WIRELESS Video Receiver w/Audio
Amazing receiver (not a toy) - performs like many high priced systems!
Has built in switcher to use w/ two cameras - and is Frequency Agile!
Wireless Video Camera Receiver # MV Rx 402 12 Volt Operation for portability


MV Rx 402
Operating Voltage12-15 Volts
Current Comsumption~250ma
Reception Frequency902-928
Switching Timing
Two (Switchable)
Every 5-8 seconds
Audio/ Video Out.RCA Type Jacks
Antenna-15 cm. Whip (STD)
Body Size(mm)140L x 30H x 130W
Includes w/AC/DC adaptor and A/V wires.

Increase Range with
Accessory Antennas
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Camera & Monitor
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MV Rx 402 Receiver... $call$
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