by Patrick Jenkins

Click on the book covers to see some sample animation from each of my flipbooks

Animation from the flipbook "Play Ball!"

"Books that Move" Flipbooks

Colour Covers, 2.5" X 4", Perfect Bound, 96 Pages (except Morphing City Hall which is 60 pages)

Flipbooks are books that contain a series of drawings. As you flip the pages the drawings come to life in a short animated movie.

Play Ball Flip BookPlay Ball!

In this flipbook a Baseball game comes to life before your eyes.

ISBN 978-0-921374-04-6  Now Back In Print!

Out of this WorldOut Of This World

In this flipbook an Alien makes a surprise visit to Earth!

ISBN 978-0-921374-07-7 Now Back In Print!

A Fishy Tale Flip BookA Fishy Tale!

An undersea adventure!

ISBN 978-0-921374-08-4 Now Back In Print!

morphing city hall flip bookMorphing City Hall!

Toronto's Old City Hall is transformed into New City Hall

Now perfect bound! Please note this book is 60 pages long.

                                   ISBN 978-0-921374-08-4 Now Back In Print!

Slap Shot!

In this flipbook you can watch the exciting action of a Hockey Game

ISBN 0-921374-06-2


In The Wink Of An Eye

This flipbook is about an optical illusion. A lot can happen in the wink of an eye!

ISBN 0-921374-02-X


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In Europe please order my flipbooks from:

MAQUAIRE, Pierre François

HEEZA, l'univers du cartoon

9, Avenue de la République


Tel/Fax : 9 50 59 01 37

E-mail : heeza@heeza.fr

He's got a fantastic catalogue of flipbooks and optical devices.

Web : http://www.heeza.fr





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