Upgrading the Palm III to 8M



Modifying your device will void the warranty provided by the manufacturer!

Upgrading the III to 8M

Step one -- the chip

  • Remove the RAM chip from the board
  • Prepare the replacement RAM chip by bending pin 31 slightly up (to prevent it from touching the board once it is installed. Don't break it off, you'll need to attach a wire to it later.
  • Solder the 8M DRAM chip to the board. (don't solder pin 31!)
  • Connect a small jumper from pin 31 to the connector strip #14 (7th from the right). Try to avoid soldering directly to the gold pad.

Step 2 -- the back

There are 7 steps required.

  • On the back of the board, gently cut the long diagonal trace on the left (see image)
  • Connect the 5 jumpers are illustrated. You may need to remove some of the green solder-resist material first.
  • Add a small jumper, or just flow the solder over the two very close gold contacts at the left of the board (see illustration).

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Good luck!


The 8M DRAM chip required should be a 4K refresh chip. Self refresh is NOT required for this upgrade. Some compatible parts are: