ACL is founded in 1985, to offer Electronic Engineering Design and Firmware development for Power Electronics
and Control Industries.

The founder, Darius Vakili,P.Eng.  
 Resume ) has a Master's degree and Ph.D thesis in Electrical Engineering
plus 35 years of Design and Development experience .  

We also offer products such as  Power Converters, Chargers, Motor Controllers and Battery Management
Systems.   These products are for Renewable Energy and  Electric Vehicle Industries.  
You can see them in
  • Electronics Design &  Prototype Dvelopment
  • Micro-Controller Hardware and Firmware
  • Power Electronics: Switch-mode Converters, Inverters,
    Battery Chargers & Motor Controllers
  • Charger and Controller Design for Solar/ Wind Energy and
    Electric Vehicles
  • Battery Applications, Battery Managements Systems(BMS),
At present, we are working on:

  • Developing Hardware/Firmware for a high power Solar-Windmill Charge Station for EV
  • Upgrading our Switch-mode EV charger to Resonance mode
  • Firmware for Telephone Entry system for high rises
  • Developing Firmware based Lithium Battery Management Systems
Automatic Control Lab Inc. (ACL)
also operating as ElectroCraft Systems
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