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Looking for economy in a solar module? You probably thought you'd have to sacrifice quality, performance and reliability. Now you don't have to. Solarex introduces the Value Line! Manufactured in ISO 9001 certified factories using world class technology, the VLX modules are attractively designed and intelligently engineered. Constructed to the same high manufacturing standards as our industrial product line, our new VLX 53 and 32 watt low profile modules are the affordable solution for many applications
Dual Voltage Capability.
The VLX-53 and -32. Thirty-six semicrystalline solar cells are arranged in two 18-cell strings. Combined in series, these strings produce 12 volts. The strings terminate in s junction box, and can be reconfigured in parallel, or on-site, to produce a 6 volt output. This arrangement also allows bypass diodes to be placed every 18 cells (2 per module) improving reliability and performance in higher voltage (24V and above) systems.

Spacious and Convenient.
The junction box is large enough to house multiple array connections and a Solarex regulator.

Terminals in the junction boxes attach easily and quickly to wide variety of wire termination, including bare wire. Industry standard openings accept English ˝" nominal, or metric PG 13.5 cable or conduit fittings.

Semicrystalline Solar Cells.
Our technology is the result of pioneering research in photovolatics and more than 20 years of successful field installations.

Rugged, Weatherproof Construction.
Cell strings are laminated between sheets of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) and tempered glass with a durable light blue Tedlar backsheet.

Clear-Annodized Extruded Aluminum Frame.
This corrosion resistant, attractive framing is compatiable with Solarex mounting hardware and most other mounting structures.

Tempered Glass Superstrate.
Self-cleaning and highly transmissive, this inert, impact resistant glass provides many years of trouble-free service.

Laminate Construction.
Tempered low-iron glass superstrate with 4 x 9 (36) cell matrix and EVA/Tedlar encapsulation. Tedlar background is light blue (Salem Blue) behind the cells.

53 Watt 36 5/6 MEGA™ (9.5cm x 11.4cm)
32 Watt 36 1/2 MEGA™ (5.7cm x 11.4cm)

Frame and Mounting.
Extruded aluminum multimount frame with clear anodized finish. Multimount slots accepts English ˝" system 5/16" or metric 8 mm hex-head bolts. Center-to-center dimension of the multimount slots is 18.38" (467 mm).

Ten Year Warranty
. Solarex's warranty guarantees that each unit will produce 90% of its minimum rated power for ten years.