We Provide
1. Electronic Design & Firmware Development for Other Applications:  

  • Research and Development  for Product Development
  • Electronic Design and Printed Circuit Development
  • Microprocessor Hardware & Firmware
  • Opto Electronics, Solar Chargers / Controllers

Images of some of our past works done for customers are:
  • Consulting Enineering
  • Analysis and Research
  • Design
  • Development
  • Making Prototype & Manufacturing
  • Programming and Firmware

in the following areas:
Engineering Services
1. Electronics Design Firmware for Power, Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicles:

It is done by combining Power Electronics and Micro-Controller Technologies.  We have developed Battery
Chargers, Power Converters, Inverters and Motor Controllers.

Some of our past works are as follows:
Electric Vehicle Chargers, Motor Controllers, Power Converters and Instruments.  We make them for  
Electric Vehicle  conversion customers.
Solar Boat Charger &
Motor Controller
Motor Controller for Electric
Docking of Sailboats in Marina
Energy Controller and Motor Speed Controller fore Electric Aircrafts (All types)
Lithium Battery Management Systems
Doppler Direction Finder to detect landing in
small Airports & Side-Looking Ice Mapping
Radar (For Canadian Astronautics, Ottawa)
Wireless Super-Market Price Tags (for
Electronic Building Directory & Dialer       Distribution Power Transformer      Electronic Engine & Hydraulic
for ES&P DoorGuard                                Protection  Firmware for GE           Monitoring of Heavy Machinery
Solar Charge Station Battery Charger &
Inverter / Converter to charge EV
Bidirectional Motor Controllers for
Electric Utility Carts