HackHM 1.0
for Palm Connected Organizers

HackHM allows you to change the default button in the dialog box that HackMaster presents after a device reset. The usual default is 'cancel', which means that if you accidentally tap the applications button or any other hard button (including the hotsync button on the cradle), all of your hacks will be de-installed. HackHM allows the 'reinstall' button to be set as the default. This way, if you don't hit the 'cancel' button, you can be sure that all your hacks loaded normally after a reset.


HackHM is free. However, why not check out my other apps? See http://www.ImpressiveStuff.com.

Version History
  • 1.0 September 24, 2000 Original release

HackHM is available here.

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