Film Review

Tiger Claws

Year: 1992

Directed by: Kelly Makin

Cynthia Rothrock: co-stars as Detective Linda Masterson, a New York cop handling her first homocide case.

Other Players: Jalal Merhi, Bolo Yeung

Plot Synopsis: Various Martial Arts celebrities (tv stars, tournament champs, etc.) are being killed by an elusive kung fu expert who uses the "Tiger Claw" style. CR, an ambitious detective who wants to "move up" to homocide, is paired with Merhi (your basic "rogue cop who plays by his own rules"), and together they wander through Toronto (oops, I mean New York) looking for the killer. Guess what? They catch him, and beat him at his own game. What a shock.

General Impressions: Boy, did I misremember this movie! Yuck! The acting is beyond pitiful. Some of the fight scenes are vaguely interesting, but the plot makes no sense whatsoever. The production values are pretty good, and some of the sets are okay. That's it.

Watch It?: Run away!