Film Festivals

In Our Own Home Town...

Toronto International Film Festival

Toronto International Film Festival

The Toronto International Film Festival is the leading public film festival in the world, screening more than 300 films from 60+ countries every September.

Toronto Jewish Film Festival

Toronto Jewish Film Festival

The Toronto Jewish Film Festival presents the best feature films, documentaries and shorts from around the world, on themes of Jewish culture and identity. The Festival is dedicated to using film for its contemporary popular value and accessibility, in order to reflect the diversity of the Jewish experience internationally. The TJFF provides an opportunity to heighten awareness of Jewish and cultural diversity around the world, to audiences of all cultural backgrounds, and to present films in their original languages with subtitles, in an effort to break down racial, cultural and religious barriers and stereotypes.

Toronto Silent Film Festival

Toronto Silent Film Festival

Let the Toronto Silent Film Festival return you to a time when images truly spoke -- on the big screen, as they were meant to be seen, and with live accompaniment, as they were meant to be heard. Join us for the sights and sounds of cinema's original classics.

Toronto Independent Film Festival

Toronto Independent Film Festival

The Toronto Indie is Toronto's own film festival for truly independent films, and a headline event for micro-budget and no-budget films in North America. Toronto Indie runs alongside the Toronto Film Festival and offers a fantastic opportunity for undiscovered filmmakers to showcase their achievements, in a space where all the key players of the film industry have gathered.

Close To Home...

The Vintage Film Festival

The Vintage Film Festival - Port Hope, Ontario

Twenty years ago (1992), a group of film enthusiasts involved in the restoration of the Marie Dressler house had a wild idea. Why not hold a festival showing the films in which Marie Dressler had starred?

This seemingly fantastic idea grew into the present form, in which we show a variety of films generally made before 1950. One film always features Ms. Dressler, but others range from very old, silent films starring Mary Pickford, Erich von Stroheim or Douglas Fairbanks, to talkies and musicals.

Not Too Far...

Capitolfest Film Festival

Capitolfest Film Festival - Rome, New York

Capitolfest is Central New York's premier summer Cinephile film festival-a place to see rarely-shown and newly-discovered films of the silent and early talkie era, held at the historic 1,788-seat movie palace, the Capitol Theatre, in Rome, New York, which opened in December, 1928 as a movie house. To date, Capitol remains the only building in Rome (population c. 35,000) constructed for the specific purpose of exhibiting motion pictures. Although the theatre received an Modernistic face-lift in 1939, the auditorium is configured exactly as it was in 1928, and much of the original décor remains.

Cinefest Film Festival

Cinefest Film Festival - Syracuse, New York

Put on by the Syracuse Cinephile Society, Cinefest is a "convention" style vintage festival spanning over four days in March. Along side the screening of many hard to find vintage films, Cinefest also invites dealers and merchants of movie memoribilia allowing patrons to browse for the latest.. "must-have" item. Definitely a worth while festival to take in.

Cinevent Film Festival

Cinevent Film Festival - Columbus, Ohio

CINEVENT is a gathering of fans of silent and early sound films, and of collectors of motion pictures and related items. Movie screenings are available from mid-day Friday to mid-day Monday (with a few hours off to sleep!) each Memorial Day Weekend. Dealers fill over 170 tables full of film, video, sound recordings, posters, stills, lobby cards, books, autographs...everything imaginable associated with film.

Further afield...

Cinecon Film Festival

Cinecon Film Festival - Los Angeles, California

Taking place in the heart of Hollywood, Cinecon is a five-day celebration of film featuring screenings, celebrity guests, and one of the best movie memorabilia shows in the country. CASABLANCA and GONE WITH THE WIND Great movies, but you won't see them at Cinecon. We specialize in running rare, unusual and unjustly forgotten movies from the silent and early sound era. Most films are screened in 35mm and silent films include live piano accompaniment. Cinecon is truly 7th Heaven for Cinephiles who have seen nearly everything TCM and AMC have to offer.