Paradise Disowned

20th Century


Drum And Bass

Electronic / Experimental / Industrial

Industrial Rhythm


Trip Hop, Breaks, Dub, World-Fusion

(Very) Alternative



    A mid-priced reissue of an 1984 classic! This album started it all - gloomy chants, dark ambience and industrial beats. Lustmord was Brian Williams, a Throbbing Gristle friend/roadie, who later collaborated with Chris & Cosey as CTI.

    His Lustmord project was debuted on the Elephant Table Compilation but matured here, on his 2nd album, originally released on SPK's Side Effects label. His industrial-ambient tracks superseded the ritualistic sound of early PTV/Current 93 with a depth of field achieved in reverberant guerrilla location recordings at sites like the crypt of Chartes Cathedral and the cave at Craig Y Ddinas. The voice elements were particularly impressive - especially the Tibetan-style chants in "Utterance" and the heavenly choir samples in the otherwise scary "Pyre (Necro Cristi)." The sound of thunder in the opening invocational, "Beckoning," helped create a heavy vibe as well! On a return listen this stuff still sounds impressive.
    The original album worked very much as A and B sides. Where the first side was deep and ambient, the second was noisy and rhythmic. My industrial-DJ'ing favourites at the time were "Comahon Q.Q. Comahon" and "Terror Against Terror" (a name used for a later project on Soleilmoon by Brian). When I played the noisy beats & North American Indian chants of "Comahon Q.Q. Comahon" before the Skinny Puppy concert at Toronto's Concert Hall (the show that was made into a film) the owner of Nettwerk Records ran from backstage to get me to stop! Of course this is the guy who really was looking to sign folkie singer/songwriters, so he was actually an industrial dilettante. Ironically, he later overheard me in the store I worked in, recommending a Nettwerk cd to a customer and wrote me a letter of thanks!
    (As an aside - when I played the stop/start beats of "Comahon Q.Q. Comahon" at my Industrial Sundays gig at Nuts & Bolts I used to play Non in the silent gaps!)
    (As a further aside - the original record was sent to me by Brian via Side Effects when I was the music director at Ryerson's student station, CKLN. When I wanted to thank him at a Chris & Cosey gig a couple of years later, (when he was roadie-ing and selling their t-shirts!) they refused to let me talk to him! How underground can you get?)
    Industrial footnote: On Paradise Disowned, Brian Lustmord was accompanied by Australia's John Murphy, who was also a member of SPK and Current 93 (Dogs Blood Rising), as well as doing his own projects Orchestra Of Skin & Bone and Krang.