We imitate the naming scheme for SGML files . . .

* 20010531T200225Z
  __{t.karmo} added suggestion re "_u" flag at end of
    specifier, on the strength of {t.karmo}{m.saks} phone chat 
* 20010526approx
  __{t.karmo} wrote base version 

0. General Principles

*a__filenames make it clear in each case 
    + to which SGML source file the image belongs 
      (_SGML source code is distributed over many files, 
        with each chapter having its own *.sgml file
        __examples of such files:
          + B1a-NLNN________exVironia1972_amberg_o__kinnitamine.sgml
            __the chapter in section B1a in which {oskar.amberg}
              describes the ametlik kinnitamine 
              (formal recognition by Riia Polytehnik rektor) 
              in November of 1900 
          + B3a-CCNN________uk.sgml
            __the chapter in section B3a which describes the shortlived
              United Kingdom koondis 
          + B3a-CDBN________atlandi_B__toronto.sgml
            __the chapter in section B3a which describes 
              the founding of Vironia in cold-war-era Toronto 
          + B3b-PPNN________nsvl_tagalas.sgml           
            __the chapter in section B3b which describes
              the private lives of some Vironia members
              behind the USSR = NSVL front lines (= tagala)
              __an appropriate place, perhaps, to show with a photo
                how people got together around 1976 in the Kaunase  
          + B4a-ANNN________eestis_org.sgml
            __the chapter in section B4a which describes the 
              restoration, as a legally recognized organization, 
              of Vironia in Gorbachev-era Eesti) 
        __each *.sgml filename is of the form
          + FOO is a string, typically 3 chars, 
            uniquely identifying the section 
          + BARR is a string, typically 4 upper-case letters, 
            uniquely identifying the file within its section 
          + roo_har is a human-friendly description 
            of no deep importance in machine processing 
     + the approximate subject-matter of the image 
       (_banquet table, karikad, outdoor barbeque, . . . )   
*b__filenames work properly on all relevant computer platforms
    (Windows, Mac, Linux) 

1. Permitted and Excluded Characters

__no whitespace in filename
__upper-case letters may appear in filename, but ONLY 
  in that part of the filename which precedes the
  "________" sequence
  (_see exmaples below)
  __after the "________" everything is in lower case,
    including the file extension  
    (_see examples below)
    (_so we say "*.png", not "*.PNG")  
    (_and when we start getting descriptive in filenames, 
      we say things like eduard_aule and toronto, 
      rather than things like Eduard_Aule and Toronto) 
__hyphen only in ONE place in the filename
  (_see examples below)
__all underscores single, except in the
  "________" string and the optional "__" string
  (_see examples below) 

2. Formal Naming Rules
__filename is of one of the two forms
  * FOO-BARR________specifier__descript.typ
    __note carefully 8 underscores, 2 underscores 
  * FOO-BARR________descript.typ 
    is a (required) string which matches
    the unique identifier string that starts the *.sgml
    filename for the chapter in which the image appears
  * specifier
    is an (optional) string that identifies 
    whether the given image is to be the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, ... 
    in its chapter, and incorporates any other information
    that {msaks}team may find useful for bookkeeping purposes
    (_possible such other info: 
      indication of photo album, envelope, folder, box, etc etc
    the file came from)
    (_possible other such info: 
      two-char sequence _u at the very end of the specifier,
      indicating that this file is "unreviewed"
      __unreviewed files are ones that are liable to need
        further processing
        __possible example of further processing:
          conversion of colour to monochrome) 
    (_if {msaks}team never codes such a specifier into the filename, 
      that's okay
      __{tkarmo} does not REALLY need that specifier)
    (_it's fine for {msaks}team to name files
      first WITHOUT the specifier, and to rename them later
      as the graphics work matures and we are quite sure
      which images are good enough to be in the chapters, 
      in which order) 
  * descript
    is a (required) string
    describing the contents of the image, in eesti keel
    or inglise keel 
  * typ is a 3-letter filetype
    __in most or all cases png  

3. Examples

* for a collage of founding-member photos 
  to be inserted into the chapter
  any of the following filenames would be fine: 
  + B1a-NLNN________20_Uliopleht1935i_u__asutajad_kollaazh.png
    __here specifier says that file is the 2nd in its chapter, 
      and comes from \"Uli\~opilasleht 1935,
      and is "unreviewed"
      (_good to say 10, 20, 30, ... rather than 1, 2, 3,
        since we can then interpolate if we have to change
        our minds) 
    __notice double underscore between specifier and descript
  + B1a-NLNN________asutajad_kollaazh.png
    __here we have no specifier, but do have the descript 
      __and it so happens that the descript contains one underscore
        __our rules do not allow a descipt to have a DOUBLE
          underscore, since the DOUBLE underscore is used to
          SEPARATE specifier and descript
  + B1a-NLNN________founders_collage.png
* for a photo of a banquet table with flags, 
  taken in the "B2" (cold-war) epoch in the United Kingdom koondis, 
  to be inserted into the chapter 
  the following is one of many possibilties:
  + B3a-CCNN________uk_pidulaud_lipud.png
* for a photo of partygoers on a staircase, 
  taken in the "B2" (cold-war) epoch in the United Kingdom koondis, 
  to be inserted into the chapter
  the following is one of many possibilities:
  + B3a-CCNN________uk_trepikoda.png
* for a photo of USSR Vironia underground life, with some
  men getting together around 1976 in the Kaunase kohvik, 
  to be inserted into the chapter
  the following is one of many possibilities: 
  + B3b-PPNN________kaunase_kohvik.png
* for a photo of 1989-02-24 Vabariigi Aastap\"aev ceremony, 
  to be inserted into the chapter
  the following is one of many possibilities:
  + B4a-ANNN________19890224_aktus.png
    __it is good to code dates, where they are
      appropriate for a descrip, in the ISO-kosher CCYYMMDD format

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