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Interview: Carl Craig

      After ten years of solo productions of techno (as Psyche, BFC and 69) and house (as Paperclip People) Craig has formed a live group, Innerzone Orchestra, to pursue the possibilities of his acclaimed jazz track "Bug In The Bassbin." Find out more about Innerzone Orchestra's debut Programmed and my interview transcript here.

    Label Feature:
    Warp Records 10th Anniversary

      Warp is marking their 10th anniversary with three weighty double-cd compilations (released in North America by Matador) that celebrate the past by looking at their early Classics and the seminal tracks from other labels that were their Influences. Warp has also put together a large collection of Remixes that features special soundclashes (Plaid remixing Autechre!), with some hints about the possible Warp sound of the future.

      Follow the links for a history of Warp featuring interviews with Richard Kirk, Nightmares On Wax, , Red Snapper, Unique 3's Lee Johnson aka L Double and A Guy Called Gerald.


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