Film Review

China O'Brien II

Year: 1992

Directed by: Robert Clouse

Cynthia Rothrock: returns as small-town sheriff China O'Brien..

Other Players: Richard Norton

Plot Synopsis: Sheriff versus crime kingpin for control of the town.

General Impressions: Has a goofy kind of charm. Stars lots of the cast from "China O'Brien," but most of them play different characters: good guys become bad guys, nice high school kids become evil thugs, etc. It gets pretty confusing at times. This has more of the same over-the-top kung fu cliches (speeding the film up during the fights; thugs getting hit on the head with lead pipes and still getting up, etc.) as seen in "China O'Brien. The plot isn't as good, though. Maybe it's the substandard villain.

Watch It?: Yes.