Where can I read more about Cynthia Rothrock?

The following are some of the articles about CR that have appeared over the years. Also, CR has a bi-monthly column in Inside Kung Fu magazine. You might want to keep your eye out for it.

Impact magazine, vol. 4, no. 1, (July 1996)

"Rothrock's Return"
A short piece that covers CR's newest movies, "Blonde Justice" (now called "Sworn to Justice") and "Tiger Claws 2."

Pithy excerpt: Everyone's fave battling babe Cynthia Rothrock is back on the mean streets for Tiger Claws 2... The first Tiger Claws has become a cult movie within the genre, and Tiger Claws 3 seems a virtual certainty.
The second new slice of Rothrockery is Blonde Justice, which the lady herself decribes as "probably the best thing I've ever done." Several pundits agree, observing that this is Cyndy's best acting, rather than action, job to date.

Celebrity Sleuth magazine, vol. 9, no. 7, ("Shock Jocks 2")

"Kung Fu Goddess"
More cheesecake. Although the magazine claims that these are exclusive pics, they're from the same session as the ones published in Femme Fatales six months ago. There's no actual nudity, but quite a bit of tease. Although the hairdo on the cover is a bit unfortunate, the picture of her doing an arch in lingerie is quite uplifting. Anyone clamouring for this kind of thing can stop bugging me and simply get this magazine. Kathy Long is also featured.

Pithy excerpt: Asked "if there is one well-known female martial artist who particularly stands out in your mind," karate kingmaker Emil Farkas replies: "Well, if you ask me to name three, I would have to say Cynthia Rothrock, Cynthia Rothrock and Cynthia Rothrock. She's got it all," Farkas feels. "She's a true champion. She exploded on the scene and shot right to the top. She's extremely feminine and she's a lady. She deserves it all."

Femme Fatales magazine, vol. 4, no. 1, (Summer 1995)

"Cynthia Rothrock"
Interview by Frederick C. Szebin
Quite informative, although I'll admit I was a bit dismayed that a woman who has resisted gratuitous nudity in her films for ten years posed for some fairly cheesecakey pictures. She says she's trying to soften her image a bit. My only question: why? Her image, insofar as she is universally considered to be a nice human being, is soft enough, isn't it? I know, I sound like a prude...maybe if I had a body that good, I'd want to flaunt it, too. >8)
Anyway, people frequently inquire about how to get their hands on this issue, so here you go: back issues currently cost $8 (no shipping charges); to order with Visa or Mastercard, dial 1-800-798-6515. Mail cheques or money orders (US funds) to: P.O. Box 270, Oak Park, IL 60303.

Pithy excerpt: Reflecting on her pioneering role as a female action icon, Rothrock is less than livid when addressing her imitators: "I've come up in a very competitive world. Competition doesn't bother me. I was, for the longest time, the only woman making martial arts movies. It was hard enough for me to get in. But it seems throughout my life, I've been opening doors for other women to get involved with this. I was the first woman to be on the cover of a karate magazine and the first woman to win a men's championship."

Black Belt magazine, June 1995

"Cynthia Rothrock"
Interview by Sandra E. Kessler
A nice interview with a good range of photographs.

Pithy excerpt: "I like to do martial arts films. A lot of martial arts actors eventually want to just get into acting, and I don't blame them, because it's easier. You don't have all the pain, and you don't risk all the injuries. But I know that's my strong point; that's what my fans want to see--the action. What I want to do is get better acting roles with the action, better scripts--something that gives me a chance to act."

Oriental Cinema magazine, issue #7

A comprehensive listing, with capsule reviews, of both American and Chinese martial arts movies, with micro biographies of some of the stars (including CR, naturally).

Pithy excerpt: Cynthia Rothrock's popularity continues to grow in both the U.S. and the Far East. According to an interview...she's treated like Meryl Streep in Jakarta, Indonesia (where she made LADY DRAGON parts 1 & 2), and there's even an actress in the Philippines calling herself Cory Rothrock! Sophia Crawford, an aspiring British actress who hoped to make it as a star in HK was told to "be like Cynthia Rothrock", "kick like Cynthia Rothrock", "fight like Cynthia Rothrock", etc.

The New York Times, July 3, 1994, Sunday, Late Edition--Final, Section 2, p. 21

"The Biggest Star You Never Heard Of"
By Andy Meisler
Yes, CR in The New York Times! A very interesting article, with a good look at both her popularity and her "state of mind."

Pithy excerpt: Sound and picture quality in her movies vary. Direction and story line take a back seat to action. Indigestible bits of dialogue--"Arrest this man for attempted murder and nuclear conspiracy!"--whiz by without comment.
"Sometimes the dialogue doesn't make much sense," Ms. Rothrock admits. "It's just say this, say that, then fight fight fight."

Women's Sports and Fitness magazine, June, 1985

"The woman who brought new moves, spirit, and, yes, pink satin to the martial arts"
By Sara Reeder
A nice "time capsule" interview with a younger CR (known as "Cyndi" at the time!?!). Plenty of information about how she was thinking then. Guess what? She hasn't changed a heck of a lot!

Pithy excerpt: Though it takes most people about four years to earn the first black belt in martial arts, Rothrock completed hers in two. "I was taking two and three classes a day, since it was becoming clear that this is what I wanted to do with my life." The second black belt, in Northern Shaolin, took even less time; by 1982, she had black belts in eagle claw kung fu, tae kwon do and whu shu as well.

Articles I've heard about, but haven't yet tracked down: Inside Kung Fu, January, 1994.

If you know of any other major print articles concerning CR, please send me e-mail about it: tigger@interlog.com

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