Film Review

Rage & Honor II--Hostile Takeover

Year: 1992

Directed by: Guy Norris

Cynthia Rothrock: returns as Kris Fairfield, except she's switched careers from high school teacher to CIA agent. (Hey, it could happen!)

Other Players: Richard Norton, Patrick Muldoon, Frans Tumnaum

Plot Synopsis: Rookie agent CR is sent to Jakarta to infiltrate a bank that's laundering money. Along the way she runs into Preston Michaels, the cop framed in "Rage & Honor," who is now a bartender/martial arts coach. Together, they take on the banker and several criminal organizations.

General Impressions: Quite good, actually. CR looks funky in red (!) hair. And hey, it's a sequel that actually relates to the previous movie! The plot is smooth, and it even has a few twists and surprises. The logic falters at times (a CIA agent alone in Jakarta? Where's the field office?), but overall the film hangs together. Richard Norton is good. The villains are good. The fight sequences are pretty good; people actually bleed if they get punched in the face--what a revelation! There's a touch of humour, and even a stab at irony.

Watch It?: Definitely.