Film Review

Yes, Madam

Year: 1986

Directed by: (Corey) Yuen Kwei

Cynthia Rothrock: stars as Inspector Carrie Morris from Scotland Yard (!)

Other Players: Michelle Khan, Dick Wei, Tsui Hark, Anthony Wong, Samo Hung

Plot Synopsis: A trio of petty crooks unwittingly obtain a piece of microfilm incriminating a drug-trafficker, and are pursued by both the police and the trafficker's goons.

General Impressions: Very strange. An action movie with a lot of goofy comedy in it, the film manages to explore some serious issues like loyalty before reaching a decidedly downbeat conclusion. This is (I believe) Cynthia Rothrock's first film. She plays the hot-headed outsider reluctantly partnered with Michelle Khan's efficient team-player. "Carrie Morris" is an interesting role: her nickname around the Hong Kong squadroom is "nasty foreign chick", which she earns by beating prisoners to make them confess (!), and by generally pursuing the violent option whenever possible. As with "Righting Wrongs", CR impresses mostly with her fighting (seeing as her voice is dubbed), but her physical acting seems good. Seeing her fight in a full-length skirt is a novelty! Overall, the fight scenes in the movie are excellent; several sequences in the climactic battle will make your jaw drop in amazement. The subtitling is rotten, as usual--when will they learn not to use white on white--but don't let that spoil your fun!

Watch It?: Yes.