Summer Film Series - 2012

The Fall/Winter series might be over but not to worry. The Toronto Film Society is here to help assuage our members desire for fantastic classic movies. Screened over seven monday nights during the months of July and August the films of the summer film series generally follow a theme. This year the Toronto Film Society will be waving the Union Jack... with Another British Invasion. A series of 14 films in 7 double bills at The Carlton Cinema. Screenings being at 7:30pm sharp and feature films with a distinctly British fare.

Another British Invasion

Location: Carlton Cinema at 20 Carlton Street. The NE corner of Yonge and College.
Screening Time: 7:30pm
Cost: Series Membership of 14 films for $85 Note: Your T.F.S. membership card will get you a discount at any of The Carlon's regular screenings thoughout the year.

Please Note: Regular Carlton Cinema box office pricing will not apply to Toronto Film Society screenings.

TTC: College subway and streetcar stop just steps away.
PARKING: Lot parking close by on Church Street, limited street parking out front.

Programme 1 - July 9th

Sixty Glorious Years - (1938) - 90 min

Sixty Glorious Years
Director: Herbert Wilcox
Cast: Anna Neagle
Anton Walbrook
C. Aubrey Smith
Walter Rilla

As the present Queen Elizabeth celebrates her sixty-year reign we look back to her great grandmother, Queen Victoria, who did it first. As England’s legendary monarch, Anna Neagle gives a fine performance from the young queen to the “widow of Windsor” and Anton Walbrook is exceptionally persuasive as her intelligent, loving husband.

Sixty Glorious Years Notes

Folly to Be Wise - (1942) – 91 min

Movie Poster Unavailable
Director: Frank Launder
Cast: Alastair Sim
Elizabeth Allen
Roland Culver
Martita Hunt

In trying to enliven service life with various unique entertainments and the ensuing trials and tribulations, Alastair Sim’s Army Chaplain struggles bravely. A delightfully witty comedy.

Folly To Be Wise Notes

Programme 2 - July 16th

Too Many Crooks - (1958) – 85 min

Too Many Crooks
Director: Mario Zampi
Cast: Terry Thomas
Brenda De Banzie
George Cole
Sydney Tafler

In this amusingly daffy comedy a thick-headed gang of crooks tries their hand at extortion, bolstered by their leader Terry-Thomas who’s in fine shape. Plus an excellent chase sequence.

Too Many Crooks Notes

The Dock Brief (Trial And Error) – (1962) – 88 min

The Dock Brief (Trial And Error)
Director: James Hill
Cast: Peter Sellers
Richard Attenborough
Beryl Reid
David Lodge

John Mortimer’s satiric play becomes a disaster just waiting to happen, highlighted by a study in character acting by Sellers and Attenborough, one a bungling barrister and the other an accused murderer.

The Dock Brief Notes

Programme 3 - July 23rd

Candlelight in Algeria – (1943) – 82 min

Candlelight in Algeria
Director: George King
Cast: James Mason
Carla Lehmann
Walter Rilla
Raymond Lovell

Based on an actual war-time event, Operation Torch, Mason is a British agent caught up in spy intrigues prior to the Anglo American invasion of North Africa. Rilla is a fine villain.

Candlelight In Algeria Notes

Contraband (Blackout) – (1940) – 92 min

Contraband (Blackout)
Director: Michael Powell
Cast: Conrad Veidt
Valerie Hobson
Hay Petrie
Leo Genn
Esmond Knight

Veidt, a Danish merchant sea captain, and Hobson, an enigmatic passenger, get caught up with a London spy ring in the early days of WWII. A superior spy yarn with lots of atmosphere and very much in the Hitchcock vein.

Contraband (Blackout) Notes

Programme 4 - July 30th

The Glass Mountain – (1950) – 94 min

The Glass Mountain
Director: Henry Cass
Cast: Valentina Cortese
Michael Denison
Dullcie Gray
Sebastian Shaw

An airman rescued in the Italian Alps during the war is later inspired by the event, and the girl who rescued him, to compose an opera. A beautifully-made film with magnificent on-location shooting is also a treat for music-lovers, with singers from La Scala appearing, led by the great baritone Tito Gobbi.

The Devil’s Disciple – (1958) – 83 min

The Devil’s Disciple
Director: Guy Hamilton
Cast: Burt Lancaster
Kirk Douglas
Laurence Olivier
Janette Scott
Eva LeGallienne

A rousing good adaptation of George Bernard Shaw’s satire set during the American Revolution, American ne’er-do-well Dick Dudgeon (Douglas) almost allows himself to be hanged by the British in mistake for rebel pastor Lancaster. Olivier’s General Burgoyne is perfection. The three stars shine.

Programme 5 - August 13th

The Ghost Train – (1941) – 82 min

The Ghost Train
Director: Walter Forde
Cast: Arthur Askey
Kathleen Harrison
Richard Murdoch
Herbert Lomas

Passengers are stranded at an eerie station in Cornwall and are told by the stationmaster that it is haunted by a ghost train, the result of a deadly rail disaster. Tonight’s the anniversary of the event!

Sleeping Car to Trieste – (1948) - 95 min

Sleeping Car to Trieste
Director: John Paddy Carstairs
Cast: Jean Kent
Albert Lieven
Paul Dupuis
Derrick de Marney
Rona Anderson

The Orient Express is a fine setting for a highly entertaining cat-and-mouse game of espionage agents competing for possession of a “hot” political diary. A neat spy thriller with some good comedy touches.

Programme 6 - August 20th

Storm in a Teacup – (1937) – 87 min

Storm in a Teacup
Director: Ian Dalrymple
Victor Saville
Cast: Rex Harrison
Vivien Leigh
Cecil Parker
Sara Allgood

A dog is seized by authorities of a small Scottish town for lack of a license and its owner, an old lady, refuses to pay for one. In the hands of a young, keen reporter it becomes a national sensation. Storm in a teacup, indeed! A witty social comedy.

Trouble in Store – (1955) - 85 min

Trouble in Store
Director: John Paddy Carstairs
Cast: Margaret Rutherford
Norman Wisdom
Moira Lister
Derek Bond
Megs Jenkins

In tracing the ups-and-downs of an inept shop worker the film is filled with fun sight gags, good character acting and much hilarity. Rutherford is a wonderful shoplifter.

Programme 7 - August 27th

The Blue Lamp – (1950) - 84 min

The Blue Lamp
Director: Basil Dearden
Cast: Jack Warner
Jimmy Hanley
Dirk Bogarde
Bernard Lee

In this seminal British police film, a young recruit helps nab a robber who’s killed a fellow policeman, the elderly cop who trained him. A dandy manhunt thriller as well as having an authentic documentary-like flavour.

Tiger Bay – (1950) – 105 min

Tiger Bay
Director: J. Lee Thompson
Cast: John Mills
Horst Buchholz
Hayley Mills
Yvonne Mitchell
Megs Jenkins

In her first major acting role Hayley Mills is perfection as a lonely child who witnesses a murder and later becomes involved with the young killer. A poignant, sensitive and very different police chase and a superb suspense yarn.