It takes a long time to figure out our bodies without letting our minds be too much in control. It also takes a long time for our minds to intelligently respond to what our bodies tell us.
"A key thing about flirting is when your body responds in ways it otherwise wouldn't--then it really means the flirtation's going somewhere. When I get awkward, I know. Or, when you're together in a group and you touch somebody's hand by mistake and something shoots through you and you look at each other and all of the sudden its that vibe--I don't know exactly what it's called--but that's something you can both feel."
"Between us... it's easier. We understand each other sometimes without ever speaking. I think that we are very sensitive, emotional people, and can sometimes not even talk.And still everything is understood.
I think that in Russia it's really more simple. You can approach a person and, not literally say "I like you, come with me", but in Russia people are sensitive enough. They can show the same thing with their look, their eyes. But you could sometimes say "Girl, I like you, come over and visit me." And if she likes you, she asks what you have to offer, what music you have, what drinks. And just generally will ask about you. And if she doesn't like you she won't simply say "Go to hell", she'll just say I can't, I'm busy, I don't have time. That's enough. It's understood."
Natascha &Tanja
What was the most amazing physical flirting gesture you can recall?

Are there gestures that you don't like?
What doe it feel like when your instincts feel clear?

Have you ever flirted with someone against your instincts? What happened?
What do you like/dislike about flirting with femmes? with butches?

Or, do you even believe in butch/femme at all?

The panther emits a fragrant odor which it uses to capture it victims