This is our "cottage system" designed to provide lots of electrical power for your vacation home with additional lighting plus other DC or AC electrical devices with the use of the optional inverter. This system provides for many more choices in the use of electrical devices. POWERPAK systems come pre-assembled and pre-wired for easy installation. Now you can enjoy the convenience of lights, soft music and computer games with clean free energy from the sun. Configuration:

POWERPAK 12-256 System Components

Qty Component Description
4 MSX-64 64 watt Solarex Solar-Electric Modules
1 M-16-12V-TC 12 volt 16 amp Voltage Regulator with temperature compensation.
4 28410103 Blocking Diode
1 8020 Low Voltage Disconnect
1 SEO #6 50' Module/Regulator/Battery Cable #6 gauge
6 115 15 watt Fluorescent Light Fixtures***
3 IM Cable Intermodule Cable
4 Battery 6V 200 Amp Hour Deep Cycle Battery
1 HPK4X 4 Panel Mounting Kit for Roof or Ground Mount
1 IMAT Installation Hardware Kit
1 Manual Installation Manual

Mounting Information

This kit is supplied with versatile panel mounting hardware for either roof mount or ground mount.

Power Output

Total Available Amp Hours 922 Watt Hours Per Day*
6-15 Watt lights x 3 Hours/Day 270 Watt Hours Per Day
Total Remaining Power 652 Watt Hours Per Day
(Example: You could power a 12 volt stereo for 3 hours per day, charge your cellular phone battery, run a small water pump, etc.) **


Prowatt 250I AC/DC Inverter (250 Watt)
Prowatt 800I AC/DC Inverter (225 Watt)
Light 15 Watt Fluorescent Light Fixture

  • Building Block Program: Remember that this system can be expanded with the POWERPAK building block kits.
  • Ordering Procedures: Please refer to order form.
  • Warranty: All Solarex power modules are backed by a 10 year limited warranty on power output. All other components carry a one year limited warranty.


* Based on 4.5 hours of peak sunlight per day (note selection guideline page).
** Other possibilities available per electrical devices chart.
*** 15 watt flurescent lights approximate a 60 watt incandescent light.