The Book Antiquites of Tula: Essays on Cultural Life in the Eighteenth - First Half of the Nineteenth centuries,
Tula State Pedagogical Institute after L.N. Tolstoi (Tula, 1992), in Russian, 153 pp., ill. $7.00

The book is dedicated to  intellectual life in the Russian provinces in the eighteenth and first half of the nineteenth centuries, the book history in particular. Based on detailed examination of archival sources on the region of Tula , the book describes the development of the book publishing and dissemination, the foundation of the first public and private libraries in the Tula province, analyzes the reading repertoire of provincial dwellers, both of noble and non-noble origin, and attempts to reconstruct some provincial noblemen's book collections (A. T. Bolotov, K.F. Ryleev, S. N. Begichev, A. S. Khomiakov, P. Ia. Aktov, etc.). A special chapter analyzes the spread of the Masonic literature in the provinces; another chapter presents the marginalia of the decembrist S. N. Begichev on the pages of N. M. Karamzin's History of the Russian State.

The book can be ordered from the author by e-mail or by regular mail at the address:
Dr. Olga E. Glagoleva
Centre for Russian and East European Studies in
The Munk Centre for International Studies
University of Toronto
1 Devonshire Place, Toronto, Ontario M5S 3K7, Canada

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