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Adding the AvantGo Channel

AvantGo home pageCoaster's Motorcycle Modelling PDA Edition is a condensed version of this web site. It contains articles, news, tips, and workshop pages. I thought a PDA Edition would be beneficial to anyone sitting at the workbench that wanted tips at hand that doesn't have a computer at home or for anyone wanting to read during their daily commute.

Follow these instructions to subscribe to Coaster's Motorcycle Modelling PDA Edition:

Go to, log in and then click on Create Channel and enter these parameters in AvantGo's 'Create Channel' page:

Title: Motorcycle Modelling
Max Channel Size: 200KB (it currently only uses ~50KB
Link Depth: 3
Include Images: Yes (I've kept images to a bare minimum)
Follow off site links: No
Refresh: Weekly (I plan to update the site on Sundays)

Click Save, and the next time you HotSync you'll have Coaster's Motorcycle Modelling PDA Edition on your PDA.

Again, just some web experimenting but I thought others might find it handy.

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Last revised on: March 2, 2004
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