The "Raiding The Vaults" Weekend - 2012
Our 30th Consecutive Year!!!
Sunday August 6th and Monday August 6th, 2012
George Eastman House (The Dryden Theatre), 900 East Avenue, Rochester N.Y.

Trilby - (1915)

Director: Maurice Tourneur
Cast: Clara Kimball Young
Wilton Lackaye

Restored print of the well-known “Svengali” story by George du Maurier, who worked on its script. Stars Clara Kimball Young in her first film under the direction of someone other than her husband, James Young.

The Heart Of Nora Flynn - (1916)

Poster Unavailable
Director: Cecil B. DeMille
Cast: Marie Doro
Elliott Dexter
Ernest Joy
Lola May

Social drama centred on class conflict with the heroine as a “new woman” who represents the changing attitudes to femininity and sexuality of the period.

The Hoodlum - (1919)

The Hoodlum
Director: Sidney Franklin
Cast: Mary Pickford
Ralph Lewis
Kenneth Karlan

Mary Pickford in an unusual role as a spoiled rich girl who leaves her privileged life style to live with her father in a slum neighbourhood and learns the virtues of tolerance and compassion in the process.

Three Women - (1924)

Three Women
Director: Ernst Lubitsch
Cast: May McAvoy
Pauline Frederick
Marie Prevost

Possibly the only surviving print of one of Lubitsch’s finest American comedy/dramas, with a dream cast.

Children Of Montmartre (La Meternelle) - (1933)

Children Of Montmartre
Director: Jean-Benoit-Levy
Marie Epstein
Cast: Madeleine Renaud
Alice Tissot

Marie Renaud as a lonely young woman who takes a job as a maid in a Montmartre kindergarten with 150 poor children, to whom she tries to give individual loving attention. A sensitive and moving film by the sister of Jean Epstein and one of the few French women directors of the period. Subtitled.

Prix De Beaute - (1930)

Prix De Beaute
Director: Augusto Genina
Screen Play: Rene Clair
George Wilhelm Pabst
Cast: Louise Brooks
Georges Charlia
Augusto Bandini

Louise Brooks in her last European film and her first sound film as a typist and bathing beauty who decides to enter a “Miss Europe” contest against the wishes of her jealous lover André. Brooks’ dialogue and singing were dubbed throughout.

The First Year - (1926)

Poster Unavailable
Director: Frank Borzage
Cast: Matt Moore
Katherine Perry
John Patrick

Matt Moore and Katherine Perry star in a charming comedy of the trials and tribulations of a young couple in their first year of marriage and the disastrous dinner party they organize to impress an important financial partner of the husband.

Colorado Territory - (1949)

Colorado Territory
Director: Raoul Walsh
Cast: Joel McCrea
Virginia Mayo

A remake of Walsh’s 1941 High Sierra in a Western setting. Outlaw Wes McQueen is freed from jail by members of his former gang to help them in a final heist, but tries unavailingly to go straight.

The Whistle - (1921)

Poster Unavailable
Director: Lambert Hillyer
Cast: William S. Hart
Frank Browlee
Myrtle Stedman

A rare non-Western role for William S. Hart as a union organiser in a highly emotional film dealing with workplace safety as he attempts to uncover responsibility for his son’s death in an accident.

Smilin' Through - (1941)

Smilin' Through
Director: Frank Borzage
Cast: Jeanette MacDonald
Brian Aherne

A typical heartwarming and charming romance by a long-time master of the genre, in which a longstanding grudge is finally and happily resolved. Technicolor musical.

Topaze - (1933)

Director: Harry d'Abbadie d'Arrast
Cast: John Barrymore
Myrna Loy

John Barrymore and Myrna Loy star in an American version of a play and film by Marcel Pagnol, with Barrymore as a naive professor exploited and morally compromised by a corrupt businessman. Directed by a Chaplin protegé whose other films include the 1930 classic Laughter.

I'll Get You For This (Lucky Nick Cain) - (1951)

I'll Get You For This
Director: Joseph M. Newman
Cast: George Raft
Coleen Gray
Augusto Bandini

On vacation in Italy, American gambler Nick Cain ( finds that he has been framed for a murder in the United States and has to establish his innocence, uncovering an international counterfeiting ring in the process.

Silent Shorts

  • Cleopatara - (1928)
  • Jane On Strike - (1911)
  • The Beggar Maid - (1921)

Sound Shorts

  • La Cucaracha - (1928)