Russian Provincial Antiquities: Essays on Culture and Everyday Life in Tula Province of the Eighteenth - First Half of the Nineteenth Centuries.
IRI "RITM" (Tula, 1993), in Russian, 207 pp., ill. $10.00

A sequel to Olga E. Glagoleva's The Book Antiquities of Tula, this book presents a broader perspective of cultural life in the Russian province of Tula in the eighteenth - first half of the nineteenth centuries. Based on archival data, mostly never published before, the book depicts the small towns of the gubernia; educational institutions of the time; literary, theatrical and musical activities, etc. A separate chapter is dedicated to the estates of the nobility as local cultural centres. The last chapter touches on daily life. This material helps the author put together a rather comprehensive picture of how the educated classes lived in Tula - one of the typical regions of central Russia.

The reader will find in the book some interesting data on many well and not-so-well known figures such as scientist and writer A.T. Bolotov, publisher P.S. Baturin, local musician A.A. Bulygin, hostess of a famous literary salon A.P. Yelagina, Slavophile writers A.S. Khomiakov and bros. P.V. and I.V. Kireevski, poet V.A. Zhukovsky, etc.

The book can be ordered from the author by e-mail or by regular mail at the address:
Dr. Olga E. Glagoleva
Centre for Russian and East European Studies in
The Munk Centre for International Studies
University of Toronto
1 Devonshire Place, Toronto, Ontario M5S 3K7, Canada

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