ForgetPass 1.01
for Palm Connected Organizers

ForgetPass will make your machine forget any configured system password.

The only way the standard software will let you recover your device if you forget your password is to erase all private data. This is true even if you have access to the desktop computer, as well as the handheld device. This program addresses this limitation. After running ForgetPass, your organizer will no longer have a password configured. This software is made possible because the Palm Operating System does not have a strong security mechanism.

If you really want to protect your private data, you should
invest in a third party tool that uses secure encryption!

The software can be downloaded in Zip format HERE.

ForgetPass is not a beamable application. As a result, the only way you can install it on your organizer is to hotsync it to your machine from your desktop computer.

ForgetPass is distributed without any run time limitations. If you use it, and it helps you recover your private data that would have otherwise been lost, then please register it for $5 USD at Kagi or PalmGear.

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