There have been reports of Palm devices which were shipped with a Flash Rom which has an extra protected sector. I am providing this tool to assist in determining if you have a ROM which is compatible with FlashPro or not.

Install the chk_rom.prc file on your Palm device. When you run it, it will provide you a summary of the protection status of the 35 sectors on your Palm device. For each sector, it will list either a '.' for an unprotected sector, or a "*" for a protected one.

Results for a 'Normal' ROM will look like this:

The sector at 0x006000 holds the serial number of the device, and is always protected. If the sector at offset 0x008000 is marked protected (*), then FlashPro (and FlashBuilder) will not work on your device.

Note that FlashBuilder and old versions of FlashPro (pre 1.06) will not work with Toshiba ROM chips.

The PRC file is available HERE. There is no risk of damage to your device, as this software does not write to your Flash.

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