oct. 2014in competition at the 2014 London International Animation Festival, England

Oct. 2014 Antimatter (Media Art) Festival in Victoria, Canada

July 2014 Toronto Animated Image Society Showcase on July 2014.


I was at the 2014 and 2015 editions of the Wayzgoose Book Arts Fair at the Grimsby Public Art Gallery selling my flip books, chap books and dvds.


Stills from my films:


Sat. Nov. 30, 2013 I was at the OCAD Book Arts Fair, 100 McCaul Street with my chapbooks, dvds for sale!


My "Labyrinth" was screened at the 2013 London International Animation Festival on October 26 at the Horse Hospital in London, England in the Canadian Indie Showcase.

LIAF describes my filmas "A surrealist, film-noir paint-on-glass epic following a detective’s strange encounters with mysterious phenomena from the dark-side."


I had a great day at Toronto's Word On The Street yesterday, Sunday, September 22, 2013, selling my dvds, flip books and chap books. Our booth title "Cemetery Photographs & Flip Books" got us a mention in the Toronto Star Newspaper. The name definitely drew people to our booth.


My 2008 film "Labyrinth" was screened in Lima, Peru as part of a selection of short films by Toronto Animated Image Society members at the Filmo Corto Festival 2013 (Aug 6 - 8). Thanks to Madi Piller at TAIS for including my film in the screening.


Melbourne International Animation Festival 2013

I was honoured to be a Special Guest Filmmaker at the Melbourne International Animation Festival 2013 in Melbourne, Australia from June 20th to June 30th, 2013. I had a great time. It was a wonderful festival. Many thanks to Festival Director Malcolm Turner and Festival Manager Helen Gibbins for all their hospitality.

You can read about my adventures in Melbourne on my blog.

During MIAF, I showed and talked about 6 of my recent paint on glass animated films in the series Animation 101, Meet the Filmmaker, to an appreciative audience:

I helped Festival Director Malcolm Turner curate and introduce a series of 3 Programs of Canadian Independent Animation. My films"Sorceress", "Amoeba" and "Labyrinth" were shown in these Programs. I was honoured that my film "Labyrinth" was also shown in the MIAF Gala Opening Screening.

As if that wasn't enough, I also ran a Flip Book Movie making workshop with 20 excellent participants.

I was also on the jury that selected the Best Australian Film of the Festival. I also visited the Animation Department in the School of Film and Television at the Victorian College of the Arts, at the University of Melbourne where I met with the Lecturer Paul Fletcher and Lecturer  Robert Stephenson and chatted with their students about their work in progress.

All in all a great trip!


TAIS Independent Animation SHOWCASE 2013

My 10 second animated piece "Out Of This World" was shown in the UFO Anijam at the TAIS Showcase on Sat. May 11 at Cinecycle in Toronto. Here it is:



On Saturday April 27, 2013, I was at the Wayzgoose Book Arts Festival at the Grimsby Public Library and Art Gallery, selling my dvds, chapbooks and flip books. Sold 37 flip books and 3 chap books. Thanks everyone!


Metamorphosis Test (Silent)

April 9, 2013: I evolve my paint on glass animation through a series of tests or experiments. Here's a very short silent clip I did last week of the metamorphosis of a man into a bird. It's done with a mixture of gouache, glycerin, and water on a white linoleum surface, adding and removing paint between the frames. Sometimes these experiments evolve into longer films.


Sorceress at LAMPS Film Festival

My latest film "Sorceress" was shown at the LAMPS Film Festival on April 10th and 11th in Lethbridge, Alberta.


Sorceress at HIFF 2013

My film "Sorceress" was shown at the Halifax Independent Film Festival in the "New Works from the Toronto Animated Image Society" program on Wednesday April 10, 2013 at the Bus Stop Theatre in Halifax, Nova Scotia


March 2013

I was recently awarded a Research/Creation Grant from the Media Arts Section of the Canada Council for the Arts to develop a new movie project.


Invitation from the Melbourne International Animation Festival

I'm pleased to announce that I've been invited to attend the Melbourne International Animation Festival in Melbourne, Australia from June 23 to 30, 2013 as a guest filmmaker.

Thanks to Festival Director Malcolm Turner for organizing this invitation. I really appreciate it. He's curating a series of screenings on recent Canadian Independent Animation for MIAF 2013. I've been helping him a little with research for this series. More details will be coming soon.

While I'm in Melbourne, I'll be leading a workshop on flip book animation and speaking about Canadian Independent Animation. I appreciate all the support MIAF and its sister festival the London International Animation Festival (which I attended in Oct. 2012), have given my work over the years. My films "Labyrinth", "Inner View" and "Sorceress" have screened at both Festivals.

A print interview I did about my paint on glass animation is now up at:

Thanks to Charles Wilson at Smudge Animation for the great interview.


A half-hour video interview I did about my work is now up at the Canadian Animation Blog.

Thanks to Grayden Laing at Canadian Animation Blog.


My latest film "Sorceress" has been chosen to be shown in competition at the following two festivals in February 2013:

Animac Animation Festival in Lleida, Spain

Animacam Animation Festival, Ourense, Spain


On Sat. December 15th, I was at the Bazaar of the Bizarre: Frost Bite!, 918 Bathurst Street, Toronto, selling my dvds, books and flipbooks.


I'm pleased to announce that my new film Sorceress will be at two more festivals:

10th ANILOGUE International Animation Festival in Budapest, Hungary and Vienna, Austria from Nov 16 - Nov 25, 2012

and the Istanbul Animation Festival in Turkey.


Now available for order DVD: "Animation Noir: Films By Patrick Jenkins"

Visit my store.

I'm pleased to announce the release of my dvd "Animation Noir: Films By Patrick Jenkins".

It includes all my recent paint on glass animated films: Sorceress (2012), Labyrinth (2008), Amoeba (2012), Inner View (2009), Towers Rising (2009) and Tara's Dream (2010). 23 minutes in length.

The cost is $25 per copy (shipping included) for Canada and the U.S.A. (NTSC)

and $30 per copy (shipping included) for overseas (PAL version available on request).

You can order one by emailing me at

It's the first dvd in a series of 5 dvds of my animation and documentary film work that I'll be releasing in the coming months.


My blog is here.


London International Animation Festival 2012

I attended the 2012 London International Animation Festival in England as a guest filmmaker, from Oct. 25 to Nov. 4, 2012.

My film "Sorceress" had it's European premiere at the festival in International Programme 3, on Saturday, Oct. 27, 2012 at 4 p.m.

While I was there I conducted 4 flip books workshops, judged the Abstract Film category, introduced my film "Sorceress", judged the Flipbook Challenge competition and spoke on a panel called on the Animated Documentary. It was great to be so engaged during the festival. I really like doing presentations.

Above: L to R: Malcolm Turner (Director, Melbourne International Animation Festival), Nag Vladermersky (Director, London International Animation Festival), Patrick Jenkins, and Urte Budinate (Lithuanian Animator)

Above: L to R: Tony Comley (British Animator). Tony and I judged the Abstract Film Category of LIAF. Center is a photo taken during the Spooky Flip Book Workshop I conducted on Halloween Night at the Barbican. On the left is Urte Budinate (Lithuanian Animator) and me conducting another Flip Book Workshop for the Flipbook Challenge Competition.

Final meal at the end of LIAF. Left to Right: Nag Vladermersky, Malcolm Turner, Koji Yamamura (renown Japanese Animator), Patrick Jenkins, Anna Gregory and Mandy Smith (LIAF staff members)

In the LIAF 2012 Catalogue, Festival Director Nag Vladermersky wrote:

"I've always liked Patrick Jenkins' films. There's a kind of very hands-on honesty to the visuality of much of his work. His films transmit that sense of directness and it is easy to see the marks left by his brushes. His latest film, "Sorceress", sees him working in the paint-on-glass technique that he has previously employed so lavishly in films such as "Inner View" (2009) and "Labyrinth" (2008). Another very big tick in Jenkins' love of telling a good story and his ability to pull it off with such style and clarity."

Thanks again to the LIAF staff. It was a blast!


"Sorceress" has been selected has been selected to be shown in the Canadian panorama section of the Montreal based animation festival, LES SOMMETS DU CINEMA D'ANIMATION which runs from November 28 to December 2, 2012.


On Tuesday Oct. 2, 2012 I did a presentation at the TAIS Incubator (Toronto Animated Image Society)

I screened and discussed the creation of my film "Sorceress" (2012), a mythological adventure story. I showed storyboards from the film and discussed my paint on glass animation techniques. I also presented my new flip book, "Morphing City Hall" (2012), launched my DVD "Animation Noir: Films By Patrick Jenkins" and lead a short flip book workshop.

Thanks to the Toronto Animated Image Society for hosting this event and the great audience.


I was at Word on the Street Toronto on Sunday Sept. 23, 2012

selling my dvds, flipbooks and chapbooks

Thanks to everyone who came by.


Here's a video of me demonstrating the paint on glass animation technique. It was shot and edited by Grayden Laing at Canadian Animation Blogspot.

You can see the trailer for my recent film "Sorceress" here.

A series about the making of my film Sorceress is now up at my blog at


I'm pleased to announce that I'm going to attend the 2012 London International Animation Festival in England where my film "Sorceress" will have it's European premiere. The Festival runs from Oct. 25 to Nov. 4. In addition to the premiere, I will be conducting an animation workshop and speaking on a panel about animated documentaries.

It's great to be invited to the Festival and I have to say a big thank you to LIAF and its sister festival the Melbourne International Animation Festival for supporting and screening my films over the years.

"Sorceress" is a 9 minute, paint on glass animated, mythological adventure film. It took over 12 months to animate and I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

A big thanks must go to the Canada Council for the Arts, Media Arts Section for funding the film. You can see the trailer for "Sorceress" here. Prior to this "Sorceress" has screened at the 2012 Be Film Underground Film Festival in New York City, the 2012 Toronto Animated Image Society Showcase in Toronto, and the 2012 Melbourne International Animation Festival.


New Flip Book: Morphing City Hall

I created a new flip book as part of Flip-Toronto. Eight artists chose sites around Toronto and made flip books about them. The flip books were shown on the TTC Subway Video Screens from August 4 to 19, 2012. I chose Toronto City Hall. Click play on the image above to see the book come to life.

Wed. Aug. 8, 2012: I'm pleased to announce that my "Morphing City Hall" flip book has been acquired by Special Collections at the Toronto Reference Library. They have an extensive collection of artists' books.

Thurs. Aug. 9, 2012: This morning I was delighted to discover that there's an article on Flip-Toronto and my book "Morphing City Hall" in the The Grid Newspaper (Aug. 9 to 15). Here's the online version.

There's an article on the Flip-Toronto project in the July 30, 2012 edition of the Toronto Star Newspaper. See it here.

I've started a blog at Wordpress

Clips From Six of my animated films are now up on Vimeo. Check them out!

I'm now in Wikipedia

Sorceress at the Festivals:

My new film Sorceress has been selected for competition at:

and the London International Animation Festival 2012 in the U.K.

October 25- November 4, 2012

and was in competition at:

The Melbourne International Animation Festival in Melbourne, Australia

June 17-24, 2012

TAIS Showcase, Toronto, Canada on June 1, 2012

BE FILM, the Underground Film Festival in New York City

April 24-28, 2012


New Film Completed:

February 2012: I've just finished my new film Sorceress. It's a nine minute, mythological adventure story created with paint on glass animation.

Synopsis: Two sisters head to the big city to see a concert. When the younger sister is kidnapped, the older sister embarks on a perilous journey to rescue her sibling from a wicked Sorceress.

Music by Paul Intson and Sound Effects by Urban Post Production.

Thanks to the Canada Council for the Arts for funding this film.


My film Tara's Dream has been selected for the Super-Short Competition in Festival MONSTRA, an animation festival in Lisboa Portugal, which runs from March 19 to 25, 2012.


In Dec. 2011 I had a short animated loop called Babel Tower (sketch) in TPW Gallery's Photorama exhibition and fundraising show.


My 2010 short animated film "Tara's Dream" was shown at Les Sommets du cinema d'animation de Montreal, which will take place December 1st to 4th, 2011



ANIMA VI Cordoba International Animation Festival of Cordoba, Argentina

From October 5 to October 8, 2011, I was a guest filmmaker atANIMA VI International Animation Festival of Cordoba in Argentina, along with Madi Piller and Richard Reeves.My 2010 short animated film "Amoeba" was shown in the Themes and Rhythms Category (International Competition);my film "Inner View" was shown, along with other films from the Eleven In Motion project; and I conducted a paint on glass animation workshop (see below). That's my film "Labyrinth" showing on the wall behind the workshop participants.

After the festival I went to Buenos Aires for 4 days after the Festival to see that wonderful city. Thanks to Hugo Ares and Madi Piller and all the staff at ANIMA VI for arranging this trip. Photos courtesy of Richard Reeves.


My film "Inner View" was shown at the London International Animation Festival 2011 in August in London, England


"Tara's Dream" was shown at the TAIS Showcase 2011 on June 23 in Toronto

I was a guest on Framelines, an online movie program at, on Thursday, June 16 to discuss the TAIS Showcase 2011 and my film Tara's Dream.


I was interviewed for the article "So You Want To Be An Animator" in the print version of Toronto's NOW Magazine (May 26- June 1, 2011 Issue, Page 40). It's about careers in animation. See the following:

"As a kid, I drew hockey games, airplanes, PT boats, obsessively drawing the same things over and over. I do animation using a technique called paint-on-glass, which is making a painting, taking a shot of it with a digital still camera and then changing the picture a little bit and doing this process again and again. I make up the story and everything; I'm a one-person operation.

When you finish an animated film - at least with drawing - you have all this artwork left over, and I wondered what to do with it. I thought about flip books and put together my own flip book publishing business. Over the years, I sold about 90,000 of them!

You have to have a lot of patience to be an animator. Every technique is laborious. It's also physically challenging. A lot of times you're standing or sitting in the same position, so your neck and shoulders seize."

PATRICK JENKINS independent animator and filmmaker. He studied art at York University. His most recent film is Labyrinth.


Inner View was in competition at the Melbourne International Animation Festival in Melbourne, Australia in June 2011and shown at: At The Factory- Hamilton Media Arts Centre in the Screening Eleven In Motion on May 13, 2011

My film "Amoeba" was shown at thePlastic Paper: Winnipeg's Festival of Animated, Illustrated + Puppet Filmfrom May 4 to 7, 2011

"Tara's Dream" (2010) was shown at BEFILM, the Underground Film Festival in New York City in May 2011

"Inner View" was shown at the MONSTRA - Lisbon Animation Film Festival in March 2011


My film "Inner View" was screened at the Ottawa 2010 International Animation Festival from October 20-24, 2010. This film is a homage to the art of Kazuo Nakamura and was made as part of the Toronto Animated Image Society's Eleven in Motion project.


My film "Amoeba" was shown at THE RHINO ANIMATED FILM FESTduring NUIT BLANCHE

October 2, 7 PM to October 3, 7 AM

1249 QUEEN ST. WEST, Toronto


My film Inner View was shown in the year long visual art exhibition "Painter Eleven In Motion" at Robert McLaughlin Gallery, 72 Queen Street, Civic Centre, Oshawa, Ontario. Animated films from the Toronto Animated Image Society's Eleven in Motion project were shown along with original paintings by the Painters Eleven.

The exhibition ran from September 25, 2010 to September 18, 2011


Tara's Dream wins two awards at the Toronto Urban Film Festival!

My film "Tara's Dream" (2010) won two prizes at the Toronto Urban Film Festival's awards ceremony on Sunday, September 19, 2010. It won the Second Place Prize (selected by filmmaker Deepa Mehta) and the Best Animation By A Local Artist Prize (selected by filmmaker/curator Chris Gehman). You can watch the film online at:


Exhibition of "Movies and Stills" by Patrick Jenkins

Installation Photos

From Aug. 11 to 22, 2010 I exhibited movies and stills at Loop Gallery in Toronto in the group exhibition "Faithful and Faithless Messengers". I showed my films "Labyrinth" and "Towers Rising" along with gicleeprints of stills from these movies.

1273 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON, M6J 1X8, 416-516-2581, loopgallery@


Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre showed my film Labyrinth as part of the program entitled Square Pegs III in Kingston, Ontario on August 18th, 2010


New Film Amoeba wins award!

My new film "Amoeba" (2010, 2.5 minutes), an abstract, paint on glass animated film based on music by John Zorn's Masada won the gold prize, best in the show at the :


on THURSDAY, JUNE 24, 2010

at the TRANZAC CLUB, Toronto, Canada


-Here's a feature article on my film "Labyrinth" appears in the current issue of Animation Reporter Magazine (April 2010). The two page article outlines the making of the movie, illustrated with colour stills from the film.

Animation Reporter is an English language animation trade magazine, based in Mumbai, India.


Labyrinth Wins Prize!!!

-My film Labyrinth won Third Place in the Animation Category at BEFILM, the Underground Film Festival in New York City on Saturday, May 1, 2010.


-My animated film "Inner View", based on the art of Kazuo Nakamura, was selected for the Films for Children Competition program of 20th World Festival of Animated Film- Animafest Zagreb. The festival was held in Zagreb, Croatia, from 1-6 June 2010.


-Labyrinth was shown at Artspace Gallery in Peterborough, Ontario as a continuous loop projection in the Project Room from March 12 to April 24, 2010.


-My film Labyrinth has been chosen for inclusion in the compilation dvd "The Best of the London International Animation Festival 2009". The dvd will include 15 films selected from 360 films screened at the festival this year.


-My new loop animation piece "Towers Rising" was shown in PHOTORAMA 2009 AT GALLERY TPW

from November 27 to December 5, 2009

56 Ossington Avenue Toronto ON M6J 2Y7 Canada


-My 15 second animation about the myth of a fox that turns into an alluring woman, opens the live action feature film "The Ache", directed by Keith Lock. The script was written by Keith Lock and Louise Bak. It premiered at the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival on Sunday, Nov. 15, 2009. Go to and click on 3. Final Animation V3 -


New Film

Two events related to my new film "Inner View"

On Tuesday, November 17, 2009 I was part of an Artist Talk/panel discussion at the NFB Mediatheque, in Toronto; as part of the "Eleven In Motion" project. "Inner View" was screened along with other films in the "Eleven In Motion" project. (See below)


On November 18, 2009 from 6 to 9 p.m., the "Eleven in Motion" Project opened at the Christopher Cutts Gallery, 21 Morrow Avenue, Toronto; along with original paintings from the Painters Eleven and everyone is welcome to attend. The films were shown continuously on monitors in the gallery.

Here is a photo of the installation with "Inner View" playing on the television monitor next to a painting by Kazuo Nakamura.

The show ran from November 18 to 25, 2009. Thanks to filmmaker Richard Reeves for the installation photo.


My new film "Inner View" is a 35mm, two minute, animated homage to the art of Canadian artist Kazuo Nakamura done using the paint on glass animation. I've admired Kazuo Nakamura's art for over 35 years. In this movie I have attempted to recreate Nakamura's work by animating a selection of his paintings and sculptures as if they are being created in front of our eyes, like constantly growing and evolving plants. Nakamura's art has its roots in the visual patterns found in nature. His keen interest in science and mathematics was a way of rediscovering the structure of our world. It has been a joy to make a film honouring his work.The music score was written and performed by Paul Intson who composed the music for my previous films "Labyrinth" and "The Skateboarder", with flute improvisation by Ron Korb.

This film was commissioned by the Toronto Animated Image Society for their "Eleven In Motion: Abstract Expressions in Animation" project, a series of 11 films created by animators based on the art of the Painters Eleven, who were abstract expressionists active in Toronto in the late 50's and 60's. Funding for this project was provided by the Canada Council For The Arts and Petman Foundation.

It was also shown in December 2009 at Les Sommets du Cinema D'animation, Cinematheque Quebecoise, Montreal.


"Inner View" premiered in November 2009

My new film "Inner View" premiered on November 11 at 8 p.m. at TIFF Cinematheque at the Art Gallery of Ontario, 317 Dundas Street West in Toronto to a sold out theatre. Thanks to Madi Piller, Tara Schorr, the Toronto Animated Image Society, The Canada Council for the Arts and the Petman Foundation.


Death Is In Trouble Now: The Sculptures of Mark Adair

My documentary on Canadian sculptor Mark Adair was shown in an exhibition of his art at the Woodstock Art Gallery from October 10 to November 28, 2009 in Woodstock, Ontario.


Labyrinth wins award at KAFI 2009!!!

My film " Labyrinth " won 1st place in the KAFI 2009 Independent 6 to 30 Minutes Category at the recent Kalamazoo Animation Festival International.

My film "Labyrinth", is an 8.5 minute animated film. "After being given an enigmatic locket to protect, a detective encounters strange phenomena and beings from the afterlife in this surrealistic film noir story." Labryinth was done using the paint on glass animation technique and has been shown at festivals around the world.


Labyrinth Festival News:

"Labyrinth" has shown at the following festivals:

-In Official Selection at the 18th World Festival of Animated Film Animafest, in Zagreb, Croatia, from May 31st to June 5th, 2008. The film was screened as part of the grand Section.

-In Competition at the Odense International Film Festival in Odense, Denmark in August 2008.

-In July 2008, at the Anima Mundi Animation Festival in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

-In August 2008 at the Montreal World Film Festival, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

-In September 2008 at the Ottawa International Animation Festival, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

-In September 2008 at Animadrid, Madrid, Spain

-In October 2008 at the Vancouver International Film Festival, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

-In December 2008 at Les Sommets du Cinema D'animation, Montreal, Canada

-In January 2009 at the Goteborg International Film Festival, Goteborg, Sweden

-In March 2009 at Animabasque, Bilbao, Spain

-From March 13 to May 3, 2009 in the group exhibition Frame to Frame, Visual Arts at Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, Canada

-In March 2009 at the Philadelphia Film Festival/Cinefest, Philadelphia, U.S.A.

-In May 2009 as a Finalist at KAFI, Kalamazoo Animation Festival International, Kalamazoo, U.S.A.

-In June 2009 at the TAIS Animation Showcase, Toronto Animated Image Society, Toronto, Canada

-In June 2009 at the Melbourne International Animation Festival, Australia and the Australian International Animation Festival

-In August/September 2009 at the London International Animation Festival, London, England

-In September 2009 at Nuit Blanche, Toronto

-In Animacam'09, Madrid, Spain

-In March/April 2010 at Artspace, Peterborough, Ontario

-In April 2010 at BeFilm The Underground Film Festival, New York City


Labyrinth, an interview with Patrick Jenkins

Patrick Jenkins enigmatic short animated film Labyrinth premiered in June 2008 as an Official Selection of Animafest, the 18th World Festival of Animated Film in Zagreb, Croatia. Since then it's been shown at Festivals around the world and won 1st place, in the Independent, 6 to 30 Minutes Category, at the Kalamazoo Animation Festival International 2009.

Q: Can you describe the plot of Labyrinth?

A: It's a surrealistic detective story. The synopsis goes: "After being given an enigmatic locket to protect, a detective encounters strange phenomena and beings from the afterlife in this surrealistic film noir story".

Q: How did you get the idea for Labyrinth?

A: Labyrinth has its roots in a short story that I was trying to write around 1989 called "Hardboiled". It was about a detective who was an android. I was very much influenced at that time by the cyberpunk movement in writing: authors like William Gibson and Rudy Rucker and others. It was intended to be an illustrated story and I did a series of drawings of the detective and the city he worked in. For a number of reasons I never finished the story but I did have a lot of drawings. About 13 years later, in 2002, I dusted off those drawings and saw them in a different light. They became the inspiration for Labyrinth.

Q: Obviously Labyrinth follows in the tradition of film noir and the detective thriller, authors like Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett.

A: We'll I've always loved the world of film noir for its gritty, urban look that has both a slightly romantic and dangerous feel at the same time. I like that there's moral ambiguity in those films and novels. All the characters seem to have sinister, hidden agendas. People, who initially seem normal, can sometimes turn out at the end of those films, to be very evil.

Q: But Labyrinth is not simply a straight up, normal film noir tale?

A: No, I was interested in the idea of the detective as a symbol of rationality, trying to decode and figure out his world from the little pieces of evidence he finds. Of course the detective, being a human being himself, has character flaws so he can never maintain his objective stance throughout the film. For instance, a common motif in film noir is the detective falling in love with the femme fatale. He knows it's a bad idea but he goes ahead anyway. (Laughs)

I'm curious about the choices we make in life. Sometimes we make decisions without knowing if they're the right ones or if we've correctly understood all the information upon which they're based. Yet all our decisions have repercussions, for better or worse.

The detective faces this conundrum in the film. He barely understands what's going on and yet he pushes on, trying to do the right thing.

I was also interested in using film noir because it's a genre that we recognize immediately. We say, "Oh it's a detective film." once we see the private investigator and the grimy city at night. That was important because I wanted to introduce elements of the afterlife or the otherworldly into this gritty, so-called 'realistic' urban world.

Q: Where did you get that idea?

A: Well actually I was influenced by a lot of writers who had a different take on the detective story. In my early twenties I read a lot of Jorge Luis Borges metaphysical detective stories and later the ideas of William Burroughs. I also really enjoy the writings of Frederic Brown, Marc Behm and Delacorta, all who seemed to be playing with the notion of the crime thriller. About 25 years ago I started really getting into Paul Auster's novels, especially his New York trilogy, which were self-reflective detective stories where the detective gets completely lost in his investigation, he can't figure anything out and a result he loses a sense of his self. A lot of that seeped into Labyrinth.

Q: Labyrinth is an intriguing title, but there's no actual labyrinth in the film?

A: That's right. I liked the sound of the word labyrinth. It had a very evocative feel. It's really a metaphor for the puzzling world the detective encounters in the film, the story as a maze.

Q: In a classic film noir way, the detective meets a mysterious woman in a bar, who gives him a pendant and runs off. What does she represent to you?

A: Well I was interested in the idea of the detective as a type of baffled, tarnished, modern day knight or samurai. He's trying to do "good" in the world but he finds it's not that easy. (Laughs)

When he meets this mysterious woman, she's on the run from two pursuing characters so we know she's got to be involved in something shady. She ducks into a bar to evade her pursuers and even though she doesn't know him, walks up to detective and hands him the pendant to protect and kisses him. I'm interested in how sometimes men and women can be attracted to and trust each other in a very short space of time, even though they don't know anything about each other. He hasn't a clue who she is or what she's up to, yet he takes the pendant from her for safekeeping.

Q: It seems like quite a big leap from your previous animated film "The Skateboarder" to "Labyrinth".

A: It does on the surface, but actually there's a link between many of my films from "The Goatee Club" (1999) which was based on a poem by Ralph Alfonso about a first time poet encountering the strange individuals at an open mike poetry reading; to "Man Versus Geometry" (2004) where a stick figure wrestles with a half circle; to "The Skateboarder" (2005) where the skater boy finds more than he bargained for in a construction site. That theme is the individual coming to grips with his environment, so in that sense Labyrinth is not that big a leap. Also shadows continue to play a huge role in my films. "The Skateboarder" was basically a shadow play and many of the characters in Labyrinth first appear as shadows behind frosted glass.

Q: Yet Labyrinth seems to be more about art and deeper ideas or themes? Would I be right in saying that?

A: I think so. I took about a year to develop the story for Labyrinth. In that time I asked myself, what was really important to me as an artist. A few things emerged for me. One was the idea of mortality. I had turned 50 and I wasn't young anymore. I started to reflect on life and the fact that we will all die some day. I wanted to work on this notion of the transience of life, that we're here for a relatively short time as human beings and then we leave the planet. We're gone. So in that sense Labyrinth is a mystery play about life and death

Also I'm interested in the notion that there may be more behind reality. I like to imagine that more is possible than what seems to occur in our everyday life. In some ways this is fantasy or a notion of other worlds.

The ideas of the writer Alfred Jarry (1873-1907) inspired me. Jarry was a huge influence on the Dada and Surrealist art movements. Jarry's philosophy, "Pataphysics", suggested an imaginary realm beyond our senses. His philosophy suggested another universe parallel to our universe, where anything is possible. This inspired me in developing the story for Labyrinth, where odd phenomena occur and figures from the afterlife interact with everyday reality. As an artist, I like to imagine what the world could be, rather than just replicate perceived reality.

Q: You changed technique?

A: Yes several years ago I got interested in paint on glass animation which is an experimental animation technique where you create a painting under the animation camera, take a picture with the animation camera and then alter the painting and repeat the process. No art exists at the end of the film, just the digital pictures that make up the frames of the film. I became interested in taking animation in a different direction away from the 'cartoony' look most associated with it. I had initially wanted to be a painter when I went to art school 30+ years ago and I still really enjoy painting. I started to do tests with paint on glass animation and found that I really liked it. It was great to work tactilely with real paint. Previously I had been creating work with cut-outs in the computer, which for me is not as gratifying a process. It was great to be able to manipulate real paint under the camera.

Q: The ending is very ambiguous with the shadows of birds flying away. Can you talk about that?

A: The birds at the end are, for me, simply a poetic image. They're not intended to make a specific point. In fact I intended them to be mildly puzzling. The film for me is a meditation on the transient nature of life and I think the birds, for me have that fleeting quality. Also when people die in the film, we see their life force or souls leave their bodies, so the birds seem to echo that for me.


For everyone interested in Canadian Independent Animation, I thought that I would let you know about the book "Canadian Animation: Looking for a Place to Happen" by Chris Robinson (2008). It's composed of a series of interviews he conducted across Canada with independent animators. I am pleased to have been included in this book.

Looking for a Place to Happen


Recently Completed


35mm, Colour, Sound, 2008

8 min., 34 sec.

A paint on glass animated film.

Directed and animated by Patrick Jenkins

Synopsis: After being given an enigmatic locket to protect, a detective encounters strange phenomena and beings from the afterlife in this surrealistic film noir story.

Music Composed by Paul Intson


My two documentaries:

- Death Is In Trouble Now: The Sculptures of Mark Adair


- Of Lines and Men: The Animation of Jonathan Amitay

can now be seen on BRAVO! television. Check your local listings for broadcast dates.

Death Is In Trouble Now: The Sculptures of Mark Adair

45 min., 2007

"Death Is In Trouble Now", is a documentary portrait of Canadian artist Mark Adair. An environmentalist, Adair's Gothic style sculptures comment on contemporary man's relationship to the natural environment and the stress of urban life. His sculptures explore such diverse subjects such as violence, sexual politics between men and women, pollution, spirituality, consumerism and the devastating force of nature. His art has been exhibited at the Community Gallery, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto; Optica Gallery, Montreal and Loop Gallery, Toronto; and is in the collection of the Canada Council Art Bank. This documentary explores the artwork Adair has created over the past 25 years and traces the themes in his work to his childhood experiences of growing up in the country and seeing noticeable environmental degradation in his lifetime.

I am also curating a retrospective gallery show of Mark Adair's artwork that will be shown at the Rodman Hall Arts Centre in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada from July 8 - September 16, 2007. The opening is on Sunday July 8 at 2:30 p.m.

For more information go to

Of Lines and Men: The Animation of Jonathan Amitay

48 min., 2007

"Of Lines and Men", is a documentary portrait of Canadian Independent Animator Jonathan Amitay who has created innovative stop motion animated films using thin gold chains and sand. Amitay's award winning films about ecology, nuclear war and human rights, have been screened at film festivals around the world and have been honoured with retrospective screenings at Cinematheque Ontario and the Ottawa International Animation Festival. This documentary explores Amitay's films and traces the themes in his work to his childhood in Palestine during the Second World War.

My film "The Skateboarder" was chosen as a finalist at KAFI, the Kalamazoo Animation Festival International in Kalamazoo Michigan. The Festival took place in May 2007.

"The Skateboarder" was shown at the prestigious Annecy 2006 International Animation Festival in Annecy, France from June 5th to 10th, 2006.

This is a short 2-D computer animated film about a boy who, despite warning signs, goes skateboarding in a construction site with disastrous results.

"The Skateboarder" had its Toronto Premiere at the Canadian Filmmakers Festival on Saturday March 25th, 2006 at the Cineplex Odeon Carlton Cinemas.

"The Skateboarder" was shown at the Real 2 Reel Children's Festival in Vancouver Tuesday, February 28, 2006 and is also being screened at Cinematheque Quebecoise in Montreal on March 30, 2006.

It premiered at the 2005 Montreal World Film Festival which ran from August 26th to September 5, 2005 and at the 2005 Ottawa International Animation Festival on Sunday, September 25th, 2005.

This film is about the misadventures of a boy who, despite warning signs goes skateboarding in a construction site. The film was made using 2D computer animation software and has a graphic quality akin to a shadowplay. It is 6 minutes long with a musical score by Paul Intson

The Skateboarder, an interview with Patrick Jenkins

Patrick Jenkins highly energetic short animated film "The Skateboarder" premiered recently at the 2005 Montreal World Film Festival, and the 2005 Ottawa International Animation Festival. In 2006 it was screened at the prestigious Annecy International Animation Festival in Annecy, France; Cinematheque Quebecoise in Montreal; the Reel 2 Real International Film Festival for Youth in Vancouver and The Canadian Filmmakers Film Festival in Toronto.

Q: Can you describe the plot of The Skateboarder?

A: Despite warning signs, a boy goes skateboarding in a construction site, with disastrous results. He pulls a lever that activates the construction machinery of the site. One of the pieces of equipment, a Steam Shovel, comes alive and tries to wipe him out. There's something not quite right about this construction site as eventually a huge devil like creature emerges from the ground.

Q: What was the Skateboarder film about for you?

A: Pure kinetics (laughs) and a pure delight in motion! I wanted to work on a film that was about action. After all that's one of the things that's enjoyable about animation, a story told through movement.

Q: How did you get the idea of doing it on a Skateboarder?

A: Well I had done a flipbook about a skateboarder many years ago. Skateboarding seemed like a kinetic activity that would look great in an animated film. Funny thing though, as I started to casually research skateboarding, I realized that skateboarders are really held done by gravity (laughs). I mean these guys and girls can do great things but they can't defy the laws of physics (laughs). At least not yet! Sure they can make short jumps and leaps and rolls where they seem to defy gravity but generally I was a bit disappointed about how gravity always seems to triumph. So when I animated the flipbook I used my imagination and had the skater do complete 360-degree flips and rolls that no regular boarder could and that carried on into the film version.

Q: How did the story of the Skateboarder develop?

A: Well stories for me develop from a set of visual images that I'm interested in. I did a series of drawings of the Skateboarder in different environments and situations and developed the story from those key images. An image or two would come to me, pop into my mind and I become intrigued by them. Then the challenge is to find a story or world or context in which these images make sense. It's funny because in painting you can paint the moment and let is sit there as an isolated image that we can contemplate. Film on the other hand is a flow of images that interact with each other and the challenge is to find a way of getting viewers into a world where they can entertain and draw meaning from bizarre or different images. It's like saying to an audience, for a moment, just imagine that this is possible. When it works, it's magical.

Q: What audience did you have in mind for the film?

A: I like to think audiences of all ages could enjoy it. It's been called a film for kids but that's not how it started. Coming from painting and drawing, I tend to develop a film from a series of images that intrigued me. In this film I was interested in a very graphic style of representing objects. The imagery is pared down to a shadow play. I wanted to combine this very graphic look with a very kinetic story.

Q: What animation technique did you use?

A: Well the project originally was designed as a classically animated film, doing drawings on paper by hand, then transferring them to cels and painting them and filming them. I had originally wanted a project where I could really explore realistic movement. When I got the Mac I decided to make it with digital cut outs created and animated in the computer. It was a real job to get the realistic motion that I wanted with digital cut outs.

Q: What about digital ink and paint?

W: Well that was still in its infancy when I started making the film. The way things developed technologically over the 13 years I was thinking about the project (laughs), I probably should have stuck to my guns and done it on paper.

Q: So you finally got started in 1998?

A: Yeah, August 1998 at the cottage (laughs). You know, nice summer weather and I'm indoors staring at a computer screen, sheesh. I worked at it in fits and starts, over the next six and a half years. I started at the beginning of the story and worked my way more or less in a straight line to the end.

Q: Were you working at it consistently?

A: Oh hell no. You're heard of low budget filmmaking? Well I was doing no budget filmmaking (laughs). The problem with doing a film with no money is that it is spiritually very challenging to drag yourself through the process of making the film. I would work feverishly for several weeks on it and then either something would distract me, like a commercial job or teaching and that would derail the momentum. Also I resist sitting, staring at a computer screen for hours and hours on end. It drives me crazy sometimes. I feel cut off from my body. I love to draw and paint on paper or canvas and here I had to draw into the computer, which I hate. It's a miracle I made it through the process (laughs).

Q: So you'd have to put it aside for a while?

A: Yeah, also other projects came and went. I did a half hour documentary on a poet called "Ralph: Coffee, Jazz and Poetry" that had four animated cut out films in it illustrating his poems. They were a lot less taxing to do, as the animation wasn't so exacting. Also I did a few commercial jobs. One was an animated children's music video and an animated video of the song "Dancing Street" by the band Katrina and the Waves. In the midst of that I was doing teaching and some administrative work as well.

Q: Did you do the sound work on the film yourself?

A: Yeah, I got out the pots and pans and started banging away. Most of the sound effects in the film are done that way. I much prefer "live" sound effects whenever possible as opposed to canned sound effects off a CD. There's more of a punch to the sound.

Q: The graphic, high contrast look of the Skateboarder is very distinctive. It reminds me of Lotte Reiniger's animated silhouette puppet films. Where did you come up with that?

A: Well in the early eighties, twenty years ago, I was making experimental shadow films where I would film shadows projected on tracing paper. Someone said it was like the myth of Plato's cave where we see life as a series of shadow projections, rather than the real thing. I've loved shadow imagery and certainly Balinese Shadow Puppetry and Reiniger's work were a big influence. A shadow is interesting as it's a projection of ourselves on the world. When I designed the Skateboarder it was just a given that he would be a black silhouette. Maybe that's my resistance to making things look normal. In my films I'm fascinated as much by the material that is making up the image as I am by the image that is created. In the case of the Skateboarder he's made up of a bunch of geometry, an ellipse for a head, a line for the beak of his hat, etc. I like that basic construction, as it looks different from what we are used to. It portrays a world through the simplest possible shapes. I was interested in how few lines and shapes you could use and still have a recognizable image of say a steam whistle or a skateboard.

Q: Wasn't your previous film, "Man Versus Geometry", based on a similar thing?

A: Exactly. In that film, which was a stop motion film make up of geometric shapes, the main character literally falls to pieces in a pile on the floor. A lot of this interest in the basics of the animation medium comes from my training as a painter and visual artist. In my paintings, I'm as equally interested in the paint that makes up the image as I am in the image. The paint takes on a sculptural quality. Art is a con, a construction, a trick designed to let us see something different. I feel better when I'm acknowledging the materials that make up the illusion of art.

Q: Well obviously the Skateboarder was important for you to do if you spent that long on it.

A: Yeah, maybe an unhealthy obsession (laughs). You know, there's a large part of me that is young at heart and needs to express exuberance and energy and I think that's what the Skateboarder is about. I mean look at the way we live. It feels so constricted at times. Don't make too much noise. Don't be rude. Shut up and behave. It wasn't that I wanted to be rude but movement is very important to me. We're kind of restricted in modern society. There's no nature left to explore so the boy in the Skateboarder goes exploring in what is left to him, a construction site. As a kid, I can remember playing in the few fields that developers hadn't turned into housing projects. Eventually they were all turned into subdivisions. The skateboarder is doing what every boy would do, explore his environment and test his physical limits in it. Now this may seem like an awfully deep interpretation of what is basically an action cartoon, but remember, we are creatures of nature. Our bodies are designed for movement and we get quite sick when we are denied movement. Baby animals play with each other just like humans, in order to understand their physical selves and environment, even though it's dangerous. A predator could kill them while they are playing.

Play is a way of understanding your body's relationship to the environment. Young men would go out with their fathers and hunt and learn how to work with their environment. In our world exploration has become internalized and ritualized. We're either exploring our subconscious or going on safaris and hikes into what is left of the natural world (laughs).

Q: So he's doing what comes naturally to boys?

A: Right. Boys don't mean to get into trouble. They just do that naturally in an attempt to learn about their bodies and their environment. They can't help it (laughs).

Q: He activates the machinery of the construction site but you go beyond that to have a Steam Shovel monster come to life and menace him.

A: Well, I'm a real believer in 'what if'. What if a steam shovel monster could come alive? What if a huge devil like character lived under the construction site? I guess I live in a fantasy world (laughs) but that's what intrigues me. I love; for instance, the way Rene Magritte would paint unlikely situations, like a giant green apple filling up a room. I like imagining 'what if'. Again it goes back to the deceptive nature of the world. How what you see is not what you get.

Q: At the end he gives up on skating in the site. Is there a moral here?

A: Well if there is a moral, it's totally baffling. I don't think the boy's learned much (laughs) except maybe to avoid that particular construction site (laughs). Often times in life you find that you have to be careful or stay away from certain experiences but I didn't want to say something as lame as "Don't go skating in construction sites". That's not the point. It's more of a spoof. It's more about the boy encountering a weird environment and possibly not learning anything from his catastrophic experiences.

Q: The Skateboarder seems to rebel against the signs that warn him.

A: Well, yes he does. I guess we have to ignore the warning signs sometimes and just plunge into the experience (laughs) regardless. I guess you could look at the film as a morality tale of sorts, about how we ignore our subconscious at our own peril. I sort of see those signs in several ways. First, obviously they are cautioning him about the dangers inherent in the construction site. They're saying, "You could be seriously injured. Stay out!" (laughs) That's the most obvious reading. Stay out! However I'm fascinated by how artificial signs are and how they mark territories. Our world is divided into territories of private property. This is owned by someone, keep out. We're assaulted by signs everywhere telling us to do this and that (laughs). Now this may seem to be a bit deep for what is really a little animated comedy, but the territorial markers are everywhere in our society.

So that's one way to interpret those signs. Another way is to look at it as warnings of internal crisis. Watch out, personal demons ahead (laughs)!

Q: How do you interpret the demon like figure that emerges from the ground?

A: Well obviously that's a bit of just having fun, that 'what if' that I was mentioning earlier. I thought that it would be neat to have things escalate from the skater's trespassing on the construction site to the point where it awakens this demon (laughs). I don't know why exactly. It seemed like a good idea at the time (laughs). Ultimately it's a fantasy. I enjoy sometimes thinking about why I do things but there are always a number of possible interpretations of the film.

Q: Technology seems very ominous in the film.

A: Yes technology, while it makes life easier, is great until it doesn't work or behave the way we want it to. Then it's a source of stress. Anyone who's fought with an appliance or piece of malfunctioning equipment can attest to that. I remember several summers ago turning my back on a gas barbecue (laughs). When I turned around, these huge flames were lapping around the outside of the barbecue. Somehow I managed to turn it off without burning myself, otherwise, seconds later, it would have set fire to the wood fence behind it! So yeah, you've got to watch technology closely.

"Man Versus Geometry" released Jan. 2004.

"Man Versus Geometry" is a 2.5 minute stop motion animated film in which a man encounters a treacherous half circle in a battle of wits.

"Man Versus Geometry" was shown at the 2005 Annecy Animation Festival in Annecy, France from June 6 to 11, 2005 in the Independent Canadian Animation Program.

"Man Versus Geometry" was shown at the Flicks, The Saskatchewan International Film Festival for Young People in Saskatoon, Canada, from April 7 to 10, 2005

World Premiere: My film "Man Versus Geometry" premiered at the 2004 Ottawa International Animation Festival which took place Sept. 22 to 26, 2004 in Ottawa, Canada