The Last Guardian

Well this is a Sailor Moon fanfic I wrote after reading a few that were out there. It is set just after the completion of Sailor Moon R (second season), so the timeframe is sometime in Sailor Moon S (third season), but neither the Outer Senshi nor Chibi Usa appear in my story. All of the characters use the Japanese names and attacks. I have also added the honourifics to names when there are discussions among the characters (see Author's Notes below). I have also tried my best to make it as true as possible, that is following the same storyline ideas, and setting it in the same geographic location within Tokyo the anime series is.

The story was written on Microsoft Word (ver 7.0) for Windows 95. I am posting it as such because I have used italics in many parts of the story and plain text format does not support this. It can be read by Word ver 6.0 or higher, Wordpad in Windows 95, and I believe the Word file Viewer available from Microsoft. I think you can find it somewhere on their site (

Download a zipped copy of The Last Guardian (362 kB)

Author's Notes

Last revision 14 Apr 2000

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