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Maps courtesy of used with permission.

There are a couple of reasons why I call this the "Eclectic" Marathon Page.  My selection of events is eclectic - they aren't all strictly marathons.   There are a number of "ultra" events, a few 26 mile walking events, plus a few shorter races that seemed interesting when I encountered them.  The second point is the arrangement of the geographical units.  If you look at the United States, you will find all the states listed alphabetically.  On the Canada page, the provinces and territories are listed from west to east.  For the rest of the world, the arrangement snakes around.  It starts off with some Polar events (North and South), followed by Northern/Scandinavian countries, the British Isles, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa (North to South), Australia and New Zealand, Asia, then hops over to the Caribean and Central America, then South America, and finally a very isolated race on St. Helena.  Of course, there are compromises - races in the Asian part of Russia are grouped with Eastern Europe rather than Asia - but this arrangement is reasonably simple.

I make no pretences as to the completeness of the list. If I have left out one or more of your favourites, please let me know by email. There are also quite a few marathons listed without links. Some of these are still being held, some are defunct, and some simply don't seem to have any web pages. Race directors: I would be delighted if you were to prove me wrong (or even ask me to create the page for you!)

Antarctica Marathon 10-Mar-09
North Pole Arctic Marathon  7-Apr-09
Ice Marathon 12-Dec-08
Ice Marathon 12-Dec-08


Arctic Marathon = Nuuk Marathon  9-Aug-08
Polar Circle Marathon 24-Oct-09


Lake Myvatn Marathon 23-Jun-06
Laugavegurinn Ultra (55K) 18-Jul-09
Reykjavik Marathon 22-Aug-09


Mosjonsløpet Rett Vest 19-Apr-08
Fevik Marathon 25-Apr-09
Ålesund Marathon  9-May-09
Hadeland Maraton 23-May-09
Suleskard Maraton  6-Jun-09
Det Norske Fjellmaraton  6-Jun-09
Spitsbergen Marathon  6-Jun-09
Nordmarka Skogsmaraton 20-Jun-09
Alstahaug Marathon 14-Jun-08
Midnight Sun Marathon - Tromso 20-Jun-09
Jølster Maraton  5-Jul-08
Unionsmarathon  4-Jul-09
St. Olavsloppet (335K relay)  8->11-Jul-09
Hornindalsvatnet maraton 25-Jul-09
Hadsel Maraton  9-Aug-08
Kongsvinger Maraton  9-Aug-08
Stavanger Maraton 16-Aug-08
Lofoten Maraton 15-Aug-09
Ringeriksmaraton 15-Aug-09
Nordvest Maraton 29-Aug-09
Eidsvoll 6 hours runs 22-Aug-09
Trondheim Maraton  7-Sep-08
Stemshaug Marathon 13-Sep-08
Mandalsmaraton 21-Sep-08
Oslo Maraton 27-Sep-09
Fredrikstad Maraton 25-Oct-08
Jessheim Vintermaraton 16-Nov-08
Ålesund New Year Marathon 27-Dec-08

Bergen is a beautiful city, and its citizens must really love marathons - they seem to have five of them! They all share the maratonkarusellen web site below.

Norgeskarusellen - 1. løp 26-Jan-08
Norgeskarusellen - 2. løp 23-Feb-08
Bergen Maraton 29-Mar-08
Norgeskarusellen 10. løp 18-Oct-08
Norgeskarusellen 12. løp  6-Dec-08
Ørland Maraton Øyestad Marathon Adventmaraton Meråker Atlanten Marathon
Drammensmaraton Fjord Adventure Mountain Marathon Halden Marathon Hardangervidda Marathon
Hitra Marathon Lyngen Maraton Namsosløpet Oktobermaraton = Bodø maraton
Optimisten Maraton Ørland Maraton Sørøy Maraton Svartismaraton (only a half marathon)
Troll Run Ultra (63K & 100K) = Troll-Løpet Christian Marathon


Vinterspring marathon 25-Jan-09
Skövde 6 Hours 14-Mar-09
Vällingby Marathon 28-Mar-09
Ursvik Ultra (75K)  4->5-Apr-09
Heleneholms Marathon 18-Apr-09
Skövde Marathon 25-Apr-09
Säter Marathon 25-Apr-09
Sunne Marathon  2-May-09
Arvika Marathon  7-May-05
Luleå Stadsmara (21K) 17-May-08
5 Marathons - 5 Days 20->24-May-09
Soteleden Terrängmarathon Marathon 23-May-09
Stockholm Marathon 30-May-09
Trollhättan 24h 27->28-Jun-09
Lapland Ultra 27->28-Jun-08
Kustmaran = Kristianopel Mara 27-Jun-09
Arctic Circle Marathon 27-Jun-09
Säfsbanan marathon 12-Jul-08
Ölands Marathon 25-Jul-09
Östergarn Marathon 28-Jul-07
Vindelälven Marathon 23->25-Jul-07
Månkarbo marathon  2-Aug-08
Höga Kusten Marathon  8-Aug-09
Kraftloppet Ultra 15-Aug-09
Björkliden Arctic Mountain Marathon 22->23-Aug-08
Vattudals Marathon 26-Aug-06
Landskrona Marathon 27-Aug-06
Skövde Ultra Festival 28->30-Aug-09
Skråcklanmaran 20-Sep-08
Göteborg Marathon 11-Oct-08
Umemaran 11-Oct-08
Sörmland Ultra Marathon 10-Oct-09
Växjö Marathon 17-Oct-09
Kvarnsvedens Vintermarathon  7-Nov-09
Bromölla Marathon  9-Nov-08
Lucia Marathon 13-Dec-08
Adak 100K Arvika Vintermarathon Björkliden 50K Borlänge Sommarmarathon
Bovallstrand Marathon Kålle Marathon Kallhäll Marathon Kalmar Marathon
Karlstad Marathon Kållered Marathon Killingi Marathon Kolarmora Marathon = Knutby Marathon
Mariestads marathon Örebro City Marathon Öresjö Marathon Säffle Marathon
Skara Marathon Skellefteå Midnight Marathon Strömmings Marathon Strömsund Marathon
Svågadalsmaran Trollhättan Marathonstafetten (relay) Trollhättan 100K Utby Marathon
Vänersborg Mara Vännäs Marathon Västerås marathon Åre Bergsmarathon = Åre Alpine Marathon


Tykköön loppiaismaraton  6-Jan-09
Kotirataultra 50km 25-Jan & 22-Feb-09
Pohojalaanen Ratamaratooni (Track!)  1-Mar-09
Merenjää Maraton 11-Mar-06
Masku maraton 19-Apr-09
Kyrönjoki-Maraton 25-Apr-09
Joensuu Maraton  9-May-09
Maraton Vaikka Kävellen 10-May-08
Hiekkasärkät maraton cancelled
Yyterin maraton 16-May-09
Akaa Maraton 17-May-08
Västilän Maraton 17-May-08
Tuusulanjärven Maraton 23-May-09
Oulu Marathon 23-May-09
Virttaanharjun maraton 25-May-08
Seinämaraton 27-May-06
Kalevan Kierroksen maraton 27-May-06
Navitas Marathon  6-Jun-09
Suomi-Run 100K and Yömaraton  6->7-Jun-09
Aavasaksan Aurinkomaraton  7-Jun-08
Suomi-Juoksu Marathon and Ultra 10-Jun-06
Julma-Juhan maraton 13-Jun-09
Summer Night Marathon 13-Jun-09
Santa's Arctic Circle Marathon 27-Jun-09
Pielavesi City Maraton 27-Jun-09
Paavo Nurmi Marathon (Turku) 27-Jun-09
Mikkeli Maraton 28-Jun-08
Alajärvi Maraton 28-Jun-08
Muurasjärven Yömaraton  2-Jul-05
Varpaisjärven yömaraton  4-Jul-08
Lakeus Maraton  4-Jul-09
Kipinä Maraton  5-Jul-08
Rovaniemi maraton 11-Jul-09
Jakob Marathon 24-Jul-09
Kaupunkimaraton 25-Jul-09
Kuusaan Marathon  2-Aug-08
Kuparimaraton  7-Aug-04
Kronan-maraton i Kronoby  7-Aug-04
Yrittäjämaraton  9-Aug-08
Erikoismaraton  9-Aug-08
Nurmoo Marathon 12-Aug-06
Helsinki City Marathon 15-Aug-09
Kempele Maraton 17-Aug-08
Masochist's Dream 22-Aug-09
Reiskan Marathon 23-Aug-08
Kajaani Maraton 29-Aug-09
Venetsialaismaraton 30-Aug-08
Salo Marathon  5-Sep-09
Kuopio Maraton  5-Sep-09
Vaasa-Vasa Marathon  5-Sep-09
Windal Maraton  5-Sep-09
Ruskamaraton  5-Sep-09
Kärkimaraton  6-Sep-08
Finlandia Marathon 12-Sep-09
Maisematiemaraton 12-Sep-09
Närpiön Tomaattimaraton 14-Sep-08
Laakso-Maraton 20-Sep-08
Espoo Rantamaraton 20-Sep-09
Tampere Marathon 21-Sep-08
Iisalmi Maraton 27-Sep-08
Kullervo-maraton 27-Sep-08
Kiiminki-maraton 27-Sep-08
Kivimäki-maraton 30-Sep-06
Itämeri Maraton  3-Oct-09
Five Tunnel Marathon  4-Oct-08
Kauniston Marathon  5-Oct-08
Vaarojen Maraton 11-Oct-08
Osmon Supermaraton 11-Oct-09
Vantaan Marathon 12-Oct-08
Kankaanpään maraton 18-Oct-08
Åland Marathon 26-Oct-08
Rautaveden Marathon  1-Nov-08
Itsenäisyysmaraton  6-Dec-08
Pomarkun maraton 14-Dec-08
Anjalankosken Maraton Erikoismaraton Haglöfs Extreme Marathon Hassen Lohdutushölkkämaratooni
Hiekkasärkkien Maraton Jukan Maraton Kauniston Maraton Kolin maastomaraton
Porvoon Maraton Pudasjärvi Maraton Raahen Jazz-Maraton Reiskan Maraton
Pöytyä Maraton Sauvakävelymaraton Suupohjan Maraton Toholammin Talvimaraton
SM-Maraton veteraanit KuoLOn Marathon Sääksjärvi Marathon Jäämaraton


Kalundborg Vintermarathon 11-Jan-09
Fynske Mediers Etape Marathon 18-Jan to 30-Nov-09
Holstebro Bymarathon 15-Feb-09
SØAM 25 års Jubilæums Marathon 13-Mar-05
5 Tårns Marathon = Fem tårns Marathon 26-Mar-06
Uhrskovs Marathon  6-Apr-08
Aalborg Brutal Marathon 10-Apr-09
Skjern Å Running Challenge 25-Apr-09
Natursti-Marathon 21-May-09
Bornholm 6-12-24 hours 22->24-May-09
Odense 100K 27-May-06
Copenhagen Marathon 24-May-09
Fjällräven Extreme Marathon (70K) 30->31-May-09
HG Stjernemarathon  6-Jun-04
Øllebølle Marathon 11-Jun-05
Fjordlandsmarathon 12-Jun-05
Århus City Marathon 16-Jun-07
Aabenraa Bjergmarathon 21-Jun-08
Laesø Maraton  7-Jun-09
Viking Langeland Marathon 20-Jun-04
Hærvejsmarch - Viborg 27->28-Jun-09
North Sea Beach Marathon 28-Jun-09
Kalundborg Somermarathon 13-Jul-08
Tórshavn Marathon (Faeroe Islands)  6-Sep-09
Medvinds Marathon 25-Jul-04
Grenaa Marathon 15-Aug-09
Samsø Marathon 22-Aug-09
Bornholm Marathon and Ultra 30-Aug-09
European Minority Marathon cancelled 2009
Skovløberen Marathon  6-Sep-09
H.C. Andersen Marathon Odense 20-Sep-09
Farum Skovmarathon  2-Nov-08
Socialmarathon 31-Dec-09
Anholt Marathon DAF marathon Holger Danske Marathon Roskilde weekend marathon
Mjølner Marathon IHS Sønderborg Marathon Hvolrismarathon


Draycote Water Marathon and 35K 22-Feb-09
Belvoir Challenge (26M) 28-Feb-09
High Peak Marathon (42M)  6->7-Mar-09
Steyning Stinger  1-Mar-09
Barry 40 mile track race  8-Mar-09
Duchy Marathon  8-Mar-09
Daffodil Dawdle (26M challenge walk) 29-Mar-09
Compton Downland Challenge (40M) 11-Apr-09
Bungay Black Dog Marathon 19-Apr-09
Taunton Marathon  5-Apr-09
Blackpool Fylde Coast Marathon  5-Apr-09
Tresco Marathon 26-Apr-09
Flora London Marathon 26-Apr-09
Shakespeare Marathon 26-Apr-09
Falcon Flyer (26M walk)  2-May-09
Three Forts Marathon  3-May-09
Sarsen Trail & Neolithic Marathon  3-May-09
Ridgeway 40 (40M)  9-May-09
Malhamdale Meander (26M walk)  9-May-09
Waendel Walk (42K)  8->10-May-09
Halstead Marathon 10-May-09
Marlborough Downs Challenge (33M) 16-May-09
White Peak Marathon 16-May-09
Green Belt Relay (212 miles) 23->24-May-09
Dartmoor Discovery (52K)(entry form only)  6-Jun-09
Wharfedale Off-Road Marathon  6-Jun-09
Welsh Castles Relay (200 miles) 13->14-Jun-09
Hedonic Path (26M walk) 11-Jun-06
Poppyline Marathon (26M walk)  7-Jun-09
Cheltenham Challenge Marathon 14-Jun-09
Midsummer Dream Footpath Marathon and Pub Run 20-Jun-09
Malvern Marathon (25/35M walk) 20-Jun-09
Picnic Marathon 20-Jun-09
Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon  4->5-Jul-09
White Peak Walk (26M) 11-Jul-09
City of Chichester International Challenge Marathon 19-Jul-09
Fairlands Valley Challenge 19-Jul-09
Dovedale Dipper (26M walk)  2-Aug-09
Pathfinder Walk (42K) 31-Aug-09
RAW Britain (former Marathon of Britain)  2->7-Aug-09
Great Langdale Marathon 20-Sep-09
Wolverhampton City Marathon  6-Sep-09
Kent Coastal Marathon = Thanet Coastal Marathon  6-Sep-09
Robin Hood Marathon 13-Sep-09
Powderham Castle Relay Marathon 27-Sep-09
New Forest Marathon 27-Sep-09
Yorkshireman Off-Road Marathon 13-Sep-09
High Peak 40 Mile Challenge 19-Sep-09
Round Norfolk Relay (190miles) 19->20-Sep-09
Anglesey Marathon 20-Sep-09
Saltergate Circuit (26M walk) 10-Oct-09
Clarendon Way Marathon  4-Oct-09
Isle of Wight Marathon  4-Oct-09
Flower of Suffolk (26M walk)  4-Oct-09
Leicester Marathon 11-Oct-09
Rowbotham's Round Rotherham (50M) 17-Oct-09
Waltham Winder (26M run & walk)  3-Oct-09
Dartmoor Vale Marathon 18-Oct-09
Abingdon Marathon 18-Oct-09
Founders Challenge (26M walk/run) 19-Oct-08
Beachy Head Marathon (formerly Seven Sisters Marathon) 24-Oct-09
Cornish Marathon 16-Nov-08
Gatliff Marathon (50K & 37K walk/run) 30-Nov-08
Luton Marathon  6-Dec-08

Some of these events are defunct. Others are still being held, but do not seem to have functioning web pages. If anyone happens to know of URLs for these events, I would appreciate hearing of them.

Bath Beat 26.5M Battersea Park Marathon Battersea Self Transcendence Marathon Blackwater Marathon
Brentwood Marathon (28M walk) Bridgend Valley Marathon (40K walk) Caythorpe Canter 26 Chanctonbury Marathon (no longer held)
Charnwood Marathon (27M) Chiltern Marathon Dawlish Dawdle Devon Coastal Marathon
Dorset Doddle (31M) Gloucester Marathon - no longer held Greenwich Tunnel Marathon (one off event) Harrow Marathon - no longer held
Hereford Marathon Kingston Running Festival Marathon Isle of Thanet Marathon Lea Hurst Marathon
Leeds Marathon (now only a half) Leek Moors Marathon (33M) London to Brighton Road Running Race Manchester Marathon
Marattack Relay Marathon Needles Marathon New Holland Marathon Potteries Marathon = Stoke on Trent City Marathon
Rotary Heritage Coast Marathon Walk/Run Rottingdean Windmill Marathon Sheffield Marathon Sherard Stride (no longer held)
Stevenage Marathon Sussex Downland Challenge (30M) Tanners Marathon (30M) Two Bridges Challenge (35M)
Vectis Marathon (31M) Lake Vyrnwy Marathon Wyre Forest Marathon (now only a half)

Isle of Man

Manx Mountain Marathon (31M) 11-Apr-09
Isle of Man Marathon  8-Aug-09


Black Mountains Roundabout (25M walk)  4-Apr-09
Snowdonia Marathon 24-Oct-09
Original Mountain Marathon 24->25-Oct-09
Mid-Wales Mountain Walk (24M) Cardiff Marathon (now a half)


Dumfries Marathon 2009 cancelled
Lochaber Marathon 19-Apr-09
Cape Wrath Challenge & Campbell Lutyens Marathon 23-May-09
Edinburgh Marathon 31-May-09
Lowe Alpine Mountain Marathon  6->7-Jun-09
Moray Marathon 13-Sep-09
Loch Ness Marathon  4-Oct-09
Dundee Marathon 12-Sep-09
Great Scottish Run Marathon (now only a half)

Northern Ireland

Belfast City Marathon  4-May-09
Mourne Mountain Marathon 19->20-Sep-09


Connemara International Marathon 22-Mar-09
Longford Marathon 30-Aug-09
Dublin City Marathon 26-Oct-09


Maraton Popular Ciudad de Badajoz  1-Feb-09
Cross Maratón Ekiden Sanse  7-Feb-09
Maratón Ciudad de Sevilla 22-Feb-09
Marathon Popular de Valencia 22-Feb-09
Maratón Ekiden Madrid  1-Mar-09
Maratón Solidario Circo Romano de Toledo  4-Mar-09
Barcelona Marathon = Marató del Mediterrani  7-Mar-10
Ekiden Palafrugell 15-Mar-09
Cursa de Muntanya La Vall del Congost 22-Mar-09
Marató de Muntanya de Borriol 25-Mar-09
Maratón Montaña de Vitoria-Gasteiz 19-Apr-09
Madrid Marathon 26-Apr-09
Marató d'Empúries L'Escala-Costa Brava  3-May-09
Maratóon Internacional Martin Fiz 10-May-09
Marató de Muntanya de Berga 10-May-09
Zegama - Aizkorri Mendi - Maratoia 12-May-09
Maratón de Córdoba Ekiden Los Ángeles 24-May-08
Maratón de Bilbao 31-May-09
Marató per Relleus Sícoris Club  4-Jun-06
Maratón Rio Nalon  8-Jun-09
Maratón Marina Alta 11-Jun-06
Marathón de Toral de los Vados 21-Jun-09
Maratón Alpino Madrileno 21-Jun-09
Maratón Alpine Galarleiz 19-Jul-09
Marató per relleus de Mataró 22-Jul-06
Val d'Arán Alpin Running Meeting 23-Jul-05
Valtiendas Maratón  8-Aug-09
Mendata Ezagutuz  7-Sep-08
Maratón de Montañ de Galicia 13-Sep-09
Maratón Alpina Medinesa 21-Sep-09
Maratón Bezana Carrefour 26-Sep-09
Zaragoza Marathon 28-Sep-08
Maratón do Miño 28-Sep-08
Maratón de Montaña Pueblo de los Artesanos  4-Oct-09
Marató de Collserola  4-Oct-09
Maratón Alpino Al-Mudayna  4-Oct-08
Maratón Xtreme Lagos de Covadonga  5-Oct-09
Marathon Palma de Mallorca 18-Oct-09
Maratón do Baixo Minho Tui 23-Oct-08
Bilbao Bizkaia Night Marathon 24-Oct-09
Maratón Popular Castilla La Mancha 25-Oct-09
Marató de Muntanya de Catalunya 26-Oct-08
Maratón Alpino de Andalucía 15-Nov-08
Benidorm International Marathon & Half Marathon 29-Nov-09
San Sebastian Marathon 29-Nov-09
Calvia Marathon 13-Dec-09
Maratón del Pico Espadan 14-Dec-08
Aneto X-treme Marathon Marató de Tardor Plana de Vic Maratón Ciudad De Huelva Maratón de Aguilar
Maratón de Asturias = Maratón del valle del Nalón (cancelled) Marathón Internacional De Gijón Maratón de Montaña de Alfondeguilla
Maratón de Montaña de Barcelona Maratón de Montaña de Cataluña Maratón de Montaña de Cataluña Central Maratón internacional Ciudad de Jerez
Marathon of Calvià - Mallorca Maraton De Montaña Bal De Chistau Maraton de Villa de Laredo (cancelled) Maratón del Boedo
Maratón por Equipos Camino de Santiago Maratón Santa Eulària des Riu Maratón Internacional Los Pacos

Canary Islands

Marathón de Montaña Isla del Meridiano 24-Jan-09
Lanzarote Marathon 29-Nov-08

Cape Verde Islands

Boa Vista Ultramarathon (75K+)  5->7-Dec-08


Lisbon Gold Marathon 12-Apr-08
Lisbon International Marathon  7-Dec-08
Algarve Marathon Maratona de Portugal


Monaco International Marathon 22-Mar-09


Marathon du Bout du Monde  4-Apr-10
Marathon de Cheverny = Marathon de Chambord  5-Apr-09
Marathon du Charolais 18-Apr-09
Marathon du Val Nantais = Marathon de Nantes-Atlantique 19-Apr-09
Paris Marathon  5-Apr-09
Marathon du Touquet 23-Apr-06
Lyon Marathon 23-Apr-06
Marathon de l'Huître 29-Apr-07
Marathon du Lac d'Annecy 29-Apr-07
Marathon d'Albi 29-Apr-07
Marathon d'Azay le Rideau 29-Apr-07
Marathon de Sénart  1-May-06
Marathon Nature de Drôme 14-May-06
Marathon des Premières Côtes de Blaye 14-May-06
Le Marathon de la route du Louvre 13-May-07
Marathon du Perche Vendômois 21-May-06
Marathon du Jura Alsacien  5-Nov-06
Marathon de Steenwerck 25-May-06
Marathon Nord Vendée 27-May-06
Marathon des Lions Clubs Catalans 28-May-06
Marathon du Haut-Poitou 28-May-06
Marathon des Blues Trotteurs 27-May-07
Marathierache  4-Jun-06
Somme Marathon = Marathon du Pays du Coquelicot 10-Jun-07
Marathon d'Embrun 11-Jun-06
Marathon de la Liberté 11-Jun-06
Marathon de Marne et Gondoire 11-Jun-06
Marathon du Ballon d'Alsace 11-Jun-06
Marathon de Vaenciennes 11-Jun-06
Marathon de la Baie du Mont Saint-Michel 17-Jun-06
Grand Marathon d'Alsace 25-Jun-06
Marathon du Finistère 25-Jun-06
Mont-Blanc Marathon 25-Jun-06
Marathon du Pays du Coquelicot  2-Jul-06
La Revermontagne 14-Jul-07
Marathon du Vignemale  9-Jul-06
Marathon de l'Oignon Doux de Cevennes  5-Aug-07
Marathon des Vignobles de Châteauviex  2-Sep-07
Marathon du Medoc  9-Sep-06
Marathon du Val de Sensée 10-Sep-06
Le Marathon des Étoiles Guillestrois - Queyras 16-Sep-06
Le Franco-Suisse Marathon 17-Sep-06
Marathon de Savoie 17-Sep-06
Les 100km de Millau 29-Sep-07
Marathon des Ecluses 24-Sep-06
Marathon de Dunkerque = Marathon International des Flandres 24-Sep-06
Marathon des Vendanges 30-Sep-07
Marathon de la Côte d'Amour  1-Oct-06
Marathon de Normandie  1-Oct-06
Marathon de la Cité de Carcassonne  8-Oct-06
Marathon de Vannes 15-Oct-06
Marathon de Reims 15-Oct-06
Marathon Seine-Eure 15-Oct-06
Marathon des Grands Crus de Bourgogne 21-Oct-06
Marathon des Yvelines 22-Oct-06
Marathon de Provence Luberon 22-Oct-06
Marathon de la Caminade 23-Oct-05
Marathon Transpyrénéen 29-Oct-06
Marathon de Gâtine = Marathon Parthenay 29-Oct-06
Marathon de Pau 29-Oct-06
Marathon du Cognac  4-Nov-06
Marathon du Cahors et de la Gastronomie  5-Nov-05
Marathon du Beaujolais Nouveau 18-Nov-06
Marathon d'Orléans 19-Nov-06
Marathon de la Rochelle 26-Nov-06
Marathon des Côteaux  2-Dec-07
Marathon de Guingamp cancelled 2006
Marathon des Saint (Beauval-Pont Remy) cancelled 2006
Challenge Marathon des Vignobles comprises the following events Marathon du Fronton et de la Gastronomie
Marathon du Gaillac et de la Gastronomie Marathon Du Chasselas De Moissac Et De La Gastronomie Marathon du Cahors et de la Gastronomie

Ajaccio Marathon Marathon Arc en ciel Marathon d'Argentan (no longer held)
Marathon de Beaujolais Marathon de Bordeaux (cancelled) Marathon des bords de l'Eure
Marathon de la Cabro d'Or Marathon de la Caminade Marathon de Chantilly
Marathon du Cher Marathon de la Cité (Carcassonne) Marathon des Coquelicots
Marathon de l'Epine Marathon de l'étang Marathon d'Eure et Loire
Fila Sun Marathon (cancelled 2004) Marathon des Gorges du Verdon Marathon des Graves
Marathon de l'Isere Marathon des Isles Marathon de Madiran
Marathon de Marseille Marathon Melun Marathon de Migennes
Marathon de la Mirabelle Marathon de Nîmes Marathon de la Pérouille
Marathon Perros-Guirec (cancelled) Marathon de la Plaine de l'Ain Marathon de Provence Alpilles
Marathon de Rennes Marathon de Remiremont Marathon de Riorges
Marathon de Rouen Trail de la Route des Vins Marathon self transcendence
Marathon de la St Baume Marathon de Saint Paul Marathon de la Vallée du Célé (cancelled)
Marathon de St Affrique Marathon de St Amand les Eaux Marathon de St Vit
Marathon de Soissons Marathon entre sel et mer Marathon des Thermes
Marathon des Trois Rivières Marathon du Val de Loire Marathon des Vosges
Marathon de la Wantzenau
Marathon des bords de l'Adour = Marathon du Bas-Adour Midnight Marathon = Night'n Day Marathon
Marathon de Montpellier = Montpellier Hérault Marathon Marathon de Oussailles du Couserans
Marathon de Saint André des Eaux Marathon de la Suisse normande (now only a half)
Marathon de Villefranche de Rouergue Marathon des Vignobles de Châteauneuf du Pape et des Côtes du Rhônes


Louis Persoons Memorial Marathon 11-Jan-09
Antwerp Marathon 26-Apr-09
Maasmarathon de la Meuse 10-May-09
Marathon van Groot-Ichtegem  4-Jun-05
MarathonNature du Coeur de l'Ardenne  6-Jun-09
Marathon du Hainaut 11-Jun-06
Nacht van Vlaanderen 16-Jun-06
Guldensporen Marathon  2-Jul-06
Brussels Marathon  4-Oct-09
In Flanders Fields-marathon 10-Sep-06
Brussels Ekiden 20-Sep-08
Kust Marathon = Coastal Marathon 30-Sep-06
Beloeil Marathon 14-Oct-06
Schaarbeek Track Marathon 21-Oct-06
Marathon Kasterlee 12-Nov-06
Marathon de Huy Marathon van Gent Marathon van de Kempen
Baccara Marathon


Euro-Marathon Echternach 18-Oct-09


Apeldoorn Midwinter Marathon  1-Feb-09
Groet Uit Schoorl Run (Marathon replaced by 30K)  8-Feb-09
World's Fastest 6 Hour Run  1-Mar-09
Steenbergen Marathon and Ultra  9->10-May-09
Drents Friese Wold rabo Marathon 14-Mar-09
Zes uurs DTS Ultraloop & Marathon 11-Mar-06
Prins Hendrik Ekiden 12-Mar-06
Binnenmaas Marathon and Ultra 18-Mar-06
Marathon Utrecht 17-Apr-06
Rotterdam Marathon  9-Apr-06
Ekiden Zwolle 23-Apr-06
International Twente Marathon - Enschede 23-Apr-06
Keukencentrum Tieleman Estafette-Marathon 24-Apr-05
Rembrandt van Rijn Marathon 29-Apr-06
Oosterscheldemarathon  1-May-05
Bildtse Marathon  5-May-05
De 100 km van Diever (includes marathon)  6-May-06
Apeldoorn 24 Hour Run 26->27-May-06
Eemmeerloop (50K) 21-May-05
Lijn in Waterloop (60K)  3-Jun-07
De Marathon van Hoorn 21-May-06
Univé Drenthe Marathon 27-May-06
Leiden Marathon 18-Jun-06
Slachte Marathon 14-Jun-08
Marathon Almere  9-Jul-05
Groningen Stad Marathon 27-Aug-06
Rondje Voorne 50K 27-Aug-06
Monnikentocht (33 & 60K)  2-Sep-06
Haarlemmermeer Marathon  3-Sep-06
Maas en Waalse Dijkenloop  7-Sep-08
Winschoten Marathon 16-Sep-06
Bien Sotawee Marathon 11-Sep-04
Mergelland Marathon 10-Sep-06
Poldermarathon 12-Sep-04
Stichting Ultraloop Winschoten (includes marathon) 16-Sep-06
Oranjeglazenhuissluismarathon 15-Sep-07
Beekse Marathon 16-Sep-07
Dam to Dam race 16.1K - (Amsterdam to Zaandam) 17-Sep-06
Marathon Zeeland (Zeeuwse Kust Marathon)  4-Oct-08
Eindhoven Marathon  8-Oct-06
Pijnenburg Bosmarathon  8-Oct-06
Playworld 6,12, & 24 Hours  8-Oct-06
Amsterdam Marathon 15-Oct-06
Brabant Marathon 29-Oct-06
Terschelling Marathon Berenloop  5-Nov-06
Zuiderzee Marathon 24-Nov-07
Almere Marathon (no longer held) Amstelveen Ekiden Afsluitdijk marathon Berg tot berg marathon
Den Haag Marathon De Zestig van Texel Drentse Volks marathon Drentse Elf dorpentocht
Marathon DTS Eemmeerloop Estefettemarathon Friese Elfsteden ultrarun
Gooimeerloop Graauw Marathon Kennedymars Lauwersland Marathon
Lentemarathon Dieverbrug (cancelled) Margraten Marathon (now the Mergelland Marathon) Marktstad Millennium Marathon Oosterlittens-Rottevalle Marathon
Marathon Purmerend Rondje Voorne St.Jacobiparochie Marathon Utrecht Marathon (no longer held)
Valkenbergrun West-Brabantse Herfstmarathon (now the Brabant Marathon) Westland marathon Willem Barentsz marathon (now the Berenloop)
6 Hours of Haarlemmermeer 24 Hours Ultra De Keien Marathon Leens Purmerbos marathon
Grottenmarathon Valkenburg (Cave Marathon) Wintermarathon Dieverbrug Vier Uur Plus Ultraloop + Marathon - Dieverbrug Rabo Drentse Midzomeravond Marathon
Zomermarathon 3-daagse Dieverbrug (3 day trail race) Herfstmarathon Dieverbrug Rabo Dieverzand Boscross Marathon Rolde Marathon
Holwandeeonijs Marathon Amersfoort Marathon & 6 hour Race


Honigkuchenmann Marathon  4-Jan-09
Coburg Wintermarathon 11-Jan-09
Pulheimer Relay Marathon 18-Jan-09
Berliner TEAM-MARATHON 17-Jan-09
Rodgau 50K 31-Jan-09
Elb-Tunnel Marathon 29-Jan-06
Logabirumer Winterlauf  4-Feb-06
Decke Tönnes Marathon  4-Feb-06, 29-Apr-06, 26-Aug-06
Johannesbad Thermen-Marathon  5-Feb-06
Bad Salzuflen Marathon 25-Feb-06
Kiel Marathon 25-Feb-06
Merkerser Kristallmarathon 26-Feb-05
Husum Wintermarathon  4-Mar-06
Würzburger Gedächtnislauf (44K) 12-Mar-05
Bienwald Marathon 12-Mar-06
Steinfurter Marathon 18-Mar-06
Fielmann Natur-Marathon 18-Mar-06
Frühlings Marathon and Ultra 18-Mar-06
Königsforst Marathon 25-Mar-06
Springe Deister Marathon 25-Mar-06
Bertlicher Straßenläufe 26-Mar-06
Eschollbrücker Ultra-Marathon 26-Mar-06
Ueckermünde Haffmarathon  1-Apr-06
Holtenauer Geländemarathon  1-Apr-06
Marathon Deutsche Weinstrasse  2-Apr-06
Freiburg Marathon  2-Apr-06
Bonn Marathon  2-Apr-06
Marburg Marathon and Ultra  8-Apr-06
Kyffhäuser Mountain Run  8-Apr-06
Das Finsterwalder Dutzend  8-Apr-06
Obermain Marathon  9-Apr-06
Werdauer Forest Run  9-Apr-06
Lilienthaler Passionslauf (211 km) 13->17-Apr-06
Mt. Everest Treppenmarathon 22-Apr-06
Dreiburgenland Marathon 22-Apr-06
Spreewald Marathon 23-Apr-06
Leipzig Marathon 23-Apr-06
Hamburg Marathon 23-Apr-06
Weiltalweg Landschaftsmarathon 23-Apr-06
Goitzsche Marathon 29-Apr-06
Nürnberg Marathon 29-Apr-07
Harzquerung (51K) 29-Apr-06
Int. Deutscher 100 km-Lauf 29-Apr-06
Oberelbe Marathon (Königstein-Dresden) 30-Apr-06
Nordschwarzwaldmarathon 30-Apr-06
Rhein-Ruhr-Marathon 30-Apr-06
Neuschwansteinmarathon  7-May-06
Hannover Marathon  7-May-06
Rhein-Marathon Düsseldorf  7-May-06
Darss Marathon  7-May-06
Helgoland Marathon 13-May-06
Bad Waldseer Lauffieber Marathon 13-May-06
Bödefelder Hollenlauf (101K) 13-May-06
Gutenberg Marathon 14-May-06
Bergstadt Marathon Rüthen 14-May-06
Würzburg Marathon 14-May-06
Saarbrücken Marathon 14-May-06
Wilhelmshavener Gorch-Fock-Marathon 14-May-06
Teutebergerwald Marathon 14-May-06
Schwerter Ruhrthal-Marathon 14-May-06
Mannheim Marathon 20-May-06
GutsMuths Rennsteiglauf (42K & 76K) 20-May-06
Heilbronner Trollinger Marathon 21-May-06
Schönbuch Marathon 21-May-06
Limes Marathon = Welzheimer Wald-Lauf 21-May-06
Westerwaldlauf (50K) 25-May-06
Rothaarsteiglauf 28-May-06
Regensburg Marathon 28-May-06
Europa Marathon (Görlitz) 28-May-06
Iller-Marathon  4-Jun-06
Rund um Jena (35 & 100K)  9->10-Jun-06
WestwegAbenteuer (300K) 10->16-Jun-06
Ostfrieslandmarathon 10-Jun-06
Rose Marathon, Minden 11-Jun-06
Eifel Marathon 11-Jun-06
Potsdamer Schlösser-Marathon 11-Jun-06
Haseder Feldmark-Lauf 11-Jun-06
Kreissparkassen Marathon 11-Jun-06
Heidenheimer Marathon 11-Jun-06
Städtemarathon Erlangen - Herzogenaurach 12-Jun-05
Tollenseseelauf 17-Jun-06
Mittelrhein Marathon 18-Jun-06
Menden Marathon 18-Jun-06
Fu¨rth Marathon 15-Jun-08
Aesculap-Donautal-Marathon 18-Jun-06
Vivaris Hasetal Marathon 24-Jun-06
Drebber Marathon 21-Jun-08
Internationaler Fidelitas Nachtlauf (80K) 24->25-Jun-06
Biberttal Marathon 25-Jun-06
Heide Marathon 25-Jun-06
Rendsburg Marathon 13-Jul-08
PSV Recklinghausen Marathon  2-Jul-05
Alpin-Marathon Oberstaufen  1-Jul-06
Kaltenkirchener Marathon 1&2-Jul-06
Stadtoldendorfer 24-Stunden-Lauf  1->2-Jul-06
Deutschlands West-Zipfel-Marathon  2-Jul-06
Internationaler Härdlerlauf (44.5K)  8-Jul-06
Euerbach 60K  9-Jul-06
Chiemgauer 100K 15-Jul-06
Fichtelgebirgsmarathon 15-Jul-06
Lilienthaler Sommer-Marathon & Ultra 15-Jul-06
Olympiapark Relay Marathon 16-Jul-05
Bärenfels-Ultra-Berg-Marathon 22-Jul-06
Hornisgrinde Marathon 23-Jul-06
King Ludwig Marathon 23-Jul-06
City-Marathon Bremerhaven 23-Jul-06
Bad Pyrmonter Classic Landschafts- und Naturmarathon 29-Jul-06
Fuldahoehenlauf (212K) 31-Jul->5-Aug-06
Rostocker Marathon  5-Aug-06
Elstertal Marathon  5-Aug-06
Wardenburg Marathon  2-Sep-07
100K Lauf am Auensee 12-Aug-06
Monschau Marathon 13-Aug-06
Müritz-Lauf (78K) 19-Aug-06
Nationalpark-Marathon 19-Aug-06
Vollmond Marathon 20-Aug-05
Blankeneser Laufevent 20-Aug-06
Osnabrücker Land Marathon 26-Aug-06
Kaiserstuhl Marathon  9-Sep-07
Moormarathon 27-Aug-06
Hunsrück Marathon 27-Aug-06
Edersee Marathon 27-Aug-06
Plöner-See-Marathon 26-Aug-07
Koberstädter Waldmarathon 27-Aug-06
Wetzlar Marathon  2-Sep-06
Internationaler Usedom Marathon  2-Sep-06
Mitteldeutscher Marathon  3-Sep-06
Flensburg Marathon  3-Sep-06
Fränkische Schweiz Marathon  3-Sep-06
Marathonlauf um das Steinhuder Meer  3-Sep-06
Hochstift Marathon Fulda  3-Sep-06
Wolfsburg Marathon  3-Sep-06
Karstadt Ruhr Marathon  3-Sep-06
Saarschleifen Marathon  2-Sep-07
P-Weg-Marathon  9-Sep-06
Neubrandenburger Relay Marathon  9-Sep-06
Oderbruch Marathon  9-Sep-06
Hoyerswerda Marathon  9-Sep-06
Stadtwallmarathon Gardelegen  9-Sep-06
Elypso Marathon 10-Sep-06
Leipziger Südraum Marathon 10-Sep-05
Volksbank Münster Marathon 10-Sep-06
Pfälzerwald Marathon 10-Sep-06
Feuerwehr Marathon 11-Sep-05
Bodensee Marathon 16-Sep-06
Drei-Talsperren Marathon 16-Sep-06
ebm-marathon Hohenlohe 17-Sep-06
ebm-marathon Hohenlohe 17-Sep-06
Sparkassen Marathon  5-Oct-08
Brombachsee Marathon 17-Sep-06
Weidatal Nordic Walking Marathon 17-Sep-06
Norderney Marathon 17-Sep-06
Küstenmarathon 17-Sep-06
Schorfheide Marathon 17-Sep-06
Voralpenmarathon 24-Sep-06
Baden Marathon Karlsruhe 24-Sep-06
Berlin Marathon 20-Sep-09
Einstein Marathon 24-Sep-06
Bremen Marathon 24-Sep-06
Freundschaftsmarathon 24-Sep-06
Hochsauerland Waldmarathon  1-Oct-06
Göltzschtalmarathon  7-Oct-06
Cologne Marathon  8-Oct-06
Munich Marathon  8-Oct-06
Schwarzwald Marathon  8-Oct-06
Harzgebirgslauf = Brocken Marathon 14-Oct-06
Ems-Jade-Lauf (72K) 15-Oct-06
Bottwartal Marathon 15-Oct-06
Alstermarathon 15-Oct-06
Baldeneysee Marathon 15-Oct-06
Rothaarsteig Marathon 21-Oct-06
Hachenburger Löwen Marathon 21-Oct-06
Kaltenkirchener Herbstmarathon 21-Oct-06
Schwäbische Alb Marathon 25-Oct-08
OSC Marathon Bremerhaven 22-Oct-06
Magdeburg Marathon 22-Oct-06
Dresden Marathon 22-Oct-06
Braunschweig Marathon 12-Oct-08
Röntgen Marathon and Ultra 29-Oct-06
Frankfurt Marathon 29-Oct-06
Garather Schloßmarathon 29-Oct-06
Zeitsprung-Marathon 29-Oct-06
Herbstwaldlauf (50K)  5-Nov-06
Rursee Marathon  5-Nov-06
Wuhlheide Marathon discontinued
Zeiler Waldmarathon 10-Nov-07
Werdauer Herbstmarathon 19-Nov-06
Berliner Marathon-Staffel 16-Nov-08
Lipperland Volksmarathon 17-Nov-07
Frauenfelder Marathon 19-Nov-06
Bad Arolser-Advent Marathon  2-Dec-06
Siebengebirgsmarathon 10-Dec-06
Eulenkopflauf 31-Dec-07
100 km-Lauf von Grünheide/Kienbaum 3 country marathon Alsterquelle Marathon Altmark Marathon & Ultra
Bomlitzer Straßenlauf ELIXIA Laufbandmarathon Elm Marathon ETV - Marathon
Gardelegener Stadtwall Marathon Hansestadt Lübeck Marathon Hunte Landschafts Marathon Itzehoer Parkhaus Marathon
Kummerower See Marathon Laufe-Parade Lüha Fun Run (75K) Mönchgut Marathon
Mainufer Marathon Marathon "Rund um Wellen" Marathon in Eberswalde Parkhaus Marathon Dresden
Rhein-Marathon VLG Maximiliansau Ruhr Landschafts Marathon Steinburg Marathon Thüringer Weinmarathon
Underground Marathon Unna Stadt Marathon Untertaunus Marathon Wendlandmarathon
Wittringer Herbst-Marathon Fun-Run-Marathon Windischeschenbach Langlauftag in Ostrohe Nachtmarathon in Marburg
Waldhessen Marathon Waldhessen Six Hour Run Sauerlandmarathon Freundschaftsmarathon "Rund um den Harkortberg"


LGT Alpin-Marathon  6-Jun-09


Neujahrsmarathon Zürich  1-Jan-09
Zürich Marathon 26-Apr-09
Geneva Marathon 10-May-09
Winterthur Marathon 24-May-09
Bieler Racing Days 11->13-Jun-09
Graubünden-Marathon 24-Jun-06
Schänzli-Marathon Basel  2-Jul-05
Zermatt Marathon  8-Jul-06
Swiss Jura Marathon (323K)  9->15-Jul-06
Verbier Ultra Run (50 & 100K) 15-Jul-06
Swiss Alpine Marathon and Ultra 29-Jul-06
International Gondo Event (76K)  5->6-Aug-06
Five 4000 Hill Race 13-Aug-06
Defi Val de Travers (Marathon, Midnight Marathon, & 72K) 26-Aug-06
R'ADYS Mountain Marathon 12->13-Aug-06
Bielersee Marathon 26-Aug-06
Marathon des Alpages‘/ Alpenmarathon 27-Aug-06
Basel City Marathon  3-Sep-06
Swiss Walking Event (42K)  3-Sep-06
Jungfrau Marathon  9-Sep-06
Napf Marathon 14-Oct-07
Lausanne Marathon 22-Oct-06
Lucerne Marathon 28-Oct-07
Basel Marathon 29-Oct-06
Marathon du Jura Alsacien  4-Nov-07
Ticino Int'l Marathon 12-Nov-06
Frauenfelder Marathon 19-Nov-06
Rainbow Marathon Winterthur Zugersee Plausch Marathonlauf Sei Chinmoy Self Transcendance Marathon Marathon du Vignoble


Linz Marathon 17-May-09
Salzburg Marathon  3-May-09
Welschlauf Südsteiermark  2-May-09
Genuss Marathon 24-May-09
Vienna City Marathon 19-Apr-09
Ollersdorfer Benefizmarathon 10-Jun-06
Tirol Speed Marathon 24-Jun-06
Petzenland Marathon 24-Jun-06
Grenzstaffellauf = Austrian Alpine Marathon (56K) 24-Jun-06
Preddvor-Bad Eisenkappel Marathon (Slovenia-Austria) 25-Jun-06
Berg - Marathon Rund um den Traunsee (70K)  1-Jul-06
Glacier Marathon = Gletscher Marathon  2-Jul-06
Montafon-Arlberg-Marathon  8-Jul-06
Ötscher Ultra Marathon (72K) 22->23-Jul-06
Wienerwald Marathon 12-Aug-06
Kainacher Bergmarathon 12-Aug-06
Lungauer Erlebnis Marathon 19-Aug-06
Pferdebahn Marathon 26-Aug-06
Silvretta-Ferwall Marathon 27-Aug-06
Wachau Marathon 17-Sep-06
Südburgenland Öko Energie Marathon 17-Sep-06
Tirol Marathon 24-Sep-06
Graz Marathon 15-Oct-06
Vienna-Budapest Supermarathon 19->23-Oct-06
Austria Marathon Vienna des LCC 28-Oct-07
Ölspurmarathon cancelled 2006
3-Länder-Marathon am Bodensee cancelled 2006
Klagenfurter Marathon Nacht Danube Marathon Hausruck All-Terrain Marathon Ramsau Marathon
The one and only-Marathon Untersberg Marathon Marathon am Schiff International Burgenland Marathon
Three Peaks Alpine Marathon (only a half) Silbermarathon Schwaz (only a half)


Maratona sul Brembo  6-Jan-09
Hybla Barocco Marathon 11-Jan-09
Maratona del Salento 25-Jan-09
Maratona sulla sabbia  6-Feb-09
Maratona delle Terre Verdiane 22-Feb-09
Treviso Marathon 12-Mar-06
Placentia Marathon  5-Mar-06
Rome City Marathon 18-Mar-07
Vigaranomaratona 19-Mar-06
Brescia Marathon 19-Mar-06
Siracusa City Marathon 23-Apr-06
Maratona del Lamone  2-Apr-06
Maratona Val Nure e Val Trebbia  9-Apr-06
Trittico delle Tartarughe 23-Apr-06
Napoli Marathon 23-Apr-06
Sardinia International Cup (42K stage race) 10-May-06
Maratona del Piceno 27-May-07
Maratona Sant'Antonio (Padua) 23-Apr-06
Maratona dell'Adriatico = Maratona d'Abruzzo 17-Apr-06
Maratona dei Castelli Medievali 25-Apr-06
Mareno Marathon  7-May-06
Maratona del Riso  1-May-06
ColleMar-athon  7-May-06
Maratona d'Europa  7-May-06
Maratona del Custoza 14-May-06
Ecomaratona dei Marsi 14-May-06
Maratona del Gargano 14-May-06
100km del Passatore 27->28-May-06
Pisa Marathon 14-May-06
Maratona del cielo del Sentiero 4 Luglio  2-Jul-06
Ecomaratona del Ventasso  9-Jul-06
Statte Marathon 26-Aug-07
Jesolo Night Marathon  2-Sep-06
Roma Extreme Marathon 10-Sep-06
Ecomaratona dei Cimbri 17-Sep-06
Maratona del Mugello 22-Sep-07
Ravenna Marathon 17-Sep-06
Turin Marathon 24-Sep-06
Prato Marathon cancelled
Südtirol Marathon Alto Adige - Egna  8-Oct-06
Milan Marathon  8-Oct-06
Enzo Ferrari Memorial Marathon (Maratona d'Italia di Carpi) 15-Oct-06
Palermo Super Marathon 15-Oct-06
Marengo Marathon 22-Oct-06
Venice Marathon 22-Oct-06
Maratona di Verona 29-Oct-06
Maratona dei Tre Communi  5-Nov-06
Maratona Città di Livorno 12-Nov-06
Barimaratona 18-Nov-07
Palermo Marathon 19-Nov-06
Firenze marathon 26-Nov-06
Maratona di Latina  2-Dec-07
Maratona di Reggio Emilia  9-Dec-07
Maratona di Ostia 18-Dec-06
Maratona di San Silvestro 31-Dec-06
Alghero Marathon Marathon Acquaviva Picena Maratona delle Acque Assisi Marathon
Bergamo Marathon (only a half) Blumon Marathon (~28K) Bologna Maratona Maratona di Bolzano
Cagliari Marathon Catania Marathon Gold Marathon Internazionale Imperia Marathon
Carnevalatona Maratona Città Altavilla Maratona Città di Foggia Maratona città di Lecco della solidarietà e amiciz
Maratona Città di Scandiano Maratona Dannunziana Maratona di San Pio da Pietrelcina Maratona di Assemini
Maratona Elbana Genova maratona in pista Maratona di Gorizia Maratona Internazionale Dei Due Laghi
Maratona della Magna Grecia Maratona del Mare (Genoa) Ecomaratona del Medio Reno a staffetta Maratona per la Pace
Maratona di Platamona Maratona Prato-Boccadirio Prealpi Bike Run Marathon (30K) Rimini Marathon
San Marino Marathon Maratona di Scandiano Sicily Marathon Skygames International Marathon
Straborbera Marathon (reduced to 27K) Trofeo Kima SkyRace Marathon Val Gardena Extreme Marathon Maratona Valle dei Templi
La Maratona del Monte Velino


Malta Marathon  1-Mar-09
Malta International Challenge Marathon (stage race) 28->30-Nov-08


Lake Balaton Super-Marathon 19->22-Mar-09
Budapest Marathon  4-Oct-09
Lake Balaton Marathon (stage race) 15->16-Nov-08


Cross Maraton Kolezenski  5-Feb-06
Jubileuszowy - 100 maraton Jadzi Wichrowskiej i Jurka Stawskiego  2-Apr-06
Debno Marathon 19-Apr-09
Maraton Jelcz-Laskowice  1-May-07
Krakow Marathon 26-Apr-09
mBank Lódz Maraton 18-May-08
Maraton Torunski 10-May-09
Maraton Europejski Gorlitz-Zgorzelec 28-May-06
Maraton Lednicki  7-Jun-08
Maraton Rzeszowski  5-Jun-05
Visegrad Maraton = Maraton Wyszehradzki 18-Jun-06
Lebork Marathon 18-Jun-06
Maraton Belchatowski 24-Jun-06
Maraton Górski 24-Jun-06
Nocny Maraton Swietojanski 24-Jun-06
Gdansk Marathon = Maraton Solidarnosci 15-Aug-06
Podlaski Maraton 16-Aug-05
Wroclaw Marathon 14-Sep-08
Warsaw Marathon 17-Sep-06
Poznan Marathon 15-Oct-06
Bialystok Marathon Bytowski Maraton na Biezni Maraton Ekologiczny pamieci Tomasza Hopfera Maraton Górniczy
Maraton Juranda (Szczytno) Kamus Maraton Maraton Komandosa Maraton Odrzanski
Maraton Otwock Cross Maraton 'Przez Piek?o do Nieba' Maraton Puck Maraton Swinoujscie-Wolgast
Maraton Tadeusza Spychalskiego Maraton Wiedenski Maraton Wejherowski 100-Maraton Wojtka Gruszczynskiego

Czech Republic

Prague International Marathon 28-Mar-09


Bratislava City Marathon 29-Mar-09
Kosice Peace Marathon  5-Oct-08
Danube Marathon - Bratislava Bratislava - Tricountry Marathon


Plitvice Marathon 31-May-08
Hog's Trail Marathon 20-Jul-08
Zagreb Marathon  5-Oct-08


Three Hearts Marathon - Radenci 16-May-09
Alpine Marathon (50K) 13-Sep-08
Ljubljana Marathon 25-Oct-09
Preddvor-Bad Eisenkappel International Marathon


Belgrade Marathon 19-Apr-08
Novi Sad Narathon 12-Oct-08


Skopje Marathon 11-May-08


Timisoara Marathon 11-Oct-08
Romanian International Marathon - Bucharest 12-Oct-08
Transylvania Marathon Bucharest Marathon


Messini Marathon  9-Apr-06
Alexander the Great Marathon 12-Apr-09
Alonissos Marathon 31-May-08
Olympus Marathon 28-Jun-08
Spartathlon (246K) 25->26-Sep-09
Athens Marathon  8-Nov-09
Athens Marathon  9-Nov-08
Marathon for a United Europe 14-Sep-08
Rhodes Marathon Aristotelian Marathon


Pafos Marathon 15-Mar-09
Kolossi Marathon (now only a half) Cyprus Aphrodite Marathon (now only a half) Akamas Cyprus Trail Marathon


International ÖGER Antalya Marathon  8-Mar-09
Istanbul Eurasia Marathon 18-Oct-09
Tarsus Marathon (21.1Km)


Riga Marathon 17-May-09
Daugavpils Marathon 17-Aug-08
Valmiera Marathon 27-Sep-09
ACG Marathon  1-Nov-08


Vilnius Marathon 13-Sep-09
Panevezis Marathon Pasvalis Marathon


Tallinn Marathon  5-Jul-08


Borisov Marathon Kopyl Marathon Relay Malorita Marathon Minsk International Marathon
Molodechno Marathon Osipovichi Marathon Rainbow Marathon (Minsk)


International "Way of Life" Marathon 25-Jan-09
Moscow Nights Super Marathon (100Km) 25->26-Jan-08
Yekaterinburg Winter Marathon 14-Feb-09
Baikal Ice Marathon  7-Mar-09
Peace Club Marathon 26-Apr-09
Sutki Begom 24 hour race  9->10-May-08
Moscow Luzhniki Marathon 18-May-08
Tupolev Marathon 28-May-05
Health Marathon 29-May-05
Volgagrad Marathon 10-May-08
Marathon of Peace "Gandvik" 27-Jun-09
St.Petersburg "White Night" Marathon 28-Jun-09
Lake Turgoyak "Clear Water Running) Marathon 28-Jun-09
Belogorie Marathon  3-Jul-05
Tikhvin Summer Marathon 12-Jul-09
Kurgan Marathon 16-Jul-05
Kursk Arc Marathon 31-Jul-05
Konjak Mountain Marathon  4-Jul-09
Belochka Marathon  4-Jul-09
Siberian International Marathon, Omsk  1-Aug-09
Long Avenues Marathon  9-Aug-08
Transvolga Marathon 27-Aug-06
Moscow International Peace Marathon 13-Sep-09
Korolyov Kosmichesky Marathon 28-Sep-08
Ural Regional Marathon
Don Marathon Dyurtyulinskiy Marathon Golden Ring of Russia Marathon Goodwill Marathon
Izhevsk Marathon Kamenolomni Marathon Kamski Rays Marathon Kazan' Marathon of Peace
Krasnoyarsk Marathon Meshcherinsk Marathon Moscow Forest Marathon Nevinnomisk Marathon for the Russian Navy
New Kamsk Marathon Nizhniy-Novgorod Marathon Marathon "OKA Spaces" Permian Autumnal Marathon
St.Petersburg Road of Life marathon Sakha Marathon Ecological Marathon "Samarskaya Pommel" Sarapul'skiy Marathon
Saratov Marathon Shukshinski Versts Marathon Siberian Ice Marathon (only 21km) Stalnaya Magistral Marathon
Surgut Marathon Test Yourself Marathon Trud-Luzhniki International Marathon Ufa Marathon
Ural Regional Marathon Voronezh Marathon Vyatsky Hills Marathon
Winter Marathon Boomerang Wisdom and Youth Marathon Yegorevsk Marathon Yekaterinburg Winter Marathon
Zaural'naya Grove Marathon Zelenograd Marathon


Medeo Marathon Almaty


Beirut Marathon 30-Nov-08
Cairn to Cairn Marathon


Dead Sea Marathon & Ultra 10-Apr-09
Red Sea Aqaba Marathon 30-Nov-07
Jebl Ishrin Marathon Amman Marathon


Tiberias Marathon  8-Jan-09


Dubai Marathon 16-Jan-09


Egyptian Marathon 13-Feb-09
St.Matherine Marathon 31-Dec-08
Alexandria Marathon Nile Marathon Pyramids Marathon


Desert Marathon


Sahara Marathon 23-Feb-09
Marathon des Dunes (42K stage race) 27-Mar->2-Apr-09
Marathon International de Djanet


Marrakech Marathon 25-Jan-09
Zagora Marathon 31-Dec-08
There are quite a few web sites devoted to the Marathon des Sables, at 150 miles reputed to be the toughest in the world, including the official one.
Marathon des Sables 26-Mar->6-Apr-09
Marathon des Sables 26-Mar->6-Apr-09
Casablanca Marathon Marathon Des Dunes De Merzouga Ouarzazate Marathon Oukaimeden Marathon = Atlas-Marathon Berbère
Toubkal Marathon Vallée des roses


Sahara 100K  1->8-Mar-08
Défis du Chott 30-Oct->3-Nov-08
Carthage International Marathon Park Of Friendship Ultra Marathon


Accra International Marathon 27-Sep-09
Accra Milo Marathon

Burkina Faso

Raid de la Savane (120K stage race) 16->24-Jan-10
Ouagadougou Marathon


Mount Cameroon Race of Hope Marathon
Char des Dieux Skymarathon


Malindi International Marathon 23-Mar-08
Safaricom Marathon 27-Jun-09
Nairobi Marathon 25-Oct-09
Kenya Jambo Run 12-Oct-08
Kisumu World Aids Marathon  1-Dec-08
Safari marathon Kenyatta International Marathon Karen Blixen Marathon - cancelled Mombasa International Marathon
Great Lake International Marathon


Gorilla Marathon 12-May-09
Gorilla Marathon 12-May-09
Kampala International Marathon 23-Nov-08


International Peace Marathon of Kigali 24-May-09


Kilimanjaro Marathon  1-Mar-09
Mt.Kilimanjaro Marathon 22-Jun-08
Dar es Salaam International Marathon Eastern Region Marathon Mt.Meru Marathon Zanzibar International Marathon


Mauritius International Marathon


The Giant Jumping Rat Marathon


Africa University International Peace Marathon 29-Sep-07

South Africa

Pioneer Marathon (Klerksdorp) 20-Feb-05
Pretoria Marathon 28-Feb-09
Om die Dam 50K 21-Mar-09
Maritzburg Marathon 15-Mar-09
Two Oceans Ultramarathon 11-Apr-09
Long Tom Ultra (56K) 29-Mar-08
Midlands Meander Marathon 16-Apr-05
Loskop Marathon 21-Apr-07
Wally Hayward Marathon  1-May-07
Knysna Classic Two Lagoons Marathon (65K)  5-May-07
Comrades Marathon 15-Jun-08
The Big Five Marathon 28-Jun-08
Knysna Forest Marathon 12-Jul-08
Rhodes Run (52K) 12-Jul-08
Cape Town 100M & 100K 29->30-Sep-07
Augrabies Extreme Marathon (250K)  9->19-Oct-08
Soweto Marathon  2-Nov-08
Voet van Afrika Marathon 13-Oct-07
Sani Stagger Marathon 24-Oct-07
Salomon Skyrun (>100K) 26->27-Nov-05
Spoornet Great Train Race 72K Relay- South Africa cancelled 2005

South Africans love marathons, and organize hundreds of them. Hoewever, they are less enthusiastic about creating web sites, and none of the events listed below have web sites associated with them. However, you can still find out dates and contact information on the excellent and sometimes extremely detailed calendars of World of Endurance and Runners' Guide South Africa

Friendly City Marathon
Afrox Steel-To-Steel Ultra (50K) Akasia Marathon ALS Plant Hire Marathon Amatola Marathon
Anglo Platinum PPRust 3-in-1 Marathon Assegaai Marathon ATKV Marathon Balele AC Marathon
Battlefields Ultra Marathon (50K) Beaufort West Marathon Bergville - Ladysmith 52K Biggarsberg Marathon
Bluff Veterans Marathon Border Masters Marathon Bosveld Ultra (50K) Bruce Fordyce Marathon (52K)
Bruintjieshoogte Ultra (50K) Cango Caves Marathon Cape Gate Marathon Cape Cape Vaal Marathon
Cape Town Marathon Castle Surfer's Marathon Chatsworth Freedom Marathon Civil & General Bongolo Marathon
Clover SA Wilge Marathon Correctional Services Marathon CS Holdings Silicon Marathon Dak Van Die Kareeberge Marathon
Dave Hawthorne Marathon Delwers Marathon Diamond Marathon Die Vlakte Marathon
Discovery Life Marathon Dormac South Coast Marathon Drafstap Dam Marathon Durban Athletic Club Marathon
Durbanville Marathon Elands Valley Marathon Engen Drie Provinsies Marathon Eskom PTM Gijimas Marathon
Estcourt Walkers Marathon Finlime "Flat One" Marathon Flexicon Marathon Ford Marathon
Foskor uMhlathuze Marathon Glasfit Marathon Golden Reef 100 miler Goodhope FM Cape Town Marathon
Great West Lichten Blanc Challenge Grootgat Marathon GUD Filters Comrades Route Tester (56K) Hantam Marathon
Hardekool 3 in 1 Marathon Harmony Kosmos Marathon Imperial Toyota Marathon & Ultra Indian Ocean Marathon
Johnson Crane Marathon Kaapsehoop Marathon Kakamas Kanaal Marathon Karoo Festival Marathon
Katlehong Marathon Kelder to Kelder Marathon Kenhardt Dorperland Marathon Kloppers Adidas Marathon
Koepel Two Provinces Marathon Kosmos Marathon Kroon Marathon Krugersdorp Marathon
Land of Legends Marathon Liberty Business Challenge Relay Lion Marathon Louis Massyn Kalahari Marathon
Mafikeng Marathon Mandela Metro Marathon Mapochs Amperbo Marathon Mariepskop Monster Marathon
Matla Black Gold Marathon McCarthy Volkswagen Challenge Metropolitan Marathon Middelburg 5-in-1
Mitchell's Knysna Heads Marathon Mont aux Sources 50K Mossgas Dias Marathon MW Beyers 50 km
Nashua Friendly City Marathon National Business Challenge Relay Nedan Oil National Protien 3-in-1 Newlands Athletic Club Marathon
NG Kerk Ventersdorp Marathon Nigel Marley Marathon Northern Gijima Challenge (56K) Northern Province Marathon Champs
Old Mutual Buffalo Marathon Olifants Marathon Olifantsrivier Marathon Oranjerivier Wynkelders Marathon
Ottosdal Nite Marathon Outeniqua Marathon Parmalat PE Marathon Peninsula Marathon
Penny Pinchers Marathon Petro Dias Marathon Pick 'n Pay Marathon Pioneers Phuccine Pasta 42 & 21km
Pioneers Ultra Marathon (50K) Platinum Marathon Pongola Sugar Cane Marathon Portnet Festival Marathon
Potchefstroom Marathon Rand Road Warriors Marathon Rand Water Clean Water Challenge Randmark Marathon
Red Hill Marathon REMAX Marathon Rhodes Marathon (52K) Riebeek Berg Marathon
Rolux Korkie Ultra (50K) Rotary Texas Long Run (64K) Running Free Marathon Rustenburg Spring Marathon
S.A. Truck 64km & Marathon Sanlam Marathon Sasol Marathon Sasolburg Marathon
Seasol Vultures Marathon Sedibeng Water Marathon Senwes Marathon SGB Top Fix 60 km Training Run
Slow Mag Marathon Soill Vlakte Marathon Spar Marathon Spartan Marathon
Spectrum Marathon Standard Bank Mealie Marathon Standerton Marathon Steel Marathon
Surrender Hill Marathon Tarentaal Marathon The Glen Jackie Gibson Marathon Township Marathon
Two Countries Marathon Tyrepro Highveld Marathon Tyres & Tekkies Marathon Uitenhage Marathon
Ultimag Bloemfontein 64 km Umgeni Water Marathon Volvo Swedo Marathon Walk the Talk Marathon
Wally Hayward 100 Miler Waterfall Mall Marathon Weskus Marathon Westfalia Marathon
Wildfees Marathon Winelands Marathon Zuikerbosch Clean Water Challenge


Dolphin Marathon

Lucky Star Marathon

MTC Friendship Marathon

Rössing Namibia Marathon


Tahiti Moorea Marathon  7-Feb-09


Fiji Bula Marathon cancelled in 2008


Mt. Bogong to Mt.Hotham (60K)  6-Jan-08
Mansfield to Mt.Buller (50K) 30-Jan-05
Cradle Mountain Run (82K)  2-Feb-08
Dam Trail Run 50k & 30k 17-Feb-08
Six Foot Track (Ultra) Marathon  8-Mar-08
Examiner Three Peaks Race 21-Mar-08
Frankston to Portsea Road Race (54.7K)  6-Apr-08
Canberra Marathon 13-Apr-08
Coburg 24 Hour 19->20-Apr-08
Lest We Forget Run 24-Apr-05
Brisbane Marathon 22-Apr-07
Walhalla Wound Up (37K) 14-May-06
Great Ocean Road Marathon (45K) 18-May-08
Mount Beauty Marathon 21-May-05
Tamborine Trek (62K) 26-May-07
Williamstown Marathon 25-May-08
Manly Beach Soft Sand Marathon 11-Jun-06
Poor Man's Comrades (96K) 14-Jun-08
Traralgon Marathon 15-Jun-08
Gold Coast Marathon  6-Jul-08
Pichi Richi Marathon 29-Jun-08
Gold Coast 100K  8-Jun-08
Hunter Valley Winery Marathon 20-Jul-08
Hobson–s Hobble 24-Jul-05
Bush Capital Bush Marathon 28-Jul-07
"Cities" Marathon 30-Jul-06
Warrumbungle Marathon 31-Jul-05
Townsville Marathon  5-Aug-07
12 Foot Track August 2008
Gold Coast 24-48 Hours 10->12-Aug-07
Oxfam Trailwalker Sydney 24->26-Aug-07
Mudgee Marathon 26-Aug-07
Adelaide Marathon 26-Aug-07
Shepparton Marathon 28-Aug-05
Christmas Island Marathon  3-Sep-05
Sydney Marathon 21-Sep-08
Melbourne Marathon  7-Oct-07
Fitzroy Falls Fire Trails Marathon 13-Oct-07
Brindabella Classic 21-Oct-07
Portland 3-Bays Marathon  2-Nov-08
Cliff Young Australian 6-day race 18->24-Nov-07
Glasshouse Mountain Trail Runs May, July, & Sep 2006
Alice Springs Marathon Bribie Beach Bash Bribie Island Classic 24hr & 48hr Bunbury Marathon
Cities Marathon Cotter Winter Wonderland (no longer held) Geraldton Marathon Hobart Glass & A Half Marathon
Hobson's Bay Ultra Gallop & Stroll Jindabyne Marathon Junee to Wagga Wagga Marathon Kempsey Marathon
Macleay River Marathon North West Travel Fun Marathon Perth Marathon Riverina Marathon
River Inn Marathon Rottnest Marathon Roxby Downs Copper Olympic Marathon. Shepparton Marathon
Thin Blue Line Toowoomba Marathon VJ Woodhouse Real Estate Marathon Wy-Wurry 3 day walk
Y2K+2 Marathon Wilson's Promontory 100k

New Zealand

Buller Gorge Marathon  9-Feb-08
Great Lake Relay (160K) 16-Feb-08
Kaweka Challenge 23->24-Feb-08
New Plymouth Marathon  1-Mar-08
Te Houtaewa Challenge (90 mile) 15-Mar-08
Motatapu Icebreaker Marathon  8-Mar-08
Tararua Mountain Race (40K)  8-Mar-08
Queen Charlotte Classic (44.3K) 18-Mar-06
Hutt River Trail Marathon 20-Mar-05
Great Forest Marathon  5-Apr-08
Queenstown Marathon  1-Apr-06
Rotorua Marathon  3-May-08
Christchurch Marathon  1-Jun-08
Wild West Coast Off-road Marathon 17-Jun-06
Wellington Harbour Capital Marathon 22-Jun-08
Nelson 2-Day Marathon  5->6-Jul-08
Hawke's Bay Marathon 25-Aug-07
Abel Tasman Coastal Classic (33K)  6-Sep-08
Moro Marathon  9-Sep-07
Round Rarotonga Road Race  6-Oct-07
Wairarapa Country Marathon 12-Oct-08
Norsetech Mountain Marathon 28-Oct-05
Auckland Marathon  2-Nov-08
The Molesworth Run (84K) 17-Nov-07
Kepler Challenge Mountain Run (60k)  1-Dec-07
Ascot Park Hotel Marathon Auckland Masters Athletics Ekiden Relay Aurora Handicap Marathon Aurora Off-Road Marathon
Feilding Marathon Hamilton City International Marathon Hastings Marathon Manukau Marathon (cancelled)
Masterton Marathon Riverton to Invercargill Marathon Supergames Marathon Waitakere Fat Ass 50k (no longer held)
Whangamata Marathon (now only a half) Whanganui Marathon Whangarei Marathon


Vanuatu Round Island Relay 26-Jul-08


Marathon International De Noumea 24-Aug-08


Kuala Lumpur International Marathon 30-Mar-08
Penang Bridge International Marathon 29-Nov-09
Putrajaya International Marathon Kedah International Marathon Saberkas RH Marathon Johor-Singapore Second Link International Marathon


Bali International Marathon  9-Nov-08
Malang International Marathon


Sundown Marathon 30-May-09
Singapore Marathon  7-Dec-08


Chom Bueng Marathon 20-Jan-08
Phuket International Mountain Beach Marathon 10-Feb-08
Khon Kaen International Marathon 28-Jan-07
Thailand Temple Marathon 18-Mar-07
Phuket International Marathon 15-Jun-08
Pattaya Queen's Cup Marathon 20-Jul-08
Phuket International Mountain Beach Marathon 10-Feb-08
Bangkok Marathon 18-Nov-07
Ayuthaya Marathon Bangsaen International Marathon Chon-Tawan Marathon Hat Yai Marathon
Kampaengsaen Air Base International Marathon Klong Tahdan Marathon Lansaka Marathon Lower E-san Region Marathon
Nakhon Panom Marathon Nongkhai Marathon Phetchaburi Marathon Power Bar Marathon Circuit - Cha-Am
Power Bar Ultra Samut Songkhram Marathon Songkhla International Marathon Sinsakhon Printing Marathon Relay
Suranaree International Marathon Surin Marathon


Nong Khai-Vientiane marathon


Angkor-Wat Marathon


Guam Marathon 29-Mar-09
Vicky's Ultra - discontinued


Manila Marathon Philippine Marathon for the Pasig River


Ishigakijima Marathon 27-Jan-08
Osaka International Ladies Marathon 27-Jan-08
Katsuta Marathon 29-Jan-06
Kisyuguchi Kumano Marathon  3-Feb-08
Beppu-Oita Mainichi Marathon  3-Feb-08
Tokyo International Marathon 12-Feb-06
Nobeoka West Japanese Marathon 19-Feb-06
Okinawa Marathon 24-Feb-08
Nagoya International Women's Marathon  9-Mar-08
Tokyo Arakawa Marathon 16-Mar-08
Kasumigaura Marathon 20-Apr-08
Nagano Marathon 20-Apr-08
Kanuma Marathon 14-May-06
Lake Toya Marathon 21-May-06
Kyoto Nicco Marathon  1-Jun-08
Hokkaido Marathon 31-Aug-08
Iheya Moonlight Marathon  6-Oct-08
Oita International Wheelchair Marathon 28-Oct-07
Ibigawa Marathon 11-Nov-07
Kume Island Marathon 28-Oct-07
Tokyo International Women's Marathon 18-Nov-07
International Chiba Ekiden 23-Nov-05
Fukuchiyama Marathon 23-Nov-07
Lake Kawaguchi Marathon 25-Nov-07
Tsukuba Marathon 30-Nov-08
NAHA Marathon  2-Dec-07
Fukuoka Marathon  2-Dec-07
Aoshima Pacific Ocean Marathon  9-Dec-07
Kakogawa Marathon 23-Dec-05
Amagasaki International Marathon Betsukai Pilot Marathon Chitose International Marathon Estuary Lake Marathon
Hirosaki Shirakami Apple Marathon Kyoto Kitukawa Marathon Lake Biwa Mainichi Marathon Lake Saroma 100K
Niigata Marathon Ogasa Kakegawa Marathon Okhotsk Marathon Omachi Alps marathon
Osaka Yodogawa Citizen Marathon Otawara Marathon Sakura Healthy Marathon Sasayama Marathon
Tokyo-New York Friendship Marathon Tsuchiyama Marathon Ube Zenkoku Marathon Tateyama Wakashio Marathon
Miyama Marathon


Busan beach Ultra (100K) 14->15-Jan-06
KyungNam GoSeong Ultra (100K) 11->12-Feb-06
Kum Gang Mountain Marathon 18-Jan-08
Kokuryo Marathon 17-Feb-08
Seoul Marathon  2-Mar-08
Seoul (Dong-A) International Marathon 16-Mar-08
Masan Marathon 16-Mar-08
Jeonju Ultra (100K) 25->26-Mar-06
Inchon Marathon 30-Mar-08
Korea Open Marathon  6-Apr-08
Gyeonju Cherry Marathon  5-Apr-08
Hapcheon Marathon  6-Apr-08
Jeonju-Kunsan International Marathon  2-Apr-06
Dae Cheong Lake Ultra (100K) 14->15-Apr-07
Kyounggi Marathon 20-Apr-08
Hamp'yong Marathon 13-Apr-08
Seoul Marathon Relay 13-Apr-08
Ch'ongju Marathon 21-Apr-07
MBC Hangang Marathon 27-Apr-08
Adidas King of the Road Marathon 14-May-06
Ocean Day Marathon  2-Jun-07
SAKA Marathon 29-May-05
Jeju Marathon  1-Jun-08
Hoengsong Marathon 17-Sep-06
Gyeongsan Marathon 17-Sep-06
GangHwa Beach International Marathon 25-Sep-05
Munhwa International Marathon  7-Oct-07
HiSeoul Marathon  7-Oct-07
Chunchon Int'l Marathon 28-Oct-07
Dong-A Kyongju Open Marathon 21-Oct-07
JoongAng Seoul International Marathon  4-Nov-07
SportsSeoul Marathon 18-Nov-07
Dong-A Ilbo Bakejekeungil Marathon 14-Oct-07
AMaHyup Marathon BaekRyungDo Crab Marathon Chunchon HoBan Marathon GeoJae Marathon
Hankook esearch Marathon HoNam International Marathon International Peace Marathon International Tourism Seoul Marathon
Jejudo Orange Marathon JinJuNamGang Marathon Kosong Army Marathon KyongHwang Newspaper Seoul Marathon
Mangyongdae Prize Int'l Marathon (DPRK) Marathon Times Cup Marathon Marine Corps Marathon Pohang HoMiGok Marathon
Runner's Korea Annual Marathon Sea Day Marathon SeoKwuiPo International Marathon Seoul Han River Marathon
SumJin River Marathon Ulsan Marathon Yeoju King Sejong Marathon


Xiamen Marathon  5-Jan-08
Lantau Mountain Marathon  6-Jan-08
China Coast Marathon - Hong Kong 20-Jan-08
Hong Kong Island Mountain Marathon 27-Jan-08
Hong Kong Marathon 17-Feb-08
Sham Tseng Mountain Marathon 24-Feb-08
Raleigh International Mountain Marathon 16-Mar-08
Great Wall Marathon 17-May-08
Beijing International Marathon 21-Oct-07
Shanghai International Marathon 30-Nov-08
Sai Kung Mountain Marathon 25-Nov-07
Tai Po Mountain Marathon 16-Dec-07

The King of the Hills Mountain Marathon and Half Marathon Series - Hong Kong  

Dalian International Marathon Tianjin Marathon Qingdao International Marathon Wuhan International Marathon
Xi'an City Wall International Marathon Quanzhou International Marathon


Taipei International Marathon 21-Dec-08
Chinshan International Marathon China Motor International Marathon Kinmen Marathon Taichung Boulevard International Marathon
Taipei International Expressway Marathon Taroko International Marathon Taitung Taiyuan Valley Scenic Marathon


Macau Marathon  7-Dec-08


Ultra Mongolia (100K) ~18-Jul-09


Great Tibetan Marathon 18-Jul-09
Lhasa Marathon


Tenzing-Hillary Everest Marathon 29-May-09
Kathmandu Marathon 20-Sep-08
Mt.Everest Challenge Marathon 29-Oct-09
Everest Marathon  5-Dec-09
Tiger Mountain Marathon Pokhara International Marathon Lumbini International Marathon


Himalayan Kingdom Marathon 21-Aug-09
Kingdom of Bhutan International Marathon


Mumbai Marathon 18-Jan-09
Bangalore Midnight Marathon 10-Jan-09
Pune International Marathon  7-Dec-08
Thane Varsha Marathon Indira Marathon Travancore Marathon Kerala Marathon
Thiruvananthapuram Marathon Chennai Marathon (only a half)


Lahore International Marathon

Sri Lanka

Colombo Marathon  4-Oct-09


Maratón Culiacán 20-Jan-08
Maratón Internacional LaLa  4-Mar-07
Maratón de la Marina 18-Jun-06
Maratón Internacional Tangamanga 22-Jun-08
Maratón de Relevos México a Curenavaca 16-Jul-06
Ultramaratón de los cañones 23-Jul-06
Maratón Internacional de Morelos 24-Jul-05
Maratón Internacional de la Ciudad de México 26-Aug-07
Maratón Internacional de Guadalajara 29-Oct-06
Gran Maraton Pacifico  2-Dec-07
Maratón Internacional Monterrey-San Pedro 16-Dec-07
Cancun International Marathon Cozumel Marathon (reduced to a half) Maraton de Leon Maraton de Los Trabajadores
Maraton de Merida Maraton Mexicali Los Cabos International Marathon (now only a half-marathon) Maratón Internacional Nocturno (Cancun)

Costa Rica

Costa Rica International Marathon  7-Dec-08


Panama Marathon  9-Aug-09


Havana Marathon 16-Nov-08


Reggae Marathon  5-Dec-09
Jamaica Marathon


Barbados Marathon  6-Dec-09


Bermuda Marathon 18-Jan-09

Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad & Tobago Marathon 25-Jan-09

US Virgin Islands

St.Croix International Marathon  1-Jan-09

Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands Marathon  6-Dec-09


Maratona de Revezamento do Centro-Oeste  5-Mar-07
Supermaratona Cidade do Rio Grande 50 km 17-Feb-08
Maratona das Águas 19-Mar-06 (cancelled)
Revezamento Volta à Ilha (150K relay) 12-Apr-08
Super40 Rio de Janeiro 25-Mar-07
São Paulo Marathon  1-Jul-07
Maratona de Porto Alegre 25-May-08
Rio Marathon 29-Jun-08
Super40 São Paulo 25-Jun-06
Maratona do Recife 16-Jul-06
Maratona Pão de Açúcar de Revezamento - Fortaleza 23-Sep-07
Super40 Salvador 30-Jul-06
Maratona de Santa Catarina 13-Aug-06
Super40 Brasília 24-Sep-06
Ekiden Rio de Janeiro  8-Oct-06
Jungle Marathon (200K, 6 stage)  7->16-Oct-08
Ayrton Senna Racing Day Maratona de Revezamento 28-Oct-07
Maratona dos Bandeirantes Blumenau Marathon Brasília Marathon Maratona Corpore
Maratona Pão de Açúcar de Revezamento - São Paulo Maratón Ecológico Internacional de Curitiba


Maratón Libertador Caracas Marathon

French Guyana

Marathon de l'Espace  6-Apr-08
Marathon de l'Ouest


Inca Trail Run 29-May-08
Inca Trail 50K Maratón Internacional de Lima


Ultramaratón Lican Ray 21-Jan-06
Maratón Internacional de Santiago  1-Apr-07
Easter Island Marathon  8-Jun-08
Maratón Internacional Lagos Andinos - Puerto Varas 27-Aug-06
Maratón del Bío-Bío 21-Oct-07
Maratón Internacional Costa del Pacifico  9-Dec-07


Maraton Binacional Salto Grande - Concordia 16-Sep-07
Maratón de Montevideo


Maraton Internacional Ciudad De Asuncion 18-Aug-04


Maratón Del Desierto 20-Jan-08
Cruce de Los Andes (12 x 42K) 13->27-Jan-08
Maraton Fin del Mundo (Ciudad de Ushuaia) 16-Mar-08
Maraton Internacional "a Pampa Traviesa"  1-Apr-07
Maratón Día de la Bandera 22-Jun-08
Maratón de Mendoza 17-Sep-06
100 Km de la República Argentina  3-Sep-05
Maraton Binacional Salto Grande - Concordia 16-Sep-07
Maratón Ciudad de Buenos Aires 12-Oct-08
Marathón Tres Ciudades Patagónicas 14-Oct-07
K42 Villa la Angostura Adventure Marathon  1-Nov-08
Maratón Internacional Ciudad de Mar del Plata  7-Dec-08
Maratón Bariloche Maratón Matheu Circuito 3 Ciudades Maraton del Carnaval
Maratón San Cristobal (11K) Maratón de la Republica Argentina Maratón de Estacalma Maraton De Cascallares
Maratón Jardin de la Republica Campeonato Provincial de Gran Fondo Vuelta al Lago San Roque Maratón Club Talleres
Ultramaraton Patagonica Ultramaraton Para Todos Maraton Ciudad de Lobos


St. Helena Marathon  3-Aug-07