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This is a collection of links to the web sites of marathons around the USA. I have verified that, at least at the time of writing, all of the links are to valid locations. The dates indicated are for the most up-to-date versions of the pages. Some post-dated sites simply have not been changed since the last race, but others may represent zombie sites of races that have been discontinued. Contact the organizers to make sure. I have also shown some races without links. I will update them when new URLs become available. I make no pretences as to the completeness of the list. If I have left out one or more of your favourites, please let me know by email.

I also have separate pages for Canada and the rest of the world.


First Light Mobile Marathon 15-Jan-06
Mountain Mist Trail Run (50K) 28-Jan-06
Mercedes Birmingham Marathon 12-Feb-06
Huntsville Rocket City Marathon 10-Dec-05


Prince of Wales Marathon 28-May-05
Crab Festival Marathon 29-May-05
King Salmon Marathon 11-Jun-05
Mayor's Midnight Sun Marathon 18-Jun-05
Frank Maier Marathon  6-Aug-05
Ketchikan First Bank Tongass Marathon 20-Aug-05
Humpy's Classic 21-Aug-05
Equinox Marathon 17-Sep-05


Rock 'n Roll Arizona Marathon 15-Jan-06
Lost Dutchman Marathon 19-Feb-06
Desert Classic Marathon 19-Feb-06
Whiskey Row Marathon 30-Apr-05
White Mountain Trail Marathon 27-Aug-05
Grand Canyon International Marathon 15-Oct-05
Just Another Mad Dog (50M/50K)  5-Nov-05
Tucson Marathon  4-Dec-05
Army Marathon Mule Mountain Marathon - cancelled Four Peaks Mountain Marathon Thunder Mountain Marathon
Valley Of The Sun Marathon (now only a half) Rancho de la Osa Trail Marathon (cancelled)


Little Rock Marathon  5-Mar-06
Hogeye Marathon  3-Apr-05
Ouachita Trail 50 Mile and 50 Km 16-Apr-05
Arkansas Traveller 100  1->2-Oct-05
Arkansas Marathon 10-Sep-05
Midsouth Marathon  5-Nov-05
Mountain Home Marathon for Kenya 12-Nov-05


Redding Marathon  8-Jan-06
OC Marathon aka Orange County Cities Marathon  8-Jan-06
Carlsbad Marathon (formerly San Diego Marathon) 15-Jan-06
Death Valley Trail Marathon  4-Feb-06
Pacific Shoreline Marathon  5-Feb-06
San Miguel "Buzz" Marathon 18-Feb-06
Los Angeles Marathon  5-Mar-06
Napa Valley Marathon  5-Mar-06
Catalina Marathon 18-Mar-06
Golden Gate Headlands Marathon  2-Apr-05
Napa Valley Trail Marathon  9-Apr-05
Diablo Marathon and Ultra 15-Apr-06
Jimmy Stewart Relay Marathon 17-Apr-05
Muir Woods Marathon 16-Apr-05
Big Sur International Marathon 24-Apr-05
Avenue of the Giants Marathon  7-May-06
Wild Wild West Marathon  7-May-05
Palos Verdes Marathon 14-May-05
Forest of Nisene Marks Marathon  4-Jun-05
San Diego Rock'n'Roll Marathon  5-Jun-05
Badwater Ultra Marathon (135M) 11->13-Jul-05
San Francisco Marathon 31-Jul-05
Big Sur Trail Marathon  1-Oct-05
Auburn Marathon  1-Oct-06
Sacramento Marathon  2-Oct-05
Lake Tahoe Marathon  8-Oct-05
Long Beach Marathon 16-Oct-05
Bizz Johnson Trail Marathon  8-Oct-06
Golden Hills Trail Marathon 15-Oct-05
Humboldt Redwoods Marathon 16-Oct-05
Napa Valley Wine Country Classic Marathon 22-Oct-05
Nike Women's Marathon 23-Oct-05
Whiskeytown 50K 29-Oct-05
Silicon Valley Marathon 30-Oct-05
Woodside Sequoia Trail Marathon  4-Nov-06
Stinson Beach Marathon  5-Nov-05
Santa Clarita Marathon  6-Nov-05
Diamond Valley Lake Challenge 20-Nov-04
Saddleback Mountain Trail Marathon 19-Nov-05
Death Valley Borax Marathon  3-Dec-05
Malibu Marathon  5-Dec-04
California International Marathon  4-Dec-05
Pines to Palms Marathon cancelled
Burney Classic Marathon cancelled 2005
Gold Country Trail Marathon cancelled
Run de Skunk Sausalito Marathon Millennathon Marathon Cascading Cataracts
Escape from Marin Trail Marathon Hearst Castle Marathon Mt.Tam Waterfall Classic Marathon San Joaquin Valley Marathon
Santa Barbara Marathon - cancelled Dam Tough Run Diamond Valley Lake Marathon Golden Gate Fall Classic Marathon
Russian River Run Shadow of the Giants 50K Trail Run California Off-Road Marathon (cancelled) Black Horse Marathon
Western Hemisphere Marathon Big Basin Redwoods Marathon


Colorado Marathon (formerly Fort Collins Old Town Marathon)  7-May-06
Steamboat Marathon  4-Jun-06
Estes Park Marathon 18-Jun-06
Leadville Trail Marathon  2-Jul-05
Pike's Peak Ascent and Marathon 20->21-Aug-05
Silverton Alpine Marathon 27-Aug-05
Breckenridge Crest Mountain Marathon  4-Sep-05
American Discovery Trail Marathon  5-Sep-05
Mountain Air Marathon 10-Sep-05
Denver Marathon aka Mile High City Marathon 18-Sep-05
Boulder Backroads Marathon 25-Sep-05
Danielesque Trail Marathon  1-Oct-05
Easy Street Marathon  2-Oct-05
Durango Marathon  9-Oct-05
Alferd Packer Trail Marathon cancelled 2004
Alley Loop Marathon - ski event Aspen Grove Trail Marathon Aspen Trail Marathon - cancelled Aspen Skymarathon
Colorado Marathon Glenwood Canyon Shuffle Jesus Run Marathon Kokopelli Trail Marathon
Mommie Dearest Trail Challenge - cancelled Mosquito Trail Marathon Pueblo River Trail Marathon Roaring Fork Sunday Marathon
Snow Mountain Trail Marathon Telluride Skymarathon cancelled


Nipmuck Trail Marathon  5-Jun-05
Hartford Marathon  8-Oct-05
Mystic Places Marathon 23-Oct-05
Sherwood Marathon


Delaware Trail Marathon 29-Apr-06
Delaware Marathon 21-May-06
HUMP Run (50K) 21-May-05
Stumpy's Marathon 11-Sep-05
Mid-Atlantic Trail Run Challenge (cancelled) Delaware 50K (+marathon)

District of Columbia

Marine Corps Marathon 29-Oct-06
DC Marathon (cancelled) Last Plain to Boston Marathon (discontinued)


Walt Disney World Marathon  8-Jan-06
Orlando Xtreme Marathon 21-Jan-06
Miami Marathon (formerly Miami Tropical Marathon) 29-Jan-06
Ocala Marathon  5-Feb-06
Five Points of Life Marathon 19-Feb-06
Pensacola Marathon 19-Feb-06
Tallahassee Marathon 19-Feb-06
Marathon By The Bay 26-Feb-06
Wickham Park Marathon 28-May-06
Alafia X-Country Marathon 19-Feb-06
Space Coast Marathon 27-Nov-05
Marathon of the Palm Beaches  4-Dec-05
Jacksonville Marathon 18-Dec-05
Florida Gulf Beaches Marathon cancelled 2006
Forgotten Coast Marathon Seaside Marathon Abacoa Town Center Relay Marathon Florida Trail Marathon
Central Florida Marathon Blue Angel Marathon (cancelled 2005)


Museum of Aviation Marathon 14-Jan-06
Callaway Gardens Marathon 29-Jan-06
Tybee Marathon  4-Feb-06
Silver Comet Ultra 25-Feb-06
Cherry Blossom Marathon 19-Mar-05
Twisted Ankle Trail Marathon 20-May-06
Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon 12-Nov-05
Atlanta Marathon 24-Nov-05
CSRA Heritage Marathon


Oahu Perimeter Run (134M relay) 26->27-Feb-05
Big Island International Marathon 19-Mar-06
Kona Marathon 11-Jun-06
Kilauea Volcano Wilderness Marathon 29-Jul-06
Maui Marathon 17-Sep-06
Honolulu Marathon 11-Dec-05
Kauai Marathon


Hellšs Canyon Run (30M) 19-Mar-05
Famous Idaho Potato Marathon 14-May-05
Coeur d'Alene Marathon 28-May-06
Teton Dam Marathon  4-Jun-05
Mt. Misery 57M Solo & Relay 25-Jun-05
Mesa Falls Marathon 27-Aug-05
Pocatello Marathon  3-Sep-05
City of Trees Marathon  6-Nov-05


Chicago Lakefront 50K  2-Apr-05
River to River Relay (80 miles) 22-Apr-06
Lakeshore Marathon 30-May-05
Quad Cities Marathon 25-Sep-05
Chicago Marathon  9-Oct-05
Chicago Lakefront 50/50 29-Oct-05
Lake County Marathon (cancelled)


Germany to France Marathon (formerly Patoka Lake Marathon) 23-Apr-06
Sunburst Marathon  3-Jun-06
Lake City Marathon  9-Sep-06
Indianapolis Marathon 21-Oct-06
Tecumseh Trail Marathon  3-Dec-05
Hoosier Marathon Indiana Artsfest Marathon Overlook Marathon Knobstone Trail Marathon


Cornbelt Running Club 24 Hour Run 30-Apr-05
Central States Marathon & Ultra 15-May-05
Marathon to Marathon 11-Jun-05
University of Okoboji Marathon 16-Jul-05
Iowa Trail Marathon 28-Aug-05
Des Moines Marathon 18-Sep-05
Equalizer 6 and 24 Hour 15-Oct-05
Lewis & Clark Marathon 15-Oct-05
On the Road for Education Marathon 23-Oct-05
Fairfield Trail Marathon


Brew to Brew 44 mile 20-Mar-05
Eisenhower Marathon  8-Apr-06
Rockin K 50 Mile and Trail Marathon  1-Apr-06
Olathe Marathon 21-May-05
Wichita Marathon 16-Oct-05
Gobbler Grind Marathon 20-Nov-05
High Plains Marathon B2B2B2B Fat Ass & Ultra Fat Ass Run


Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon 29-Apr-06
Hatfield-McCoy Marathon (Kentucky to West Virginia) 11-Jun-05
Louisville Marathon 16-Oct-05
Old Mulkey Classic Marathon 22-Oct-05
Man O'War Marathon


Mardi Gras Marathon  5-Feb-06
Louisiana Trails Marathon 19-Nov-05
Baton Rouge Beach Marathon  3-Dec-05
New Orleans Marathon (cancelled 2002)


Sugarloaf/USA Marathon 21-May-06
Maine Marathon  1-Oct-06
Mount Desert Island Marathon 15-Oct-06
Maine Woods Trail Marathon


Washington's Birthday Marathon 19-Feb-06
Greenway Trail "Nearly a Marathon"  5-Mar-05
Lower Potomac River Marathon 12-Mar-06
B & A Trail Marathon  5-Mar-06
Ocean City Marathon 16-Apr-05
Frederick Marathon 30-Apr-06
Baltimore Marathon 14-Oct-06
Rock Creek Park Marathon 13-Nov-05
Northern Central Trail Marathon 26-Nov-05
Last Train To Boston cancelled in 2002
Montgomery County Marathon cancelled in 2005
Columbia Metric Marathon (only 26.2K) Harwood Metric Marathon (only 26.2K)


Hyannis Marathon 26-Feb-06
Boston Marathon 17-Apr-06
Race Of Champions Marathon  7-May-06
Around the Lake Relay, Marathon & Ultra 29-Jul-05
Bay State Marathon 16-Oct-05
Cape Cod Marathon 30-Oct-05
Stone Cat Trail Marathon and Ultra 12-Nov-05
Fred's Marathon (cancelled) Metric Marathon (26.2K) Nantucket Marathon


Martian Marathon  1-Apr-06
Running Fit Trail Marathon 30-Apr-06
Bayshore Marathon 27-May-06
Grand Island Trail Marathon 30-Jul-05
Carrollton Charity Marathon 31-Jul-05
Running Fit Dances With Dirt Ultra Trail Marathon 10-Sep-05
North Country Trail Run 16-Sep-06
Detroit Marathon 23-Oct-05
Grand Rapids Marathon 30-Oct-05
Scotty Hanton Marathon - no longer held Belle Isle Marathon & Ultra West Michigan Marathon (cancelled)


Med-City Marathon 28-May-06
Grandma's Marathon 17-Jun-06
Half Voyageur Trail Marathon 16-Jul-05
Superior Trail Races Marathon/50M 10-Sep-05
Walker North Country Marathon 17-Sep-05
Twin Cities Marathon  1-Oct-06
Northwoods Snowshoe Marathon (on snowshoes!)


Mississippi Marathon 14-Jan-06
Carl Touchstone Mississippi Trail 50 11-Mar-06
Tupelo Marathon  4-Sep-05
Mississippi Coast Marathon (entry form) 26-Nov-05


Frisco Highline Trail Marathon 26-Mar-05
St. Louis Marathon  9-Apr-06
Berryman Trail Marathon & 50M 28-May-05
Chamber Country Classic Marathon 11-Jun-05
Heart of America Marathon  5-Sep-05
Lewis & Clark Marathon 18-Sep-05
Kansas City Marathon 24-Sep-05
Springfield Marathon 15-Oct-05
Larry Mattonen Marathon & Blue Springs 50 23-Oct-05
Run for the Ranch Marathon 27-Nov-05
Olympiad Memorial Marathon - cancelled Ozark Mountain Marathon (cancelled)


Bitterroot Endurance Runs - Road & Trail Marathons 23-Apr-05
Frank Newman Marathon 27-May-06
Run for the Border Marathom 28-May-05
Governor's Cup Marathon  3-Jun-06
Jum Bridger 25/50K 24-Jun-06
Elkhorn 50 29-Jul-06
Grizzly Marathon 19-Aug-06
Montana Marathon 18-Sep-05
Two Bear Marathon 18-Sep-05
Lewis & Clark Marathon 25-Sep-05
LeGrizz Ultra (50M) 14-Oct-06


Lincoln Marathon  7-May-06
Omaha Marathon 25-Sep-05


Tri-State Marathon (Utah-Arizona-Nevada) 26-Mar-05
Marathon de Mayo  7-May-06
Silver State 50/50 20-May-06
Silver State Marathon 21-Aug-05
Valley of Fire Marathon 18-Nov-06
Las Vegas Marathon  4-Dec-05
Tahoe Triple Marathon Mesquite Marathon (cancelled) Heroes Marathon

New Hampshire

Reach the Beach Relay 15->16-Sep-06
Pisgah Mountain Trail Races (23/50K) 18-Sep-05
Clarence Demar Marathon 24-Sep-06
New Hampshire Marathon 30-Sep-06
Wolfeboro Metric Marathon (only 26.2K)

New Jersey

Ocean Drive Marathon 26-Mar-06
New Jersey Shore Marathon 30-Apr-06
Atlantic City Marathon

New Mexico

Bataan Memorial Death March 26-Mar-06
Shiprock Marathon 30-Apr-05
Taos Marathon  5-Jun-05
New Mexico Marathon  3-Sep-06
Turtle Marathon  5-Sep-05
Duke City Marathon 23-Oct-05
Rio Grande Marathon 31-Oct-04
Bandelier Marathon & Ultra cancelled 2005
Tour de Rio Abajo Marathon

New York

HMRRC Winter Marathon 26-Feb-06
More Marathon 26-Mar-06
Canton-St. Lawrence University Marathon  6-May-06
Long Island Marathon  7-May-06
Buffalo Marathon 28-May-06
Lake Placid Marathon 11-Jun-06
Self-Transcendence Marathon 25-Aug-06
Monster Marathon  4-Sep-05
Potsdam Racquette River Marathon  4-Sep-05
Rochester Marathon 17-Sep-05
Dutchess County Marathon 18-Sep-05
Yonkers Marathon 18-Sep-05
Adirondack Marathon 17-Sep-06
Wineglass Marathon  2-Oct-05
Westchester Marathon  9-Oct-05
New York City Marathon  6-Nov-05
Achilles Marathon cancelled
Warwick Marathon Mohawk-Hudson River Marathon 9-Oct-05 Rainbow Marathon Ontario Shore Marathon - cancelled

North Carolina

Black Mountain Marathon 25-Feb-06
Umstead Trail Marathon 11-Mar-06
Ellerbe Springs Marathon 25-Mar-06
Boogie Marathon 17-Jun-06
Grandfather Mountain Marathon  8-Jul-06
Dupont Forest Trail Marathon 16-Oct-05
Catawba Valley Bank Marathon cancelled 2005
Raleigh Marathon cancelled
Foothills Marathon (see Catawba Valley Bank Marathon) Camp Lejeune Marathon Ft Bragg Perimeter Run

North Dakota

Trestle Valley Marathon 29-Apr-06
Fargo Marathon 20-May-06
Bismark Marathon 10-Sep-05


Last Chance for Boston Marathon 26-Feb-06
Ohio River Road Runners Club Marathon  9-Apr-06
Athens Marathon  2-Apr-06
Glass City Marathon  2-Apr-06
Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon  7-May-06
Cleveland Marathon 21-May-06
Air Force Marathon 16-Sep-06
Akron Marathon 30-Sep-06
Towpath Marathon  8-Oct-06
Columbus Marathon 16-Oct-05
Van Wert Reservoir Marathon Greater Cleveland Marathon cancelled Englewood Reserve Marathon Fall Fantasy Marathon
Leprechaun Marathon Mid-Winter Marathon Rails/Trails Marathon Spring Fling Marathon
Summer Spree Marathon Winter Fun Marathon Oak Openings Marathon


Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon 30-Apr-06
Andy Payne Bunion Run Marathon 28-May-05
Oklahoma Marathon 19-Nov-05
John A.Ferguson Memorial Marathon


Hagg Lake Trail Run (25K & 50K) 25-Feb-06
Newport Marathon  3-Jun-06
Columbia River Gorge Marathon  5-Jun-05
Walk With Me Marathon 10-Jun-06
Pacific Crest Marathon 25-Jun-06
Foot Traffic Flat Marathon  4-Jul-06
Pacific Crest Trail Ultramarathon 29-Jul-06
Crater Lake Rim Marathon 12-Aug-06
Haulin' Aspen Trail Marathon 14-Aug-05
Portland Marathon  1-Oct-06
Bend Marathon  8-Oct-06
Lost Soles Marathon Portland Fat Ass Run Waterfront Park Team Marathon Relay


Buzzards Marathon 19-Mar-06
Pocono Marathon  7-May-06
God's Country Marathon  4-Jun-05
Erie Marathon 11-Sep-05
Tussey mOUnTaiNBACK 50 Mile Relay  7-Oct-06
Johnstown Marathon  2-Oct-05
Steamtown Marathon  8-Oct-06
Harrisburg Marathon 12-Nov-06
Philadelphia Marathon 19-Nov-06
Pittsburgh Marathon cancelled
Great Valley Marathon - no longer held Blue Marsh Lake Trail Marathon (cancelled)

Rhode Island

Breakers Marathon and Nifty 50 Ultras 22-Oct-05
Ocean State Marathon cancelled
Sherwood Marathon

South Carolina

Myrtle Beach Marathon 18-Feb-06
Spinx Run Fest Marathon 30-Oct-05
Kiawah Island Marathon 10-Dec-05
Carolina Marathon (not a marathon any more) Lowcountry Distance Classic Marathon

South Dakota

Brookings Marathon 13-May-06
Deadwood Mickelson Trail Marathon  4-Jun-06
Swan Lake Marathon 18-Jun-06
Leading Ladies Marathon 20-Aug-06
Mt Rushmore Marathon  8-Oct-06
Longest Day Marathon (now the Brookings Marathon)


Knoxville Marathon 26-Mar-06
Andrew Jackson Marathon  2-Apr-05
Country Music Marathon 29-Apr-06
Memphis Marathon  3-Dec-05
Jaunt in the Joint Marathon Smoky Mountain Marathon


Texas Marathon  1-Jan-06
Bandera 50K/100K  7-Jan-06
Houston Marathon 15-Jan-06
Rocky Raccoon 100M  4-Feb-06
East Texas 50K/25K 11-Feb-06
Surfside Beach Marathon 11-Feb-06
Austin Marathon 19-Feb-06
Houston Ultra 24->26-Feb-06
Cowtown Marathon 25-Feb-06
Cross Timbers Trail 50M/25M 25-Feb-06
Great Southwest Marathon 18-Mar-06
Seabrook Lucky Trail Marathon 19-Mar-06
Grasslands Run 25-Mar-06
Hogs Hunt 50K/25K  1-Apr-06
Big-D Texas Marathon  2-Apr-06
Prickly Pear 50K  6-May-06
Beach to Bay Relay Marathon 20-May-06
Marathon 2 Marathon 15-Oct-05
Rocky Raccoon 50K 22-Oct-05
Miracle Match Marathon (Waco) 23-Oct-06
San Antonio Marathon 12-Nov-06
Inks Lake 50K 12-Nov-05
Sunmart Texas Trail Endurance Run (50K & 50M) 10-Dec-05
Dallas White Rock Marathon 10-Dec-06
Dallas Trails Marathon cancelled 2005
Walk of Fame Marathon (no longer held) Cross Corral Classic Hot Mama Marathon July Jam Marathon
Mills Pond Dam Marathon Texas Jammin' in January Lone Star Paper Chase Marathon South Padre Island Relay Marathon (now only a half)


Tri-State Marathon (Utah-Arizona-Nevada) 26-Mar-05
Moab Marathon  1-Apr-06
Ogden Marathon  6-May-06
Salt Lake City Marathon  3-Jun-06
Squaw Peak 50 Mile Trail Run  4-Jun-05
Park City Marathon 11-Jun-05
Wasatch Back relay (170M) 23->24-Jun-06
Deseret Morning News/KJZZ TV Salt Lake Marathon 25-Jul-05
Kat'cina Mosa 100K Mountain Challenge Run  6-Aug-05
Provo River Canyon Marathon  9-Sep-06
Utah Marathon Relay 10-Sep-05
Top of Utah Marathon 23-Sep-06
St. George Marathon  7-Oct-06
Icy Peaks Marathon Provo Marathon Relay Miserable Metric Marathon (only 26.2K) Mesquite Marathon (Utah-Arizona-Nevada)


Vermont City Marathon 28-May-06
Covered Bridges Half Marathon  4-Jun-06
Jay Mountain Marathon 29-Jul-06
Stowe Marathon 11-Sep-05
Green Mountain Marathon 21-Oct-06


Virginia Creeper Marathon 12-Mar-06
Shamrock Sportsfest Marathon 19-Mar-06
Charlottesville Marathon 15-Apr-06
Potomac River Run Marathon  7-May-06
EX2 Off-Road Marathon  7-May-06
Old Dominion 50 and 100 Mile 27->28-May-06
Richmond Marathon 11-Nov-06
Bay Bridge Marathon (discontinued)


Valentine Marathon 13-Feb-05
Birch Bay Marathon 19-Feb-06
Easter Marathon 26-Mar-05
Yakima River Canyon Marathon  1-Apr-06
Whidbey Island Marathon  2-Apr-06
Wenatchee Marathon 23-Apr-06
Mt.Si Relay & Ultra 23-Apr-06
Vancouver Discovery Walk 30-Apr-06
Capital City Marathon 21-May-06
San Juan Island Marathon  4-Jun-06
North Olympic Discovery Marathon 11-Jun-06
Virginia Mason Team Medicine Marathon at SEAFAIR  9-Jul-06
Gateway To The Pacific Marathon 24-Jul-05
Skagit Flats Marathon 10-Sep-06
Shore to Shore Marathon 16-Sep-06
Leavenworth Marathon  7-Oct-06
Spokane Marathon 16-Oct-05
Halloween Marathon 22-Oct-05
Tri-Cities Marathon 30-Oct-05
Seattle Marathon 27-Nov-05
Christmas Marathon 18-Dec-05
Jingle Bell Marathon Puget Sound Marathon St.Patrick's Day Marathon Grays Harbor Marathon

West Virginia

Ridge Runner Marathon  4-Jun-05
Marshall University Marathon 13-Nov-06
Almost Heaven Marathon - cancelled?


Trailbreaker Marathon  1-Apr-06
Pine Line Marathon 22-Apr-06
Lake Geneva Marathon 13-May-06
Journeys Marathon 13-May-06
Green Bay Marathon 21-May-06
Mad City Marathon 28-May-06
Paavo Nurmi Marathon 12-Aug-06
Fox Cities Marathon 24-Sep-06
Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon  1-Oct-06
Whistlestop Marathon 15-Oct-05
American Odyssey Marathon (no longer held) Bloomin' Idiot Marathon Fun Run


Wyoming Marathon 28-May-06
Casper Marathon  4-Jun-06
Run with the Horses Marathon 27-Aug-05

Canadian Marathon Page

World Marathons