Upgrading the Palm III (and older devices) to 12M



Add a second 8M memory chip to the TRG module. The chip should have the same orientation as the one that is already there. This picture shows such a module. Ignore the small wire on this board -- that is part of a repair that was done to this module due to a trace that was somehow damaged.

Believe it or not, that's all there is to it!

Other upgrades

If you look at the back of the TRG module, you'll see another empty solder area:

If you add another flash chip to this area, you'll end up with an extra 2M of flash memory available to flashpro (after you reformat the flash area with FlashPro setup)...


Modifying your device will void the warranty provided by the manufacturer!

Good luck!


The 8M DRAM chip required should be a 4K refresh chip. Self refresh is NOT required for this upgrade. Some compatible parts are: