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   Mushrooms are steeped in lore and mystery. Their study is known as the science of mycology, derived from the Greek word myco. Oriental medicine has revered mushrooms for thousands of years for their health-giving and health-preserving properties.

   Modern studies show that polysaccharides contained in some mushroom species act as immune system stimulants, blood pressure regulators and cholesterol watchdogs.

   Growing your own mushrooms is a healthy, fun and educational experience. Kits for indoor growing and logs or spawn for outdoor garden culture give you flexibility.

   Cooking with mushrooms is simple yet delightful. Mushrooms do not need long cooking periods and lend themselves to almost any dish from pizza or risotto to barbeque.

   Storing mushrooms is best done in brown paper, never plastic. If left in the fridge crisper drawer, they may dehydrate naturally. Just soak for 20 min. in warm, not hot water.

Blue Oyster, Yellow Oyster, Lions Mane, Elm Oyster, Enokitake Growing Mushroom Pictures

Earthy, smokey and meat-like. Great for stir-fry and BBQ.
Elm Oyster:
White, delicate flavour best suited to chicken and fish dishes.
Blue Oyster:
Colourful addition to many pasta and pastry dishes.
Pink Oyster:
Sweet taste and crunchy texture.
Beech Mushroom:
Light, crisp addition to stir-fry or salads.
Float on miso soup for a delicious treat.
Fruiting Stages of a Mushroom Home Growing Kit Picture

Delicious taste when crisped in olive oil.
Medicinal mushroom taken as a tea to stimulate the immune system.
Wine Cap:
Hazelnutty, good with meat and pasta.
Wood Blewit:
Delicate, woodsy taste.
King Oyster:
Dense, satisfying white flesh.
Lion's Mane:

Great baked, basted with olive oil.

Mushroom Storage:

Fresh mushrooms are stored in brown paper bags, in the fridge.
Dried mushrooms should be stored in airtight containers.

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