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Sailor Moon started out as Japanese manga targeted at girls aged 4-12, but it became such a big success with all age groups that it spawned a 5 year TV series and 3 movies. Its TV series and movies were among the most popular in Japan during 1992-1996. As a result, DIC in cooperation with Buena Vista have imported 65 episodes to the North American market. The storylines have been modified and certain areas have been censored to clean it up for North American television. For more detailed info download the Sailor Moon FAQ. The file is a zipped .txt format which is about 51K in size.

Anyways since I'm annoyed at DIC for cutting whole episodes and any form of physical violence (and even some comedic violence) out of the North American release, I have been renting the originals on LD to see what all the fuss is about. (special thanks to Hitoshi Doi for his plot synopsis of the episodes and movies) Unfortunately I don't have anything to make AVIs with so I can't make any new multimedia video files. However I'm will make some MP2 audio files so that people can hear what the original transformation music and stuff was like. (Sorry tis the best I can do until I raise enough capital for an decent digital video capture card).
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