Power usage of various Palm Memory modules

The following measurements give an idea of power usage of various memory modules.

Module Type During Boot Process
(active memory access)
Powered On

Palm Pilot Pro upgraded to 2M 55 mA 18 mA 0.535 mA

Palm III 'old' module (2M)
50 mA 18 mA 0.245 mA
Palm III 'old' module upgraded to 3M
73 mA 22 mA 0.292 mA
Palm III 'old' module upgraded to 4M 84 mA 24 mA 0.373 mA

Palm III 'new' module (2M)
50 mA 19 mA 0.302 mA
Palm III 'new' module upgraded to 8M 74 mA 24 mA 0.584 mA

3COM 2M/OS3/IR module (2M)
? ? ?
3COM 2M/OS3/IR module upgraded to 3M 75 mA 27 mA 0.415 mA

TRG SuperPilot 8M (*)
69 mA 24 mA 0.430 mA
TRG SuperPilot upgraded to 12M 74 mA 24 mA 0.850 mA

(*) Measured while installed in a Palm III. All other measurements while installed in a PalmPilot Pro

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