Okay, so this isn't modelling related. But, if you love the Light Cycles in the 1982 movie TRON as I do, then you'll love this new PC game. I downloaded the demo (203MB!!) to give it a try and I must say it definitely deserves E3's Best of Show awards that it earned.

Although TRON 2.0 has other gaming features, the Light Cycles were why I initiated a 14-15hr download. I must say, the demo is pretty darn neat. The Light Cycle game is very addictive and has a simple concept and simple controls. Like a simple game such as Tetris.

Of course they have the original Light Cycle from the movie.  Original Light Cycle
They also have a new really cool Super Light Cycle that was designed for the game by the same industrial designer, Syd Mead who also worked on Blade Runner and Aliens, that desgined the original Light Cycle for the movie. Unlike the original, the rider is fully exposed while riding.

New Super Light Cycle
Drag racing with two AI opponents across the grid. Drag racing two AI opponents
An AI opponent is in hot pursuit as I out run him with a Super Light Cycle Being chased by AI opponent
You can change the camera angle and zoom as you drive so you can check out the playing grid. If you haven't seen the movie, the Light Cycles leave wall behind them and after it grows to a certain length, the end starts to disappear causing a snaking wall. Playing grid
The Light Cycles can also be ridden from a first person perspective. You can toggle back and forth from first person to third person views while playing. It will be impossible to play exclusively in first person model since you can only see to the left, forward, and right.

Here is the Turbo power up about to be picked up.

First Person view of the Turbo power up
Here is the first person view from the Super Light Cycle and about to pick up the Shield power up. First Person view of Shield power up
The objective is to cause your opponents to impact your trail and Derez them, as I've done here to an AI opponent. I Derezzed an opponent
You can't win the all. I got Derezzed this time.

Unlike in the movie, the game provides power ups (turbo, shields, and missiles). When all your opponents have been Derezzed you can move onto the next level.

Oops, I got derezzed!
In the movie, the Light Cycles only competed in the open playing grid as in the above screenshots. But, in the game you move onto more elaborate playing grids that make things more interesting. New playing grid

The game also has multiplayer mode so you can play head-to-head with up to seven other TRON 2.0 players. Things would quickly become insane with seven Light Cycles on the playing grids.

As I mentioned, the Light Cycles were the main reason to endure a lengthy download. The other game play is a first person game where you battle inside the computer using your Data Disc. This is also very well done and after I get the hang of the game controls, I'm sure I'll love this part of TRON 2.0 as well.

For everything you want to know about the TRON 2.0 game, visit the official TRON 2.0 website

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