Film Review

Righting Wrongs II: The Blonde Fury

Year: 1989

Directed by: ???

Cynthia Rothrock: is Cindy "Chinatown" Wu Sung of the San Francisco police, sent to Hong Kong to pose as a reporter on order to crack a counterfeiting ring.

Other Players: ???

Plot Synopsis: Pretty straight forward. CR goes to HK to crack a counterfeiting ring. She gets into a bunch of fights and a few amusing situations along the way.

General Impressions: Some of the fight scenes are really incredible--they simply look viscious. The grand finale (in a huge warehouse) is particularly impressive. There's a lot of comedy in the film, most of it aimed at the jaded Hong Kong newspaper industry. A very young-looking (for 30) CR looks very self-assured (although a bit giggly in spots). Some bizarre touches (pillow fights, CR's improvised "shoe tree") add an air of unpredictability to the already wacky world of HK martial arts. A winner.

Watch It?: Yes, yes, yes.