Rocks and Water
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Children's music about Earth Science
by Chris Rawlings

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   It's been a while since my last release of new songs. Rocks and Water is a collection of songs on cassette and CD with a real twist, music and songs with an Earth Science theme. I have been getting great response from people who have bought the cassette for themselves or their children. My own kids are still listening after months of plays. Co-produced by Henry Heillig (Sharon, Lowis & Braham, Eric Nagler, Manteca, Another Life), the music features Michael Pinsonneault (Bug Alley Band), sax and flute, Howard Gaul (Morgan Lefay), percussion, Steve Sherman, electric guitar and engineer, Matt Horner (Jack Grunsky), keyboards and accordian, Rose McPhee (Elmer Eisler Singers), vocals, and kids coruses in a wide variety of musical styles. Ten Songs are in english, three songs in french.

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   I would like to give you the opportunity to purchase copies directly, for yourselves or the children in your life. It will prove easier than finding it in the record stores, although it can be ordered through HMV (Cananda), The Children's Bookstore (Toronto, Cananda), Mastermind (Beaches, Toronto) or Livres Babar (Pointe Claire, Québec).

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   I hope to hear from you.

Yours truly,

Chris Rawlings.

"Lyrics teach as they entertain.. has depth musically and emotionally."

Sherbrooke Record

"Buoyant tunes and catchy lyrics... Rawlings puts the rock in rock and roll."

Stanstead Journal

"No compromises with what we think children need, or how we think we have to teach them. No paternalistic concessions go to our mistaken stereotypes about kid's naivete. From rock to folk to jazz to zidego, it's all there in sophisticated taste, and it's all great. Your kids will love it. You'll love it."

Eric Nagler

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