Animals On Wheels
Nuvol I Cadira
Ntone/Outside Music

20th Century


Drum And Bass

Electronic / Experimental / Industrial

Industrial Rhythm


Trip Hop, Breaks, Dub, World-Fusion

(Very) Alternative



    Andrew Coleman's 2nd Ninja Tune release features much less frantic material than his previous drill 'n bass tracks (first heard on the Spymania label). Chilled keyboard & vibes tones create a soft-focus setting for restrained jazzy drums. Voice samples with the dreamy keyboard melodics of "Dial Up Infinity" even draw comparisons with Boards Of Canada. Still the odd bit of zany, cut-up, but less frantic, drill & bass pops up as "A Plus Tard." Coleman just released a single under his own name on Thrill Jockey so you can surmise he is leaning towards a post-rockish jazz ala Tortoise etc, although this album is a little more together rhythmically than that ilk.