In a world where so much is said and so little done, it's refreshing, not to say rare, to come across a band whose actions speak louder than their words.  VITAMIN Z  are such a band.

Formed in Sheffield in the early Eighties and named for the energy and mystique they intended to instil into their songs, they started as a collective, eventually whittling down to Geoff Barradale, a singer possessed of a voice like honey being poured over gravel, and Nick Lockwood, a multi-instrumentalist who's happiest lately playing guitar.

While others were more intent on making their image fit the mainstream, VITAMIN Z were working on their songs, smelting down their soul influences, manicuring their melodies, making modern sound with roots firmly embedded in the music they respected.  Touring with labelmates Tears For Fears, they garnered enthusiastic reviews and their first LP, "Rites Of Passage", was a reward for the faithful who believed in their vision of a music that exuded a vitality which  triggered off all the senses,  appealing to the
head and the heart equally, moving both libido and limbs.

Their "Burning Flame" single was a club favourite in Britain and appeared in dance charts all over America while in 1985, as accompaniment to their "Circus Ring" single, they filmed a video in Istanbul, the first time Western cameras were allowed into Turkey since Alan Parker's prison movie, "Midnight Express", had so outraged and enflamed international relations.

VITAMIN Z have been ominously quiet since 1985 but it transpires they were spending time doing what they've always done - seeking to perfect their notion of what music should be. The result of their labours is "Burn For You", a soaring affirmation of undying love, a meteorite among electric soul ballads.  Strongly humanitarian, it carries the same message that runs through all VITAMIN Z's work that an experience honestly shared is a joy and a hope; a belief that shines through "Sharp Stone Rain", their second LP, due for release in the Autumn.

Four years away from the limelight has left VITAMIN Z with the burning desire to get back on the road.  The VITAMIN Z live experience will be pulling into your backyard sooner than you know.  Catch it while it's kicking.

August  1989

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