New for 2002!

Your choice of either safari style or baseball style! Anyone that spends a lot of time in the sun can appreciate these solar powered hats. A solar panel  powers a fan that blows air over the user's head. Safari style comes in white and tan. Baseball style comes in red, blue, white and camouflage. Lightweight, open weave construction with adjustable headband to size 7-1/2. Great for the Gardener, Workman, Sportsman or Athlete.

Baseball style-$29.00
with battery backup $39.00
Safari style-$39.00
with battery backup $49.00


No more dead batteries! This compact, lightweight solar panel fits easily onto the vehicle dash and plugs into a cigarette lighter. With just 2-4 hours per day of sunlight, it offsets normal battery stand losses and parasitic drain from accessories. Especially designed for special use vehicles that sit idle for periods of time or for cars with constant power drains (car phones, alarm systems and other accessories).$37.00


The lighting system that provides ideal security, safety, and convenience. Use for entryways, driveways and backyards. Infrared sensor detects motion up to 75 feet and automatically turns lights on 90 seconds per detection. Bright economical bulbs included. Easy installation and adjustment. Requires only a screwdriver to install. Rugged, weatherproof ABS construction. $149.00


This battery charger will charge either two or four NI-CAD batteries (AA size). Simply place the batteries in the compartment and then put the solar panel in the sun. Charges 2 batteries in 4 hours; 4 batteries in 8 hours. $28.95

There's a Siemens Solar light for every outdoor need.
Use to outline or mark driveway or path with soft red glow for safety and convenience. Up to 12 hours nightly run time. $19.00


Our brightest solar-powered light, thanks to Siemens Solar's ultra-high technology engineering. Brightly illuminates driveways, patios, and walkways, with double the run time of ordinary fluorescent solar walkway lights. Backed by a full 2 year warranty. $69.00