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new Kraftwerk!!!!

Paul Bowles RIP ):

Source Direct split!

Fat Cat fucked by hoax Pole tape!!

    You'll find my latest article and reviews published in:

    Klublife Vol 3 Issue 7: Carl Craig / Innerzone Orchestra

    Klublife is free across Canada

    I am hosting/programming Klublife magazine's weekly show on The show is live every Sunday 6 to 9pm (Eastern Standard Time). The first hour is then posted (by Tuesday) for a week. Go to the Klublife show page and click on "listen." The real audio player is available for download. Before 11/23/99 you'll find my audio-mentary about Scanner and his new label. After that an interview with Todd Terry. The show Nov 28th features an interview with Nightmares On Wax.

    This time it's for real!:
    Kraftwerk have made a 30 second jingle for Expo 2000 (heard here ). They've also turned the vocoder jingle into a tune which will be released in Germany in December:

    KRAFTWERK release their first new single this decade ('Tour De France', released earlier this year, was a new mix of an old song) in December, though according to a spokesman it will not be released in the UK.
    'Expo 2000' will be released by Kling Klang/EMI in Germany; it was written as the official theme to next year's Expo 2000 in Hanover from June until October and the initial release has three Kraftwerk mixes (Kling Klang Mix 2000, Kling Klang Mix 2001, Kling Klang Mix 2002) and a radio edit. It will be packaged in a 3D sleeve."

    "Todays Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung published some Kraftwerk news:
    1. The tracks on the forthcoming "Expo 2000" single are based on the Expo jingle.
    2. Expo arts section manager Tom Stromberg stated that the new Kraftwerk track is no official Expo hymn or soundtrack, as it was claimed in the British press.
    3. A video is in preparation.
    4. EMI announced a new Kraftwerk album for January 2000."

    The Expo 2000 single can be order from New Powers Music: $16 for German 12" or CDEP.

    One of my favourite American writers died last Thursday of a heart attack, at the age of 88 - Paul Bowles. He was the ex-patriot who turned the Beats onto living in Morocco and the writer of the novel The Sheltering Sky (which was made into a movie by Bertolucci and featured a cameo by the author). Sub Rosa released several cds based on his readings, his field recordings and readings by his protege (some say a murderer) Mohammed M'Rabet.

    In 1995 Bill Laswell produced a cd for Bowles on the Meta label. Here is my review from that time:
    Meta's first release is certainly a worthy one: Laswell's dark-ambient musical setting of the world-weary voice of American ex-patriot writer/composer Paul Bowles.
    Bowles' life in Morocco was partly reflected in Bertolucci's film of his 1949 novel The Sheltering Sky. Unlike the film's unstable characters, caught without their protective 'civilization' under the hot sun of the desert, Bowles went native in Northern Africa during the Beat era and never came back. His 4 novels and many short stories were brilliantly written, so much so that he only did poems and translations of Arabic writers afterwards.
    Bowles' skill was in writing deceptively straight forward descriptions of life in an older culture that could be as brutal as it was mysterious. On this disc you'll hear excerpts of his novels and travel journals, as well poems and famous 'shocking' short stories like "The Delicate Prey" and "A Distant Episode". Laswell's deep ambient environments add a new dimension to his words, especially the more introspective moments which now glow with a perceptive sensation missing from the trio of Bowles discs on Sub Rosa: "who knows the difference between the law and the wind?"
    At 85 he is finally being celebrated in the States, which in this era of the sound-byte are in need of some wisdom. New York's Lincoln Center will host a festival of his music and the LA Museum will stage an exhibit of his work. But after his 'baptism of solitude' I think he'd rather be at home in Tangier with the smell of 'a hundred camels in the courtyard': "once he has been under the spell of the vast luminous silent country no other place is quite strong enough for him, no other surroundings can provide the supremely satisfying sensation of existing in the midst of something that is absolute."

    from "Jim & Phil of Source Direct have split, with Jim continuing alone as Source Direct. The Source Direct label will be re-releasing old classic's such as "Snake Style" and "The Crane" with new remixes and new material. After just returning from a month long tour of the States Jim is now back in the studio conjuring up new tracks for release on the S.D. label and Metalheadz."

    A dat tape sent by a hoaxter has fooled the Fat Cat label into thinking they were releasing tracks by Pole! Fat Cat had announced this release in their split series, to be half of a 12" with Jim Plotkin.
    From a press release posted on the Autechre news group: "..we began to hear rumours ... that Stefan Betke (Pole) was extremely unhappy with the release & wanted it pulled. As far as we were concerned, we had conducted ourselves perfectly as a label, so were bewildered and confused as to there being any problem. We had originally received a DAT under the name Pole... enclosing a new e-mail address for him (which turns out to be nonexistent)... After cutting the release, we tried to contact Stefan to send him a test pressing, but he wasn't in Berlin... we sent test pressings to HardWax... With production deadlines encroaching, we decided to press 200 copies which we began to mail out...Shocked to hear there was a problem, we contacted Stefan... The outcome is that neither of the two tracks we had cut were actually recorded by him(!!), that in fact he had not sent anything. The conclusion we have to draw is that someone has pulled a very costly scam on both Pole and FatCat. Having spent over a thousand pounds on the release, this action affects us directly as individuals (the cost involved means that we won't be getting paid this month). Fortunately we were able to recall the bulk of the pressing... the total amount mailed out is just 30 or 40 copies.

    Initially, all the evidence pointed to the prank-heavy axis of V/VM... we contacted them... they denied any involvement... we are willing to believe they are not involved... V/VM have been victims of scams themselves recently...
    The Pole track has been finished... the release date has been rescheduled for next spring..."