The Solar Trike is a personal transportation vehicle that may be used either in solar/electric mode, manual/pedal mode or both simultaneously. The Solar Trike is a production vehicle and may be currently purchased from Solar Propulsion or one of it's agents. Two models are currently available. The Mark I low-torque model is suitable for flat terrain. The Mark II high-torque model is suitable for hilly terrian.

The Solar Trike is a zero pollution vehicle highly suited for congested cities of third world countries where pollution from two-cycle scooters is a serious problem. In North America its principal use is personal urban transportation and in retirement communities. For further information, please contact.



(Low Torque)


(High Torque)

Weight LBS (Kgs) 98 (44) 118 (54)
Length IN (cm) 72 (183) 74 (188)
Width IN (cm) 28 (71) 28 (71)
Height IN (cm) 41 (104) 41 (104)
Electric Speeds 1 Variable
Current Maximizer NO YES
Electric Control NO YES
Brakes Dual Dual
Speedometer NO YES
Odometer NO YES
Electric Horn YES YES
Head Light YES YES
Tail Light YES YES
Reflectors YES YES
Courtesy Flag YES YES
Manual Gear Ratio 3 3
Crank Length IN (cm) 5 (13) 6 (15)
Wheel Diam IN (cm) 16 (41) 24 (61)
Solar Panel 18 Watt (30 Optional) 18 Watt (30 Optional)
Battery Single Dual
Price $1095 $1295