Solcan Thermosiphon System
Environmentally Friendly

Hot water on demand
Conventional fuel prices keep on rising, but solar energy is abundant, clean, and environmentally safe.

Hot water accounts for about 40% of the average household's energy bills, and in a remote location such as a cottage or ski chalet the solar Thermosiphon system from Solcan makes a lot of sense to produce your hot water.

Lots of hot water
The Solcan Thermosiphon system delivers 150 litres per day at a temperature about 60°C on an average day.

The system includes a solar collector with a water storage tank mounted just above it. It needs no pump or control device. That means it costs nothing to operate.

Here's how it works
Because the solar collector is located below the tank there is a natural density difference between the warmer water in the collector and the cooler water at the bottom of the tank. The difference in density causes warm water to rise into the tank, replaced by cool water from the bottom of the tank. This natural circulation is driven by the sun providing free hot water.

Simple installation
Here are the basic steps for installing the Solcan Thermosiphon System:

Thermosiphon System Schematic

1. Position the system so that it faces the sun.

2. The storage tank must be placed above the collector, as close to it as possible.

3. Install a wood or steel frame under the collector and tank. Tie the frame securely to the roof.

4. Polybutylene or copper tubing can be used to join the potable water system to the solar storage tank.

For larger applications, several thermosiphon systems can be connected in parallel.

The system is designed for warm climates but can be used in temperate climates, providing it is drained when temperatures are below freezing. Installing a thermal bleed valve will protect the system against winter freeze-up

Solcan offers a range of systems and configurations all designed to collect solar energy and transfer it as hot water.

Solcan Ltd warrants that the Solcan Thermosiphon system supplied to the original owner is free of defects in material and workmanship. If any system is found to be defective due to faulty materials or workmanship, Solcan Ltd will replace or repair at its option the defective unit. This warranty is valid only if the system has been installed in accordance with the installation manual.

Complete Package
The Solcan Thermosiphon System includes a solar collector, a 150-litre stainless steel tank and connecting and mounting hardware.

Thermal Performance Test
A thermal performance test was carried out at the National Solar Test Facility in Mississauga, ON, according to CSA Standard F379.2-84 at a radiation level of 17.1 Mj/m2. The input energy was 36.11 Mj with an output of 21.69 Mj. The SYPHON program was run for the same conditions using the radiation values for a Standard Day and the predicted energy output was 20.77 Mj. The results were then extrapolated for Miami, Fl, and the energy delivered for a typical year was 9.34 Gj.

Check the benefits
  • no moving parts
  • no auxiliary
  • high performance
  • simple to install
  • easy to use
  • reliable
  • no pollution

Solcan Thermosiphon System at Dalewood Park, Kettle Creek Conservation Area