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Children's music about Earth Science
by Chris Rawlings

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DIY Experiments
Rocks and Water Through the Curriculum

   From puddles to pebbles, oceans to mountains, children are surrounded by rocks and water no matter where on the earth they live. Very young children can discover rocks and water through finding, collecting, observing, comparing and touching activities. Throughout the primary and junior grades, children can be involved in experiments which illustrate the changes that occur when forces of nature are applied to rocks and water.

   You may wish to use some of these activities, books and links, as well as reproducible activity sheets available in the teacher's guide (click here to order) to introduce the children to rocks and water, or in preparation for a visit from Chris. (click here for booking info)

   The majority of the activities are geared to the junior grade level, but some of the activities can be used with the primary grades.

The Teacher's Guide contains:
DIY Experiments
Activity Sheets

plus some lyrics from the album

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