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Equal Parents of Canada (EPOC)
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31 March, 1998

Using the EPOC_NEWS Mailing List 

Thank you for your interest in the Equal Parents of Canada (EPOC) mailing list.  Our mission is to unite groups interested in equal parenting and related goals, by providing opportunities to communicate, coordinate action, and exchange news and ideas.  Email list communications is one of our most important tools. 

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  1. Ethics and Conduct 
  2. Subscribing
  3. Unsubscribing
  4. Sending
  5. Replying
  6. Moderator's Addresses

Ethics and Conduct 

The moderators will defend dignity and order on this list.
  1. This is a mailing list for people who support the national organizing effort of Equal Parents of Canada, for the purpose of restoring the child's right to both parents, even in separating and divorced families.  You should not subscribe, or you should unsubscribe, if you are not a supporter. 
  2. Subscribers should keep it in mind that this is not a closely-guarded private forum, and express themselves with dignity. 
  3. People contributing to this list may have terrible anger and grief, but don't talk hate here
  4. This is a place for exchanging knowledge and understanding. We will sometimes disagree, but don't fight with others on the list
  5. Please respect the time and convenience of others, and show good "netiquette".  For example, do not reply to a long message by including all of its text, and adding a short comment of your own - instead, type in your comment, and delete as much as you can of the original message.  This kind of thing is a major cause of irritation on email lists.  Please read the page on netiquette, by clicking on the word in this sentence. 
  6. Please don't re-mail messages from other lists or newsgroups. If you think you have an exceptional case, please contact a moderator by sending an email to one of the people listed in the moderators section, below. 
  7. If you have a conduct question or wish to appeal any moderator's ruling, please send email in private to any of the moderators in the list provided below.  If you lodge an appeal, the outcome will be announced to the list only if you want it announced.  The moderators may, at their discretion, answer private questions from subscribers regarding appeal outcomes concerning any moderator's ruling.  Please note that the moderators have all the rights of ordinary subscribers, and you must not abuse them.
Subscribers may be suspended or barred for persistent discourtesy


  • Probably, the easiest way for you to subscribe would be to go to, click on "find a list", and search for "Equal Parents".
  • If you follow the instructions exactly, you should see list information about the Equal Parents of Canada News, complete with a link to a "Subscribe" option, or, if you prefer, instructions about how to subscribe by email.  Either way is quick and easy.
  • Send a blank message to:

  • Do not enter any text in the subject line or body of the message.

Sending Mail to the List 

  • In order to send mail to the EPOC_NEWS list, you must be a subscriber to the list.  To subscribe, follow the instructions in the section on subscribing. 
  • To send a message to all the people currently subscribed to the list, just send mail to

How to Reply to Mail 

  • On most email browsers, just hit the "Reply" button. 
  • Your browser controls whether or not the text of the message you are replying to is included in your reply. 
  • Please delete [snip] as much as you can of the text that you are replying to, leaving only the sender name, the time information, and essential text. 

Moderator's Addresses 

  • Send ordinary mail to any one of the following moderators' addresses if you have a problem (please be kind to us)