July 27, 2008

I cannot believe after all these years that I have finally come across some information on
Vitamin Z.  Kudos to you for putting all of this together. Funny thing is just this evening I
came across a couple of old vinyl maxi singles that I had purchased years ago.  Sadly my
turntable had broken years back and I just never got around to replacing it.  Well, this
past Christmas, I purchased a new one and now I can listen to Hi Hi Friend, and Burning
Flame once more.  I am soooo very excited by it all.  Luckily I packed up all my vinyl
collection carefully and they are still in mint condition. Was so nice to hear those songs
again.  I did not know at the time I purchased the 12" singles that there was an album
that followed.  Now I wish I had that too.  Anyway.thanks again for putting together the


Marshall Cain
Largo, Florida

Nice to see your site on Vitamin Z. Boy!!!....the memories that brings  back! I had that cassette the summer that I joined the army. I loved that  CD. My cousin and I had it the summer of 1985 at the beach and we must have  played it to death. I still can remember lots of pretty girls coming up to  us (hearing the music) and saying "Oh! I love that band! Boy!...what a  long time ago! I was 18 then and now I'm 41! most everyone else  here, I have looked for their music for years! Sorry to say that I have never  found it on CD or anything else. I would love to have Rites of Passage on  CD! Bit of good news though. Just by chance I did a search of them on ( ) and guess what! The video of Burning Flame is on there! I am including the link for everyone else to enjoy. I hope we somehow get there music soon!



Great site.  Good memories of a band who should have been much more.  Thanks.

First heard Circus Ring at Heaven, downtown Jo'burg, in the late 80's.  Very fond memories.  Inevitably played on a Saturday night.

Purchased an import copy of Rites of Passage on vinyl joining Depeche Mode, Tears for Fears, Bauhaus, The Cult, Dead Kennedys, Siouxie, The Smiths, Duran Duran, Billy Idol, The The, Public Image and more.  Vitamin Z is the only one I've been unable to replace - not even on iTunes!

Sept 3rd, 2007

 I remember seeing Vitamin Z at Crawley when they supported Midge Ure. I loved the music from the start and went straight out to find their music on vinyl. 22 years later I still listen to Sharpe Stone Rain CD regularly and wish I could find Rites of passage on CD as I no longer have a turntable for my vinyl collection. Whenever I listen I immediately get transported back to the leisure centre hall that night and a time I look back on with such fond memories.....

Simon Read
Oct. 30, 2007

Hey Kirk,
I've been wondering about these guys for a while and have been meaning to google them.  How ironic that it takes a guy from Toronto to create the site!  Very cool!
I was 15-ish when my brother gave me Rites of Passage that he had gotten as a promo.  I immediately fell in love with Geoff, Heal the Pain and Burning Flame.  I can still "see" that video!  I recently put Burning Flame on my mini-disk and it haunts me still - I'm a bit obsessed by that song, sad to say. I love it's melancholy sound.
I'm not really surprised that they kind of fizzled as the music industry at the time was fickle and competitive - hell, it still is.  It's good to hear that the guys are good, healthy and still playing.  What a coup that would be if they did some club shows here in TO!
 Cheers - good on ya!

Thank you for an excellent and informative site on this great band.  I had forgotten how much I like them and am now an avid collecter of their stuff on Ebay! Geoff Barradale has an amazing voice and its appaling that neither he nor Nick Lockwood have had much commercial success, though I'm glad and grateful they are still in the music business.  Geoff's recent band Seafruit is also excellent and unsung.
I urge VZ fans to check out the film 'Howling III - The Marsupials' as it contains a completely different version of 'Wipe Your Tears' from 'Sharp Stone Rain'.  The film is out on DVD (the American release is the best) and the different version of 'Wipe Your Tears' is played out over the end credits.  I don't know if it was released seperately but it's a must for fans even if you don't like the movie!  The film was released in 1987 which is revelaling as the album came out a couple of years later.  The song is actually credited as 'Wipe Your Tears Away' in the film's end credits
Anyway, many thanks and keep up the good work!
Al Marshall

I was at Furman University in the mid to late 80's.  One of my roomies was Carrie Neill from Vero Beach, FL who brought this cassette with her.  We loved it. I've lost touch with her and with the group that I loved so.  Thanks for doing this site.
Libby Lear-Walker
Greenville, SC

What a site!
I was just turning to 19 when I met Susanne, the love of my live. Went to my place and played Circus Ring over and over again... (can still remember the video, hage sofia and stuff)
Haven´t seen her since -86 but those were the nights of my life...
All the best to the guys!
Mr G. / Finland

Hi ,well what a find ,brill website !! It certainly took me back to my early 20s when I was going out
with Geoff's brother Chris Barradale ,I used to spend most of my time at the flat they shared near
Hunters Bar (handy for the Stag Pub ) and then at their place in Crookes. Numerous nights in
toasting marshmallows on the bar fire !! I've loads of piccies I'm sure would entertain all Vit Z fans
(all u certificate of cource ) !! I bet Geoff wouldnt mind me telling you he once pinched my foundation
for a photo shoot !! I've bumped into Ange a few times over the years in Asda !! Who was going out with
Geoff at the time and who was of cource the inspiration behind the *Angela * track.I have lots of piccies
of them both at the flat etc. and would love to send them to you if it is ok with Geoff .?? I see him
occasionally at Hathersage outdoor swimming pool with his family and picnic basket !! But havent been in
touch for quite a while now even though I've often thought of calling in when I go through Millhouses .Now
I might !! Anyway keep on digging all those facts out cos its good to reminise !! Did anyone else used to
spend their friday nights at the Limit or the Leadmill in Sheffield ?? Please e mail me at . Love to all out there ,also I think of Geoff and Chris whenever I hear an
Aswad track !! brings back memories !! Love Penny Jardine (Scott as was )xx

Without revealing too much, I knew a band member back in the mid-eighties (how old do I feel He
and my first husband knew each other, and it was through this friendship that I heard the music...
I still have somewhere (ashamedly in my attic) a signed copy of that first album, and can never really understand why Vitamin Z didn't make it really BIG. They deserved it, after all.
Gonna go and shift some stuff in the attic now....
Great to know there's a website here all about them.

Hi - I used to play in a band with Nick Lockwood way back several hundred years ago, just after he left
his first band - glad to hear he's still "at it"!  My current output is at if anyone's interested...

All the best,

Nick Robinson

Is it the music or the memories? My husband skeptically asks when I discover an old cassette of the
Buggles in the basement, or come home with a "new" The Cure CD. OK, maybe King or Bananarama could
not stand the test of time, but with some bands, both the music and associated memories live on. That's
the case with Vitamin Z. Just a week ago I found a mixed cassette I made 15 YEARS AGO and Vitamin Z
was on it. I was beside myself, because I have been searching for their recordings for years in used music
stores. I've had "Everytime that I see You" in my head for days now. Oh, that voice, Geoff's voice! It
is so filled with desire, passion, longing. And then there are the memories of my brother and I first
hearing "Burning Flame" on the free music video channel in New York, U68. I don't know, maybe I am
stuck in a decade. My husband likes to say as he gets into the car when I pick him up from the train
station, "Out there it's 2001, but in here, 1981." I don't care! And I'm glad I found this site. There
was a lot of good music in that decade, but Vitamin Z was unique and I appreciate them all the more now
that I have learned a little about them. And if a member of the band happens to be reading this, e-mail
me! My inner teenager will swoon!

Nina Wasserman
New Jersey

I really don't think I can put into words the fond memories I have when I listen to Vitamin Z.  It was
a time of new experiences and adventures with the closest ring of friends I will ever have.  "Angela" has
particular special meaning to me, as it was a song that brings back memories of my first true love.  It is
with him that I first heard the song.  (and my name happens to be Angela).  Many special events and
people have come and gone in my life, but there is not a memory one as special as those Vitamin Z days!!
I listen to "Sharp Stone Rain" in it's entireity many days a week while I plug away at the computer at
work.  It takes me to that special place in my heart and makes working alot more enjoyable.   If they
ever make it to this website, I would like to send a special thanks out to Jeannine, Jeff, Adrian and of
course, Bob for the some of the best memories of growing up a person can have!  Hope everyone is as
happy as I am, and that their memories are as fond as mine!


Hello there.  This is an outstanding site by a very obscure band.  I first heard of Vitamin Z when I was
growing up in the Philippine Islands back in the 80s.  I am looking forward to hearing the cd with extra
tracks that they included.  Keep up the excellent work and good luck in everything that you do in life.
Good luck to Mr. Barradale and the rest of the band for whatever they are presently into.  Thanks for
reliving long lost memories.

Renrick M. Pascual
New Jersey, USA
Makati, Philippines

What can I say?  Vitamin Z has been a part of half of my life.  I recently turned 30, and have been reflecting on what I have accomplished.  One thing I remember with pleasant thoughts is a very personal moment everyone has, mine was at 15 years old, and the song that was playing was Burning Flame.  My boyfriend and I at the time didn't stay together for very long, but he left me with a very precious gift, that I will always be greatful for, and that was an exposure to music other than top 40.   Vitamin Z, Violent Femmes, XTC, etc. are STILL some of my favorite bands.  I have looked for Vitamin Z on CD ever since, and am grateful that my 2 cassettes still play.  Whenever I hear Everytime That I See You, Angela, and especially Burning Flame, I am reminded of a simpler time, that when you look back you hopefully have fond memories of when your friends and your love life were all that you had to worry about.  Thank you for this site where I can post this and hope that others will feel the same, and most of all, thank you, Scot, for a 1st time that will always be in my heart!

Donna Norris

Kirk,youre a god dam star man,this band of ours is our band,all my many family & friends adore this band and they always say,where can i get rites album,sharp stone rain anything by vitamin z,i just proudly say its my band and
they will remain in my heart and my house...
I have so many great memories of the boys,my track listing given to me by mr barradale himself on that hot july night in 1985,yes the tracklisting that was on the stage that night for the band to follow at the marquee in london, yes it has footprints,what a great night that was,also my 12 inch copy of burning flame,plus all my other records
now the website KIRK(youve done me proud man.....the site is excellent.please give my thanx to the boys for being there all my life.for every tune i hear i no exactly were i was and with.


p.s best tune is "dont stop" to listen to his music.....heal the pain(original version)another bside.... a very close

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say "thanks" for putting up your website in regard to vitamin z.  I purchased their "Rites of Passage" album back in '85, and have been wondering what happened to them since their "Sharp Stone Rain" work.  I went ahead and ordered the Seafruit single cd to check it out.  Thanks again for your efforts to keep us infromed on news regarding the former band members.
m i c h a e l
san francisco, california

An excellent web site!!!!
I am from the Chicago area and only know one song by Geoff called Standing on Higher Ground from The Alan Parsons Project album Gaudi (1987)
I would love to collect anything and everything that Geoff worked on; I think he is an extraordinary brilliant voice indeed!!!!  A very talented vocalist!!!!
Godspeed; All Best Wishes
Lawrence Yaus
Chicago Metro Area U.S.A.

Hi Kirk,

I was thrilled to find your site dedicated to Vitamin Z!!  "Rites of Passage" is still one of my favorite albums of all time, and 'Every Time That I See You' still takes a hold of me every time that I hear it.

I can still remember the moment that I first heard Geoff's incredible voice on MTV.  I quickly jotted down the name of the Band, and rushed out the very next day to the local Sound Warehouse to get the cassette (sounds weird saying cassette doesn't it?).  There were just 2 cassettes left, sitting on the shelf;how lucky was I, huh?  Well, I never did see "Sharp Stone Rain" in the stores,so I never heard any of the songs on that album.

It's a shame that Vitamin Z never made it big, but I'm so glad to know there are still fans out there who still remember and love Vitamin Z, as much as I do :-) I heard 'Looking for Sparks' and 'Hello World' on Seafruit's website, and they sounded very good.  I placed an order for the CDsingle on (the UK site) and hope to get it soon *xx xx* (the internet is great, isn't it?)

-Hung Pham

I will be posting my copy of the US (Geffen) Sharp Stone Rain CD (the real thing, although with a small "cut-out"
hole punched through the cover) on eBay shortly.After getting lots of flak for posting other rare CDs on eBay without giving the "fans" a chance, I've decided to see if anyone reading this site is interested in making an offer before I open it up to eBay and post it on, etc. I will take serious offers only, and only if you really want it.  I want to sell it to someone who will really cherish it, not just for "Burning Flame" which, let me be honest, is the song I bought it for.  Before you get your hopes up, I probably will not sell for less than $40.  Please e-mail me at

P.S.- Will trade for certain Blancmange CDs (NOT the greatest hits packages, of which there are many), or
maybe other rare OOP titles from the 80s.

Thanks so much for this web site Kirk! I almost fainted when I read your post on the Howard Jones mailing list about this site! I bought 'Rites of Passage' back in '85 and I still listen to it all the time. I'm from Sheffield in England so I'm sad that 'Seafruit' actually played a gig so close to me and I didn't know about it. I'd love to hear their stuff. I didn't know they were known in the States/Canada at all. I saw 'Sharp Stone Rain' in my local record shop in 1989 and for some stupid reason didn't buy it. I never saw it again and I'd all but given up hope of ever hearing it. Hopefully soon I will thanks to finding your site. Keep up the great work, I look forward to reading about the CDRs that you're making up.
Stuart Ellershaw

I thought I was one of the only fans of Vitamin Z out there.....glad to know otherwise....
what I wish is that they could release to CD the Rites of Passage album.... I at least have it on LP....
I cherish it..... I love "Burning Flame" and "Something We Could Do"....oh and yes of course "ANGELA".......
Thanks so much for creating a web please write to me at:

Cool Site! I loved (still do) "Burning Flame" and "Every time That I See You" and "Can't Live Without You"... unfortunately,the band's albums were for sale in retail stores back when I couldn't afford to buy even cassettes! I wish they were available again, if even just their choice songs on a compilation album or some sorts; (you know, those 80's new wave/retro compilation discs) that would be stupendous. It's a shame that so many 1980's era songs are unavailable today because of "poor sales". Heck, it's all a band doesn't sell as well as Celine Dion, does that mean they suck and true fans should be denied access to that music? no! Obviously there are some of us who still like Vitamin Z and wish the band members continued success in new ventures; I hope we can hear their past work once again.

Susan Gibson
Houston, Texas


I'm so glad I found this site! When I first heard 'Everytime I that I see you" back in the eighties, I declared it to be my all time favourite single ever, and it still is to this day! I just love that song so much. It was never a hit here in The Netherlands (although I remember one d.j. hyping it to death because he loved it so much) so I'm glad I bought the single in time. Still play it, and the album it came from, regularly!

Thanks for all your work, I'll be back regularly! :)

Marjan from Amsterdam

Love the site and I also wish we could get more access to music.  I have been looking for Rites Of Passage also.. I recently aquired Sharp Stone Rain on an auction but paid high dollars.. thanks doug


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