Film Review

Angel of Fury

Year: 1993

Directed by: Ackyl Anwary

Cynthia Rothrock: stars as Nancy Bolan, security expert.

Other Players: Chris Barnes, Peter O'Brian

Plot Synopsis: CR is in charge of transporting a secret computer chip. For no reason that I can fathom, they make a huge production out it. Meanwhile, some bad guy wants the chip, and CR's ex-lover (who's been hiding for two years, tracking the bad guy) shows up, too.

General Impressions: Bleah. This is a pretty mediocre flick, all things considered. The plot is convoluted and ridiculous. In the middle of all the intrigue and danger, CR takes time out (twice) to take a little girl shopping. When the bad guys grab her (you knew they would), CR inexplicably forces the car abducting her to crash (?), and then some thug shoots the little girl in the back as she flees (?). Then the girl's mother shows up in a cab (?) at the wreck. The fights aren't much to speak of (compare the fight in the airport in this movie to the fight on the airport in "Yes Madam", for example). CR spends a lot of time in these jean-jacket/tank-top outfits that don't do a lot for her. Her stunt double's wig is terrible.

Watch It?: I would have to say no.