Miniature Micro Video Wireless Transmitter
MV 915 VTx - Miniature Video Transmitter
Yes - This transmitter is the Size of a Small Coin!
Transmitter beside Penny!©
Designed, Built & Certified by Canadians
for Legal "* no licence required" use in Canada.

* Note. In some export jurisdictions - you must check with local regulators about the use of this sophisticated product.

How to Use - Plug into any standard video source and connect a 9 Volt transistor type battery.
That's it - Plug and Play.

Pick up the wireless video transmission up to hundreds of feet away with either our
MV Rx402 A/V Receiver or our MV MnRx 223 Receiver /w built- in Monitor.
All Products can be used with batteries - so you can be completely portable.

Transmitter beside Nickle© Pic of Transmitter©
MV 915 VTx Video Transmitter... $call$

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