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  • Send your message only to the email list which is the most appropriate, because only then will you reach your audience and receive useful answers. 
  • Put a short, but descriptive and appropriate header into the Subject line of your message, because people will  use this header to select your message out of other messages. 
  • Keep your message short, because many people are hard-pressed for time. If you have a long message, summarize it and invite people to request it from you.
  • If you reply to a message, include the essential parts of the original message that your're answering in your message, but only the essential parts! 
  • Before you send something to the net, ask yourself whether it is really necessary to publish ("send") it to millions of people all over the world, or whether it might be sufficient to "mail" it only to the person concerned.
  • Do not mis-use the list for personal flames, bickering, silly jokes, commercial advertising, chain letters, or anything that is illegal in one of the participating countries. And never follow-up to any of these if they do occur. Usually it is best to ignore them and to put the offending subject line or author name into your "kill file". If you must react, then use private mail to the author or to the list moderator.