I grew up in California near what is now known as "Silicon Valley"! Actually I grew up at Stanford University: Here is a picture!

I have done a lot of travelling; both in California and in the Caribbean.

My interests and hobbies include (computers); art, travelling and the oceans. I hope to combine these interests in order to make an informative collection of pages:

California is on the Pacific Coast, while the Caribbean is on the Atlantic Coast.

The following Table illustrates some of the differences between the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans:


BOUNDARIESNorth and South America in the Western Hemisphere, and by Europe and Africa in the Eastern HemisphereAmerican Continent, Asia and Australia
SIZE 31,530,000 square miles 70,000,000 square miles (The Largest Ocean in the world!)
DEPTH 30,246 feet 35,433 feet

As you can see, the two oceans are Remarkably different, both in their physical characteristics (as is illustrated by the above table) but also with respect to their flora and fauna.

I spent several years in the West Indies (The Carribean). Most of my time was spent on the small island of Carriacou.Here is a picture of Carriacou... (It only had THREE palm trees !)

Carriacou is a VERY SMALL Island, situated 30 miles North of Grenada (In the Grenadines)The population of Carriacou was only 4000! And the size of Carriacou was only 7 square miles.

For more on Carriacou and the West Indies [Three Palm TreesMore INfo:-)

I spent my senior year of high school on Carriacou. Almost all of our courses involved snorkelling and S.C.U.B.A. diving.

The underwater scenery was spectacular!; every color of fish and sealife imaginable...Many species of fish, coral, and other forms of sea-life existed on the CoralReefs surrounding Carriacou.

Our examinations consisted mainly of identifying the wide variety of aquatic life...Most of our time was spent under water trying to avoid being questioned by the instructor!

For more information on underwater life click HERE

Although I did spend a few years in the West Indies, most of my life was spent in California.As mentioned, I grew up in "Silicon Valley" (Stanford University).Much of my time was spent south about 40 miles, in Carmel, and Big Sur.To read about and see pictorial representations of that area:

[Monarchs]Big Sur

As already mentioned, The sea life in many respects is very different between the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans.

There is more information on the life in the Atlantic, and the Pacific oceans, and you can find the relative links at the bottom of this page.

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