Le Forbici Di Manitu
Play & Remix Lt. Murnau
Earthly Delights/Soleilmoon/FAB

20th Century


Drum And Bass

Electronic / Experimental / Industrial

Industrial Rhythm


Trip Hop, Breaks, Dub, World-Fusion

(Very) Alternative



    An Italian name from the industrial past, Vittore Baroni, presents a varied collection of his tracks as Lt Murnau from early 80's cassette releases, including a collaboration with Maurizio Bianchi and releases from Selektion, Flowmotion and Nocturnal Emission's Sterile label. The tracks cut across the board: TG-style rhythm & noise tracks, power electronics, cut-ups, voice/movie sampling, Tuxedomoon-style acoustic moods, a tribute to Can and through-the-mail collaborations.

    Then his current group Le Forbici Di Manitu (with partners Enrico Marani and Manitu Rossi) sample and recontextualize these elements from the older tracks. They also do short melodic/dance interludes featuring some funny lyrics about the pretensions of the old scene. Among the 33 tracks the archival ones are interesting to hear, and you can easily program around the interludes.